BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers

BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers


The Bitcoin Crown platform offers the safest crypto platform for on-line gamers & crypto currencies worldwide. Our resolution for regionally and digitally exchanging all order and CRYPTO currencies between any interested parties, is unique. A suburbanised platform to manage, distribute, and trade virtual product. Giving Gamers and content creators a brand new model of virtual possession.

Online play is one among the foremost flourishing and stable segments within the technology sphere, supported by a loyal audience of gamers and therefore the spreading of mobile technologies, together with the worldwide enlargement of high-speed web association. the 2 last factors additionally work towards the developing of digital economy, and particularly, of virtual currency market. Virtual currencies have already taken zero,1% of the world’s international cash transactions and this extremely means that heaps.

What is BitCoin Crown?

Bitcoin Crown is that the digital mercantilism token which will offer game developers, content creators and play communities the desired crypto-backed worth and tools for implementing and managing virtual product.You can acquire BTCC through our pre-ICO and ICO stages of unharness or, once the ICO is finished, by exchanging order currency and alternative cryptocurrencies via choose exchanges.


Benefits to the Community

Benefits to the Community include: Gamify your web site and mobile community with special BTCC Coins, Improve user participation and contributions in forums and walls, Auto-awards and prepare state-based triggers, Recap your community with in-game things on the server or game.

Benefits for Game Publishers / Creators

Benefits for Game Publishers / Creators include: produce new tokens to represent virtual currency, game items, or privileges. , produce and manage virtual stuffs programmatically or through apps. , produce restricted time or subscription based mostly virtual product. , Mint things which will not be changed or special edition things. , discovered a virtual product store. Run a suburbanised payment entry while not associate intercessor. , clear transactions. Prepare report and commission system. , No fraud, chargeback or cancellation. , Minimum fee for blockchain dealings and no commission fee.

Benefits to Gamers

Benefits for Gamers include: get & sell product while not risk of fraud. , Trade between game things from numerous games victimisation Bancor for liquidity. , Bring your currency with you in any community or game and keep the worth. , Having a valuable currency and rare things which will ne'er be taken. , Use the BTTC market and social networking to search out and trade game things. , Generate BTCC coins to play the sport. , Convert custom virtual things straight back to BTCC Coins and keep the worth.

Solutions For Fraud And High Price

For every valid purchase of virtual things, seventy fifth of things area unit lost thanks to fraud. Token written by BTCC Coin can produce confidence and security with minimum dealings prices.

Developed by Community And Creators

Millions of players concerned

Millions of BTCC users area unit deeply committed to socialization} and dealing together to form distinctive communities, game content, and virtual economy. By providing the tools they have, BTCC permits these creators to legitimise their content.

The value of games and content creation

Sandbox games, like Minecraft, area unit the foremost widespread on-line games. By victimisation BTCC Coin, we'll promote a culture of passion, collaboration, and pride by giving players additional management over their game content. Valuable players can keep returning, and increase revenue and commitment from publishers and creators.

Token Information

BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers

BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers


BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers

BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers

BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers


BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers
BitCoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers

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