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eCoinomic ICOeCoinomic could be a Platform that focuses on providing and developing money services, mistreatment Blockchain technology because of the basis for its development.eCoinomic provides a money service that users will simply, safely and smarter. eCoinomic provides a more robust and smarter access to money services for Crypto Holders.

Getting Started Development

eCoinomic is developed employing a directly integrated system and resources that support the creation of a more robust money scheme. eCoinomic uses Blockchain technology because the foundation of the Platform, mistreatment this technology eCoinomic can bring a more robust money service to Crypto Holders worldwide. eCoinomic offers a money service which will provide users with a management relating to their digital assets. eCoinomic provides a loaning, investing, hedging, exchange, and crypto payment service, all integrated directly into one platform that's reliable and sensible. eCoinomic is developed by a team of skilled and professionals within the field, UN agency sees that the money market nowadays has several gaps. eCoinomic provides a secure loaning system supported cryptocurrency. eCoinomic provides a more robust access to the user's investment within the long-standing time or short. eCoinomic is additionally integrated directly into services like eBay and Amazon, permitting users to be ready to pay directly mistreatment the eCoinomic payment line. each dealings created by the user have supported a CNC token, which may be utilized by the user to interact or invest directly in a very long or short amount of your time. This token uses associate degree ERC twenty system, supported Ethereum Blockchain. eCoinomic is a short credit resolution for startups that need fund injections or long-run or short investments. eCoinomic incorporates a resolution relating to the utilization of multicurrency. eCoinomic receives over ten kinds of cryptocurrency and supports typical currency for loaning. eCoinomic uses associate degree intelligent contract system, which can regulate each dealing performed by the user. eCoinomic aims to form a clear and a lot of profitable money scheme and might accommodate the money desires of users.


Reasons We Choose Blockchain

The blockchain is associate degree immutable public ledger that records digital transactions. This technology was initially introduced by associate degree anonymous individual underneath the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and has since revolutionized the manner we tend to conduct currency transactions worldwide. Blockchain permits a trust to be distributed throughout a network, while not the requirement for a central authority to trace, verify and approve the digital exchange valuable. It operates as a decentralized distributed info, maintaining a ceaselessly growing list of records divided into blocks. the bequest can cash in of this technology to be decentralized and place its trust in its users. The blockchain could be a fairly new technology and it's still in active development, enhancements area unit happening ceaselessly, and it's become a lot of eCoinomic and secure than the standard antediluvian systems, that is why banks, government, and different establishments area unit adopting the technology. Blockchains mix ideas of peer-to-peer networks, uneven cryptography, decentralized computing and sensible contracts into a brand new technology platform. In short, blockchains area unit distributed peer-to-peer systems that implement a trustless shared public append-only dealings ledger.


In Conclusion

eCoinomic believes that with a team and a solid and reliable system, eCoinomic will offer Users, a secure and clear money service, and supply users with numerous edges and conveniences in their each money activity. The Team additionally believes that with systematic and skilled development, the Team will build a more robust platform than similar platforms.


Detail: eCoinomic
Token CNC
Price 1 CNC = 0.0005 ETH
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap 106,000,000 USD
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China, Singapore

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