Helios - Autonomous Mining Cluster

Eventual fate OF MINING IS HERE NOW 

We cherish even as confident, shut, self-circuit structures that require insignificant protection are running on us, are not we?

How to put all in all these assortments of innovative choices inside the mining of crypto abroad cash? How not to fear about the expense and interminability of energy? How presently not to stress roughly the need of every now and again cleaning from the earth and tidy, or the ranch ventilation and all costs themselves, don't fear around the supply of the Internet and the remarkable raye of remote trade for mining? We set that aim. Furthermore, we finished it.

We blended picture voltaic boards, electric power carport gadget, submersion cooling, self mining, and conveyed to this mixed drink a self-perusing oversee gadget that freely changes cryptographic forms of money for mining basically in view of the circumstance available. The immense gadget. As we wanted. Furthermore, you can worship it as well.


Sunlight based vitality 

Condition charming, condition impartial quality for mining. Perfect for universal spots with warm atmospheres. No harm to the environment. An interminable supply of power without set on and absence of vitality.


Around evening time, the drop in the execution of photo voltaic boards is remunerated by means of the collected quality holds in aggregators in venture with day. The greatest front line batteries have inordinate general execution and long supplier ways of life.

Submersion cooling 

The last answer of issues with uneven cooling gatherings, air toxins of extravagant computerized segments, fan clamor and everlasting machine conservation. Keep in mind the ceaselessly heatted up vehicles in the setting up of the most recent century? Inundation cooling is the fate of mining.

Inteligent forex 

Uniquely developed programming program utility examines the commercial center situation in real time and change mining gear among specific monetary standards, undertaking most execution of mining.


Loosening the mining contraptions from power sources enables you to district sufficiently self frameworks in the most helpful spots - no metter how far from the human progress territories , in loads of areas on a similar time. At the equivalent time, the type of decentralized instrument will work of art as one.

Legitimate conditions 

Because of some of techniques of interfacing with the Internet and the absence of reliance on quality, the proprietor of the gadget does now not shoulder the danger of "extreme direction" with the helpful asset of the country.The machine would now be able to not be lawfully detached from quality or the Internet.

Speculators ADVANTAGES 

Abundance PROGRAM 

Our unique abundance programm will empower to win even little inverstors.We discovered that any wander should be remunerated and made a further acclaim for enthusiastic individuals of our association. So encounter loosened to partake.

Extraordinary TERMS 

Its no longer a puzzle that each and each gathering endeavors to achieve tremendous purchasers. That is the reason we made a marvelous venture terms for establishments and private bussines holy messengers with least measure of 1 million euro.

Practical MVP 

Prepared, inspected and walking photo voltaic mining claster that creates us consistently earnings.Its no longer a ventures into now not a conviction or advanced programming program item. Its a confused of equipment that works every day.


The more prominent sun stations we have were given-the more influence we've were given.More influence approach more noteworthy miners.More mineworkers capacity more prominent crypto-outside cash and more money for us and our brokers.


We growing a totally one of a kind arrangement of rules that automaticly changes mining way to more gainful coin to mine. It ability that benefit of mining will development


The intention of this specialized record is to convey workable token holders with

data roughly Helios Mining Ltd, its period, business undertaking mannequin and HLC token regarding the proposed preparatory coin giving (ICO). The accompanying certainties is not any more comprehensive and does not recommend any legally binding dating. The sole reason for this record is to convey significant and alright actualities to suitable token holders with the goal that they can totally take a gander at the organization's games exercises when they mean to purchase HLC tokens. All pertinent criminal realities is contained in the expressions and conditions for the obtaining of tokens and the token securing Agreement.

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