Kimera - The World's First Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)



Kimera created the world’s 1st computer science (AGI). it's created in accordance with new technologies, and in contrast to typical AI, prevent by one field or set of tasks, AGI on paper has the chance towork as if in any branch, if the brigade provides him the correct instruments. This development can activelycombine these and knowledge with solely the grid, most likely doubtless facilitate the team to unravel everythingfrom daily issues, to unravel the foremost tough tasks that face the population of the planet.

The unreasonable mind is analogous to human brain. He has the chance to acknowledge the globe around usand to understand solutions kind of like man. From a scientific purpose of read, the event of AGI can findout that it's necessary to vary in the environment to assist users come through their own goals. wish the AGIis kind of like the «brain«, the addition and also the device in mass intrigue ar kind of like the body components that it hasthe ability to use for creating configurations within the world.

Because, it's clear, as if in 2017 the foremost two hundred million phones were made. However, knowledge and alternative completely different fashionable devices should slip through the arbitrators to act with content and suggestions. Supposefor example if you'll be able to see the photos of your friends, you would like to travel, for instance, on Facebook.

All these issues restrain the actual fact that users and creators have each probability to figure, as these massiveintermediaries management all resources.
In Kimera can use Nigel AGI, for such to create the offered devices the foremost intelligent to provide solutions toproblems within the contemporary world. Nigel AGI acknowledges your actions, and realizes that you just do, and whyyou ar most likely doing it, and you'll be able to rule the changes to assist you come through your wants, in any manner it wouldnot contain.

Instead of this, to travel to the shopping precinct of applications, your phone can apprehend what additions you would like, however shortly they're going to be helpful to you, and proactively provide you with to adapt your life. Creation of such deviceswill permit you to use the services of arbitrators that may not be helpful to you to any extent further.

AGI is perhaps a extremely developed and complicated development. It took years of study and artistic thinking tostudy. Since Kimera needs this development to belong to the complete population of the planet, the companywants the scientific and technical society to suppose.
AGI Kimera relies on one school of thought of the bogus origin of the mind, that is orientating from the pointof read of physical science.
For the advantage of success, machine education algorithms focuses on the study of the premise and impact, following the fact through the device users. the information of information ar encoded within the «sub—network,» thatare wont to produce causally—targeted volumetric—fleeting models. they're victimisation to understand somethingthat must be modified to assist folks reach all their goals and needs.

Artificial origin of the general public intelligence activity can rewrite, as if it suggests that to exist on the world Territory, andKimera needs to make most likely in our life. to realize this, we tend to travel the globe so as to share our visionand connect folks. throughout the wanderings round the world, the developers can begin to push theirinitial coin prescription (ico) to help within the implementation of this technology within the world. AGItheoretically has the chance to figure as if in any branch, if the brigade provides him the correct instruments .

Summing up the result, i would like to state that the arrange encompasses a powerful extremely qualified team, that owns awhole set of devices, and that’s owing to information and experiment, and due to the tasks that becomethe arrange on behalf of me, i feel the platform can become necessary, and it'll solve everything The difficulties thatexist for this day, and issues within the field of domination of enormous companies.

Project Team





Quarter Completed Milestone

Start of research – Artificial General Intelligence and Future Economics
Early non-AGI incarnation brought to market under “GoLife Mobile”
First prototype of AGI functional
AGI technology more mature. Kimera Systems, Inc. incorporated in Oregon, USA
Telecom Council of Silicon Valley nominates Kimera as the most disruptive startup
Q2 2016
Seed funding closed (~$500K)
Q3 2016
1st Beta test conducted: ~20 people in Portland, OR.
Q2 2017
2nd Beta Test conducted: 1,000 people worldwide. First “transfer learning” detected
Q4 2017
ICO plans adopted by Board of Directors
Q1 2018
Private pre-sale oversubscribed
Q1 2018
Rochester Institute of Technology announces they will take in Nigel AGI for research
Kimera intends to aggressively execute on our business strategy to bring maximum value to token

The 24-month roadmap:

Quarter Milestone
Q3 2018
First app and SDK acquisitions
Q4 2018
First app integration complete
1H 2019
Agent Open Source Code available
2H 2019
AGI Node available
2H 2019
Revenue target: $3 million annualized
1H 2020
1,000 AGI Nodes globally
2H 2020
First device manufacturer partnership
2H 2020
Revenue target: $10 million annualized

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