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Safein could be a single sign-on digital pocketbook that ensures as a result of Safein could be a game-changer: security, comfort and trust for his or her shoppers.

Safein addresses today’s issues in e-commerce and cryptocurrency transactions by providing a single-click sign-in, verification and payments practicality.

Our platform is unambiguously useful for each users and merchants. First, users can beyond any doubt appreciate the tip of repeat registrations, KYCs and countersign recoveries, replaced by instant access granted by our multi-factor authentication answer. what is more, not having redundant accounts provides bigger security and knowledge protection, each of that area unit valuable to any client. Finally, the flexibility to simply conduct payments in any chosen medium has long been desired by the market - Safein will satisfy this ought to enable afully seamless payment expertise for all its users and merchants.

Merchants additionally profit with our platform as Safein considerably reduces merchandiser prices for user onboarding and verification. what is more, Safein reduces group action fees and may take away the matter of getting to manage lost passwords for the client support.Merchants additionally get easy accessibility to crypto payments at one in every of the bottom commission fees within the market with a very free identification tool.

Moreover, merchants World Health Organization possess Safein tokens in their pocketbook are going to be ready to method payments with no commission.Our platform will facilitate them increase trust and user conversion rates likewise as shield them from accidental breaches of more and more complicated knowledge protection laws and processes.

Rapid growth of e-commerce remains unstoppable . However, the business itself continues to be ripe for enhancements as growing considerations mount over knowledge protection, cybersecurity, concealing and monopolisation of various sectors. Moreover, searching on-line isn't solely difficult , it’s additionally redundantly difficult. Think, as an instance, of all the repeat registrations, verifications and countersign recoveries trailing the daily on-line client expertise.
We believe that out-of-date technology is accountable for pretty much all of those issues. consequently,we think it’s regarding time to repair this by clasp a contemporary manner of managing your on-line identity and also the searching expertise.

Multi - Factor Authentication Mechanism And Digital Identity Management

Security should be a primary focus whereas managing your identity and pocketbook on-line. Safein can have a multi-factor authentication mechanism enforced from the terribly starting. whereas desegregation Safein, every merchandiser are going to be ready to opt for a minimum security level that he needs from its users. as an instance, merchants will raise that every one logins to the merchant’s web site and every one payments should be confirmed by user on his mobile device - i.e. (i) a push notification shows up, (ii) user should establish himself via pin code or fingerprint on his mobile Safein app and (iii) approve login or purchase. User (in his panel) also can enhance general security levels for every web site on an individual basis. as an instance, although a selected web site doesn't need mobile device confirmation for web site login, a user will continuously enhance his security level by facultative that demand himself.

With Safein, users won't solely be ready to totally management their logins and actions, however track and manage them likewise. Users are going to be ready to see their full activity history, as well as logins and payments, track their used devices, manage current active login sessions and cancel them at any time. Users will be ready to simply check that web site has access to sure knowledge. Most of the practicality regarding identity management is already out there within the participant.

Digital Pocketbook And Payments

Safein is reaching to be a totally authorised EU electronic cash establishment with the flexibility to receive and method payments fully compliance with the law. Users are going to be ready to hold their crypto and edict currency in a very single pocketbook likewise as convert them from one to a different.Major crypto currencies, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum ERC20 tokens, and alternative in style cryptocurrencies are going to be supported. Currency exchange practicality, for crypto and edict,will be normal for all currencies with zero.5% markup from the most effective out there rate within the market. Having Associate in Nursing EU electronic cash establishment (EMI) licence can enable Safein to connectto the SEPA network and provides IBAN codes to all or any of our users. Having that out there, Safein are going to be one step nearer to turning into a customary instrument for daily use. in addition, Safein plans to possess payment cards joined to users’ accounts, thus users are going to be ready to use their Safein accounts daily each on-line and offline.visit

Standard Safein e-commerce commission for merchants are going to be 1 Chronicles. Merchants World Health Organization possess Safein tokens are going to be ready to receive a part of their payments freed from any commission,and users World Health Organization pay with Safein tokens can receive zero.25% cashback on each purchase. a lot of on these Safein token advantages are often found within the “Token model” Section.

KYC Procedure Engine

Safein team is presently in talks with the world’s leading machine-controlled ID verification service supplier to produce exceptionally correct results victimisation its AI battery-powered document checking algorithmic program. Such checks, wherever users can solely ought to scan their IDs with their cameras and take selfies, are going to be ample for many uses. Some advanced verifications, wherever users ought to accommodates terribly specific laws (for example, some cryptocurrency exchanges),will be done manually by the Safein team. It may take up to jiffy, however compared to current waiting periods of weeks for a few exchanges, it's still a radical improvement,especially keeping in mind that users can solely ought to fuck once.

Benefits of Safein

We believe that our services are going to be fascinating by each merchants and users.By using our services, users would profit by/from:
1. having the ability to skip multiple long registration,s and gain accessto any services straight off with no delays for identification or transfer of deposits;
2. the tip of management and recovery of various user accounts with completely different passwords;
3. Ability to shop for from a merchandiser providing the most effective costs or product instead of from the one user already includes a verified account with;
4. Convenient one-stop buy each,easy on-line access and payments;
5. Full and clear speech act of what client knowledge is being passed on to websites;
6. hyperbolic cybersecurity of their personal data;
7. Comfort that the corporate assembling their personal knowledge (i.e. Safein) is trustworthy and can be ready to shield it;
8. considerably lower group action fees likewise as Associate in Nursing ultra-convenient thanks to create payments in each edict and cryptocurrencies;                                       
9. hyperbolic namelessness, and protection from unwelcomed data processing and spamming activities;
10. Ability to instruct chosen networks to stop assortment of several user’s knowledge likewise as delete the information collected on the user;
11. Cashback likewise as more rewards for loyalty and use of our services.

Referral Program

Safein allocates five-hitter of its total token provide for its Referral Program. Users World Health Organization invite their friends to register on Safein are going to be rewarded constant quantity of Safein tokens that the new user is rewarded from the Registration Pool. For a lot of details please see the Registration Pool section. Referred users can solely entitle their friends to referral bonuses if they fulfill all of the below among ninety days from registration:
1. totally verified account and identity;
2. a minimum of $10 price of crypto or edict currency deposited;
3. a minimum of $10 spent on merchandise or services.

Growth Strategy

Safein’s success relies on rising of the user and merchandiser base. Safein won’t achieve success if it’s not wide used. as long as imperative, {one of|one among|one in all|one amongst|one in each of} the key project priorities is adapting every a part of the project (including token model, promoting strategy, business strategy and technical development) for rising of user and merchandiser base. Safein’s token model is meant to incentivize users and merchants to use Safein the maximum amount as doable.

The Safein team can use completely different methods tailored for users and merchants. Our user base growth strategy at the start depends on the Referral Program. This strategy was actively utilized by PayPal, Airbnb, Dropbox and alternative corporations that managed to attain infectious agent growth.Initial user base are going to be achieved by signing-up users throughout our ICO so launching our referral campaign. five-hitter of the generated Safein tokens are going to be allotted to the Referral Program.

With Associate in Nursing initial essential mass of users registered throughout our ICO, our user base can grow exponentially. beginning active promoting campaigns in sure industries, as mentioned in previous sections, can enable USA to demonstrate user advantage of having one single login for many in style websites. Similar example are often seen within the vice business, wherever Steam login is already extraordinarily in style once it involves websites wherever users don’t ought to show their true identity or buy merchandise.

Token Sale


N.B.: all values indicated in ETH during this chapter area unit subject to alter before the beginning of the
ICO just in case of enormous fluctuations in value of ETH.
ICO funds allocation
• Developing cryptocurrency pocketbook and payments practicality
• getting the Electronic cash establishment licence
• Launching edict deposits and merchandiser payments in EUR, GBP, USD
• effort 1st five hundred mid- to large-scale merchants
• body, operational and staffing expenditures for two years

The Safein ICO are going to be distributing ten of the whole token provide to hide the below costs:
1. more development of our product;
2. Crypto payments functionality;
3. good Contracts for Login Pool;
4. Safein payment answer with internal group action process system;
5. effort EMI licence;
6. Onboarding a minimum of five hundred merchants;
7. ICO expenses and promoting
Token Model
1. Free payment process for merchants holding SFN
2. every activity of Safein users rewarded with SFN
3. User base growth incentivized with generous referral rewards in SFN
Safein token options
• a hundred free payments for merchants World Health Organization possess Safein tokens
• Monthly cashbacks for users paying with Safein tokens
• Login Pool to incentivize Safein use among users and websites
• Registration Pool to reward new users
• Referral Pool to grow user base apace




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