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The retail business is presently terribly tiny within the sales field. this is often influenced by several associated factors, so the chain of sales within the retail business, particularly those who move with the sales of the physical store, is greatly tormented by the impact of the movement of the business of electronic commerce. The project mozo may be a project that runs within the retail business that covers a district of   electronic commerce, wherever the mozo project offers solutions for retailers to simply find and market their merchandise in physical stores or online promotions, the net promotion offered by magic Project is incredibly straightforward,

Mozo works through the utilization of Associate in Nursing “intelligent contract” related to a retail activity. This good contract is formed between reseller smartphones or IoT devices (such as Beacons) and shopper smartphones as they discover their individual devices. Smartphones from retailers and shoppers’ smartphones will receive and method transactions consistent with consumer orders. In alternative words, the Mozo contract may be dealings created by a user that transfers management commands between user devices, users or user systems. Therefore, we have a tendency to create an Associate in Nursing intelligent consent that the article of the intelligent contract is to the method the transactions within the blockchain network.

How will Mozo work?

Mozo works with exploitation Associate in Nursing “intelligent contract” that's connected to retail activities. This good contract is established between the retailer’s smartphone or IoT device (such as a Beacon) and also the consumer’s smartphone since they discover every other’s device. The shopper’s smartphone and also the retailer’s smartphone will settle for and method dealings beneath consumer orders. In alternative words, the Mozo contract may be dealings generated by the user that transfers management commands between the user’s device, the user’s user or the user’s system. Therefore, we have a tendency to produce an Associate in Nursing intelligent contract wherever the article of the intelligent contract is to the method the dealings within the blockchain network.

Before exploitation Mozo, users and devices should 1st register with the Mozo system and also the blockchain network through authentication procedures. just in case the device (such as a beacon or a sticker) is tough to register by itself, the administrator should 1st determine the distinctive identification (UUID) of the device and register that device. After that, the retail merchant’s merchant should associate the device with the merchandise that the retailer desires to sell. the tactic to spot the device just in case of Beacon or Sticker is to use a Bluetooth scanner, which is able to come back the distinctive identification of the device. However, if this is often not the case, the tool should write in the code the distinctive response data so the device is mechanically disconnected from the blockchain network and also the administrator is knowing whenever it's been altered. this is often to safeguard the interests of the retail merchant and also the shopper

 Distribution of tokens

Mozo Token

A Mozo token is Associate in Nursing ERC-20 utility token, that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain network. The retailers and also the operators of places can use the tokens of Mozo to reward the shoppers United Nations agency, in turn, can decide them up and exchange them for offers, discounts, and merchandise. there'll be a limit of total provide of five billion Mozo tokens, while not any issuing or creation of Mozo tokens within the future.


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