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The Cryptassist system strives to resolve the usability downside of cryptocurrency and is intended to create the cryptocurrency world straightforward for everybody, whether or not they are crypto consultants or novices. There are many coins offered that can't be utilized in daily disbursement. we have a tendency to powerfully believe that cryptocurrencies ought to be helpful in daily life. That’s why we've got options just like the Cryptassist charge account credit that convert the foremost common cryptocurrencies into order.


These issues are going to be understood by all users of cryptocurrencies. you'll begin with the recollections of however troublesome it had been the primary time to enter the cryptocurrency, particularly WHO did it recently. you'll "break your head" till you perceive of these exchanges and exchanges, particularly if you've got not prohibited mercantilism before.

The next drawback is that the affiliation between crypto and also the outside world. Today, you cannot obtain bread in an exceedingly near store or obtain the web with cryptocurrency.

And, of course, a spread of services. There are such a lot of-of them currently that you simply don't have time to stay track of everything. there's such a scenario that a lot of profiles are registered, the science keys of that it's fascinating to stay in an exceedingly "cold form", by the way. Moreover, they still have cash, a number of that are either forgotten there or there are special things like issues with identification, restricted restrictions on withdrawal, etc.


Cryptassist could be a complete answer for crypto users that mixes several of the foremost common functions of the crypto world.

This is achieved:

  • ease of entry into the cryptocurrency world for beginners;
  • versatility and compactness of the crypto-world for people who don't need to withdraw deeply into all processes;
  • physical affiliation to the important edict world;
  • savings on Commission prices between platforms;
  • no have to be compelled to use different services, perceive them;
  • making the profit because of the expansion of the platform's token capitalization;
  • and different personal edges from victimization the platform services.

The technology of magnified quantifiability. Provides 3,500 transactions per second. this can be above all different payment systems, even VISA.

The Cryptassist card could be a regular open-end credit. solely on its balance, you'll hold funds within the fifty most well-liked cryptocurrencies. At the time of payment is a moment of exchange in edict at a good rate. however, these internal processes won't be visible to the user, as a result of they're automatic and quick. And outwardly and by user properties, it's a usual plastic card for payments in outlets, each offline, and online.

Cryptassist permits a lot of things. realize a contract job, raise investments for your project, play games with a win within the kind of real cash while not initial investments, sell your product or service, learn mercantilism and programming, and for a lot of.


  • Cryptassist Debit Card

It is one in every of the core feature within the scheme, it problems debit cards for the users once verification is finished. It accepts high fifty cryptocurrencies, users will convert the various cryptocurrencies into CTA tokens which will be simply regenerate into edict currency. These debit cards are accepted worldwide and it is employed in the web and offline buying.

  • Cryptassist CryptoGo

CryptoGo is that the platform for airdrops wherever users will manage their airdrops for ICOs, it assists with campaign dates, event locations, and rewards, users will merely find the events and claim their coins

  • Cryptassist sepulcher starter

It helps as the fundraiser for artistic comes, investors will invest with their cryptocurrencies directly, while not changing into edict currency, it provides careful data concerning the comes that are about to be crowdfunded, users will fund with high one hundred cryptocurrencies.

  • Cryptassist Exchange

It’s a totally accredited cryptocurrency exchange, it offers real-time and easy platform, users will exchange any cryptocurrency with five hundredth discounts of mercantilism fee

  • Cryptassist Multi-Coin Block Explorer

It provides the simple answer for the users with one interface by collection relevant searches, it helps to save lots of the time and energy of the users.

  • Cryptassist ChatPay

It’s a localized encrypted traveler during this user will chat with contacts and merchants, it permits the user to transfer the funds to sellers with high fifty cryptocurrencies.
It has distinctive options like Cryptassist over-the-counter, Cryptassist Freelancer.


Cryptassist could be a peer-to-peer localized scheme that operates on the principle of Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG), designed to gather and deliver news to users, likewise as several different tools that alter users to figure with cryptocurrency. All of those tools are conferred in associate intuitive and easy-to-use platform that saves time and avoids further effort. These new tools and services are going to be able to send personal notifications to users with distinctive profiles that may indicate their request, interest, goal or investment strategy. Users are going to be able to put together their profiles flexibly to induce the data they have.

Thanks to the employment of recent developments in blockade technology, the platform is going to be in no time. to check performance, we are able to cite as samples of some acknowledged blockbuster platforms, like Bitcoin (7-8 operations per second), Ethereum (20 operations per second), IOTA (500-800 operations per second), Paypal (193 transactions in each ). Against Cryptassist background, this platform can appear as if a turtle within the background of a plane. victimization Direct Acyclic Graph, that is essentially a brand new generation of blockbusters, Cryptassist is going to be able to method up to 3500 operations per second. This, of course, is that the best indicator anyone can do with the employment of block technology.

Cryptassist combines the most effective options of varied platforms supported blockchain technology and is in a position to produce an oversized variety of tools required by everybody engaged on the cryptocurrency market. Cryptassist can give up to twelve tools right away, every fastidiously designed for user comfort and security and which means. whether or not you're associate capitalist, cryptographer or simply a beginner WHO hopes to earn fast and straightforward cash, trade cryptocurrencies - every of the higher than, Cryptassist can facilitate to achieve associate plain advantage within the market.

How it works

One of the key options of this project is that the Cryptassist open-end credit, an operating mechanism engineered on new revolutionary technology. This open-end credit becomes out there to the user once passing the user identification procedure (KYC). Cardholders are going to be able to simply, quickly and firmly create transactions between their own currency platform (STA), different cryptocurrency, and debt and different credit cards. the most advantage of this card is simple to use, it's no harder than a daily Visa or Mastercard, with the sole distinction that debits the Cryptassit card, is multi-currency, that is, supports up to fifty totally different currencies, and at a similar time transactions terribly low commissions. additionally, this card is used at any ATM within the world,

There are many different tools that provide the U.S.A. Cryptassist, like Crypto, got, Crypt started Exchange, Multi-coin Block mortal, that pay, innovations within the fields of charity, arbitration, ICO Assistant, webshop and plenty of others. All of those tools are integrated into a well-organized scheme, operative at the associate astonishing rate to produce everything required for its users.




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