ExToke ICO - Safe Trustless Automated Exchange Via Our XTO Smart Contract

What is ExToke

ExToke ICO - ExToke could be a new free charge for decentralized Ethereum ERC20 Token Exchange at no value to consumers or sellers. ExToke has taken off to unravel all issues related to trendy centralized cryptocurrency exchange, whereas additionally rising on the construct of a decentralized exchange. Extoke can strengthen the DEX business by providing a rapid, secure, and secure token exchange method through our XTO sensible contract.
you will be a part of XTO token sale on https://www.extoke.com/buy-xto.html

Features ExToke

In September 2018, ExToke can launch our ExToke two.0 Platform. This platform can embrace however not restricted to:
  • New trendy programme
  • Mobile commercialism App
  • Airdop Application for ExToke Merchants
  • Crowd Sales from at intervals the ExToke Platform

ExToke can solely enable high-quality, promising ICOs that have passed the rigorous due diligence, intelligent contract code review and compliance review by the special review team of ICO Exookes. Also, ICO tokens at ExToke ar straight off listed on ICO

ExToke advantages

For Merchants

  • Costs - No fees mean that traders will trade the variety of tokens without concern concerning taking a loss thanks to the value. this permits the chance to use some short, no-cost commercialism methods that ar distracting on the road!
  • Support - ExToke offers 24/7 special support to confirm that your commercialism expertise is as sleek as possible!

To ICO Holder

  • Marketing - every token unharness are going to be proclaimed through multiple social media channels and mobile notifications via the ExToke Mobile commercialism App. All come are going to be listed on our websites and social media to confirm most audience exposure.
  • Cost - an enormous incentive for investors to trade your token on our exchange.
  • Support - 24/7 support specifically for developers to confirm that investors have unlimited and uninterrupted access to trade your token.

Why ExToke?

ExToke has been developed to fill gaps in a very decentralized commercialism business and to eliminate prices from equations to profit each trader and developers.

Problems with centralized exchange ar, however, aren't restricted to: High prices, Security problems (monies saved in admin accounts), Serious risks fall victim to hackers and issues facing DEX business, however, aren't restricted to High prices, Lack of client support. ExToke solves this drawback by providing a decentralized exchange. With DEX, you hold your funds. YOURSELF your funds. they are doing not sit in admin accounts waiting to be deleted by offshore hackers! DEX Solutions ExToke offers complete security through our XTO sensible contract. you've got your funds and that they stay safe and secure in your case. XTO ExToke's sensible contract is safe and instantly trades at no value. ExToke doesn't build commissions from your trades and your funds' ar ne'er at any purpose sitting on your case that's not yours.

ExToke Token

ExToke tokens (XTO) can be purchased using Ethereum (ETH) by clicking on the "Join Token Sale Now" button at the top of the website page.
  • Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 XTO
  • Token Sale Supply: 500,000,000 XTO
  • Hard Cap: 500 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 50 ETH
  • Discounted Rate: 0,000001 ETH = 1 XTO
  • Exchange Rate Standard: 0,0001 ETH = 1 XTO
  • Contract Address: 0x28925299ee1edd8fd68316eaa64b651456694f0f
  • Allocation of Token



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