Humancoin - New e-Commerce Cryptocurrency

Humancoin ICO - Humancoin may be a blockchain project, that unites philanthropists and recipients of funds on one platform within the most convenient and clear method doable. Donors (which comprise one in 3 people globally) will quickly create donations worldwide, monitor their expenditure on-line and additionally receive discounts from the platform’s partners.

Charitable comes arable to settle for funds with smallest overheads and within the shortest time in any convenient currency. Blockchain will cut back or perhaps take away the requirement for third-party authorities (a long chain of banks, NGOs, government agencies, law corporations so on). Blockchain may create it easier to develop direct giving platforms at a far larger scale.

How It Works

The platform provides the chance to totally track donations online, yet as option and ranking for comes and philanthropists in conjunction with alternative options.

There is additionally the choice to receive a receipt for every donation to use for write-off functions reckoning on the donor’s tax jurisdiction.

The future growth of the project are supported by the 5%-fee raised from the funds collected for charity comes, that is four times below the market average. Charitable comes, each personal initiatives, and foundations enter the main points within the Humancoin platform.

They complete a typical format the initial stage. within the future, Humancoin plans to conduct a rhetorical audit with the assistance of specialised monetary and legal groups. Contributions is anonymous or, conversely, if the donor thus desires, is created public.

Why Humancoin?

The Humancoin tokens is simply convertible into any points, miles, bonuses, coupons. Token homeowners are incentivized to carry them to require advantage of engaging edges and this provides a semipermanent, stable demand for tokens.

As the variety of partners and therefore the scope of cooperation among the Humancoin Network grows, thus will the recognition of the token.

The Proof of Charity “mining” conception permits the project to scale lots of and thousands of times.

Unique options Of Humancoin

This is the primary ever blockchain project that has the potential to become a world e-commerce loyalty program individual.

Association with financial aid offers its tokens a singular advantage in developing loyalty programs with partners making a powerful emotional resonance.

Instead of competitory with existing programs, the Humancoin token is effortlessly integrated into already existing systems — all it needs is setting a conversion rate

Problem : Lack Of Trust
Doubts over whether or not the contribution can reach the recipient fully and on time, and a scarcity of trust in charities.
High operational prices of the transactions, the complexness of cross-border payments, yet as coping with regulative agencies.
Inability to recognize any extra edges for creating a donation.


Blockchain solves the trust issue by providing transparency, traceability, and security.
Donors will quickly create donations worldwide, monitor their expenditure online, receive edges from the platform’s partners.

The interdependence of e-commerce and cryptocurrencies can facilitate a rise within the variety of donors.
Among the project’s partners are massive on-line stores, service businesses, recreation and diversion industries, airlines, crypto exchanges, international companies, despite whether or not they operate with cryptocurrencies or not.

Competitive Analysis

Virtually everybody acknowledges the requirement to create the philanthropic trade clear and utterly manageable with the assistance of blockchain technology. However, there are comparatively few blockchain comes within the charity sphere: cherr, aidcoin, clearaid, bcharity among them.

But these are niche or native start-ups that don't operate on the far side the philanthropic trade. There are concerning constant variety of blockchain comes developing loyalty programs, however all of them face the issues of a creating a chilly begin ANd starting with an depleted user base so as to quickly and profitably build meaningful  cooperation with major world e-commerce players.

Registration Of Benefactors

To get attached  charity comes on the Humancoin platform, a user should register and complete verification. After that, he are able to create donations anonymously or with totally different levels of non-public data speech act.

The platform dashboard can enable every participant to manage donations, modify data flow and receive reports on comes of interest, move with alternative donors and/or recipients via the Humancoin traveller. Platform users will transfer receipts via the interface to induce valid documents confirming the transfer of funds to charity so as to file tax deductions, reckoning on the tax jurisdiction of the donor.

Proof Of Charity

The Proof of Charity conception permits the project to scale lots of and thousands of times and, therefore, places no restrictions on the number of participants which will get involved: new comes, donors and e-commerce market players are able to become a part of the Humancoin community within the future.




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