IDAP - International Digital Asset Platrom

IDAP.IO ICO - The Fever regarding cryptocurrency is increasing, individuals have detected regarding it, and additional and additional individuals need to search out additional regarding it, and realize the way to be a district of it. once blockchain technology came, such a lot of things modified, for better, we say. such a lot of businesses have improved, such a lot of firms have started victimization cryptocurrencies in their work. The new ideas area unit returning daily. individuals need to take a position within the new comes. we have the most important tool within the world, and it's known as the net. the net may be a huge base of data wherever we will do something. the web has connected the whole world. one among these comes is IDAP

What precisely is IDAP? is a world Digital quality Platform, that aims to produce an entire Derivatives system for Crypto Assets, providing Futures, calendar & butterfly spreads, options, and swaps among major mercantilism merchandise. exchange additionally supports spot mercantilism, P2P disposal, and ETFs.

Additionally, it's providing AN ICO venture fund with attention on retail investors. platform provides a Point-and-Click Ladder primarily based mercantilism Interface through its Desktop Application. Its machine tool aids beginners in learning futures mercantilism. can issue its own token, the IDAP token (IDAP), which is able to be supported Ethereum blockchain (ERC 20). IDAP token holders can get five hundredth discounts in mercantilism and management fees if paid in IDAP tokens. there'll be zero mercantilism fees for ICO contributors.

The International Digital Assets Platform (IDAP) is that the initial self-contained system for the cryptocurrencies derivatives mercantilism market. Contained inside this system area unit the IDAP Exchange, the IDAP Desktop App with advanced mercantilism tools and most significantly, crypto derivatives instruments by IDAP, for mercantilism and investment. By transfer along people and establishments in want of risk management or with a watch at profit via risk acceptance, our goal is to become the foremost various crypto derivatives marketplace for consumers and sellers.

The volatility of this crypto market has created it imperative that the difficulty of risk management and hedging choices for crypto assets be addressed at once. Traders being liberated to take long and short positions and to bet in each the bull and bear run of the market, so having the ability to diversify and optimise their portfolio performance, area unit all created potential by the introduction of a extremely various and wide selection of multiple crypto primarily based derivatives merchandise, as well as Futures, Spreads, Swaps, choices and Crypto Indices. Moreover, the mercantilism of those higher than mentioned monetary instruments deepens the liquidity of the market, in impact helpful the worth points of the underlying crypto assets. this can be what the IDAP system for crypto derivatives market mercantilism has completely been designed to attain.

The Vision

Our vision is to remodel the crypto economy. we tend to endeavor to form a secure, robust, client centrical and full-featured crypto-quality market exchange that allows investors to expertise various varied mercantilism and investment opportunities beneath one roof.


Desktop Applications

IDAP can give its customers, the trader-friendly ‘Desktop App’ with custom options for a seamless mercantilism expertise. In conjunction with our flagship mercantilism tool, the Desktop App, customers also will have access to our exchange via the in-browser mercantilism app likewise because the mobile app. the complete options list of IDAP Desktop App includes: Order entry kind supporting Market, Limit, Stop-Loss, Stop-Limit, Iceberg, trailing stops, OCO, bracket and numerous different conditional orders.

Real-time market information charts supported by generic and advanced technical indicators and analysis.

Account and position watching, order book, trade history, fill book etc.

The custom arrangement of market information, order and trade history, positions, charts and technical tools, different information things and color schematics.


For the help of intraday and skilled traders, IDAP is introducing ladder mercantilism to crypto market. Being one among the key options of this crypto trade & exchange platform, the IDAP Ladder can modify the traders to look at value action, best bid and supply, last trades’ value and amount, total listed volume at every value, high and low market points of the day, depth of market orders and numerous different essential information associated with mercantilism. The IDAP ladder can enable the traders to submit, modify and cancel orders with one click (Power of Point-and-Click Trading). The IDAP ladder also will facilitate in visualizing the relative position of correlate merchandise, showing neatness displaying this information within the user dashboard.


The IDAP Matrix can function as an important mercantilism tool. With the IDAP Matrix, traders are going to be able to read market information for all contract expirations of AN quality likewise as market information for exchange-quoted spreads for the underlying quality, dead one window. Traders can have the convenience to trade, place, modify and cancel orders directly through the IDAP Matrix.


The IDAP Spreader can enable traders to form, manage and execute artificial spreads supported derivative out there on the IDAP exchange. artificial spreads area unit Intermarket spreads, whose costs aren't quoted on the exchange itself, however, have to be compelled to be calculated supported the underlying contracts listed on the exchange. as an example, a user will produce artificial spreads of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) through the exchange quoted spreads of BTC and ETH. this can be another distinctive feature that's distinctive to IDAP exchange system.


Another key feature by IDAP to disrupt the crypto mercantilism domain is that the IDAP machine. the thought is to introduce a ‘Trading Simulator’ crafted particularly for crypto mercantilism. the sole distinction is going to be that the user can get a real-life expertise of the crypto assets market while not victimization ‘real funds.’ IDAP hopes to form a band of enthusiasts and amateur traders that may get pleasure from IDAP machine and step into the important market, once they're prepared. The IDAP machine is right for those that area unit unaccustomed futures mercantilism and needs to familiarise themselves with market action and mercantilism while not risking real cryptocurrency. Currently, no different crypto exchange platform is providing such a feature to modify learning for mercantilism beginners. IDAP machine can replicate time period market information and mercantilism conditions to assist users to perceive the market dynamics, general market behavior and the way to manage trade and associated risks. this can be one more USP of our platform for facilitating education and learning for traders, facultative them to realize virtual expertise within the crypto-quality mercantilism

IDAP system

IDAP is resolution all the issues of this mercantilism crypto market and providing users varied mercantilism and investment instruments, advanced tools, superb client support to resolve any question at any time and inflated security to the users and their transactions. IDAP system is giving users the extended product providing that consists of the following:

Spot mercantilism

IDAP can give users with spot mercantilism for crypto coins and tokens wherever users will have a selection of each crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs. at first pairs like BTC/Altcoin, ETH/Altcoin and IDAP/Altcoin are going to be offered during this system.

OTC mercantilism

This will provide the users AN access to over the counter (OTC) mercantilism with an awfully easy interface.

P2P disposal

The system additionally has borrowing and disposal feature wherever borrowers and lenders will directly connect, and lenders will lend cash to borrowers. Here P2P disposal may be drained each edict and cryptocurrency.

ICO Incubation

The selected approaching comes can get help from this platform. Entrepreneurs, advisors, trade leaders and developers can give these comes technical consultation, resources and initial funds to assist them to grow.

Exchange options

IDAP Institutional Grade Matching Engine

The matching engine supports Direct Market Access (DMA), Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), Request for Quote (RFQ), tacit Orders practicality for forwarding market, quick price-time priority and pro-rata Orders Matching rule, trade customary FIX-based interfaces for order management, advanced conditional orders like OCO (One-Cancels-the others), Brackets, icebergs orders and additional. IDAP matching engine may be a blazingly quick and extremely ascendible order matching server with the outturn of over one million transactions per second equipped with advanced risk controls.


Increasing the number of varied cryptocurrency exchanges ends up in liquidity fragmentation. To tackle the difficulty of skinny liquidity and even get pleasure from such a state of affairs, IDAP can implement good Order Routing to decide on the most effective costs and order distribution to manage liquidity. good Order Routing is going to be performed by IDAP's good Order Routers, a system designed to investigate the order books of different exchanges and perform very best order placement. SOR can optimize execution of trades by victimization advanced routing rules and algorithms once leading orders to varied parties as well as exchange, users, and ECNs. IDAP Trade Order Management system (TOMS) can give a high-end order management via FIX interfaces and can additionally build the order history info accessible

Security Measures

IDAP has known and reviewed the trade best practices in terms of security measures and designed our platform to incorporate superior safety features to safeguard each the client’s funds and transaction from hostile penetration tries. a number of the key safety features include: Secure cold storage with cold billfold management Cryptocurrency Security customary (CCSS)




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