LIPCHAIN - A Decentralized Ecosystem Providing Surfers With Sponsor

Lipchain ICO

A decentralized system, providing surfers with sponsors, competitions and informal year-round learning setting.
60 million surfers from around the world are ready to earn tokens simply by active your favorite sport and post videos and photos within the app LipChain. will become Champions quicker and at an equivalent time to contribute to the cleansing of the oceans.
LipChain the corporate is designing the development of the interior wave pools for year-round coaching with ensuant island eco-resort.

What all of those LipChain is and why you wish it the world? I’ll tell you an additional...

Nowadays, the game is gaining quality. Rather be a sport is that the key in each person’s life. Active promotion of a healthy style has its rewards and, progressively, the youth goes to gyms to stay her body and therefore the body is in wonderful condition. However, a number of them don’t need to take a seat in stuffy halls and prefers outside activities. Therefore, increasing the recognition of the game like aquatics. sadly, it's tough to seek out an area wherever you'll be able to apply the game. The app permits LipChain surfers and sailors from everywhere the planet to publish their photos and videos and earn cash whereas active your favorite sport. Lipchain could be a localized landscape, providing surfers with sponsors, competitions and informal year-round learning setting. You perceive however nice it is? currently imagine you're an energetic one that likes extreme, ride for pleasure I shoot cool videos and pays you for it LipChain. regarding this will solely dream of, and LipChain to form it a reality.. I will be able to attach you a video created by corporations LipChain. I raise you to appear and see

Probably everybody asks. however, athletes can get the coins? What nuances area unit there for the beginning of the lesson? Pitfalls and alternative stuff. can look at it.

1) to receive remuneration in accordance with the number of views
2) to reward beyond sponsors.
The project team is ready to unite a worldwide community of aquatics in one amongst the localized system. it'll facilitate the athletes to seek out sponsors, to participate in competitions and improve their skills.

Problems within the industry:

The lack of funding for aspiring athletes to achieve the skilled level. After all, the swimmer has to train a minimum of eight years, and whereas defrayment quite 3000 euros per annum.
The lack of places for learning and coaching.
The difficulty of access to international prestigious Championships within the absence of funding.
The lack of dedicated channels for advertisers. makers of kit for aquatics and sailing compete for the eye of their audience.
The environmental drawback. contaminated beaches and water and therefore the lack of interest of the govt to the present drawback.

To solve these issues, the project team developed the subsequent conditions:

The app hundreds videos and photos of athletes for the growing quality.
Training athletes in artificial wave pools for year-round coaching.
The community will select their champion, even participating in numerous Championships.
LIPCHAIN APP provides access to world content and therefore the sailing community and helpful tools for support
LIPCHAIN allocates five you look after revenues to scrub the ocean and beaches.

The first center LIPWAVE pool are inbuilt Portugal, and on the second place are determined to clear balloting community LIPCHAIN.
They will conjointly work the ecological resort that was designed around these centers. they're going to be funded by LipChain external funds, however, are integrated within the project LIPCHAIN on the utilization of the marker lips.

Distribution of tokens



Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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