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MyCryptoBank is an internet bank that permits each consumer registered in AN electronic bank system to form numerous bank operations, further operations with cryptocurrency (payment process, debit cards, credit and low-cost investment product, use of crypto assets as credit security and lots of others) supported Blockchain technology while not department visits. Thus, MyCryptoBank provides the consumer remote access service to the bank accounts, products, and services to form banking operations.

What is MyCryptobank (MCB)

MyCryptoBank - is an internet bank that enables each consumer to be registered in AN electronic bank system to perform numerous banking operations, further operations with CryptoCurrency (payment process, debit cards, credit and investment services, use of CryptoCurrency assets as credit security and lots of others) supported BlockChain technology while not banking intervention. As such, MyCryptoBank provides the consumer remote access service to bank accounts, products, and services for banking transactions. MyCryptoBank offers its shoppers a multifunctional banking services platform, representing a hybrid system that mixes ancient and digital currency. the employment of digital currency makes operations quicker and cheaper, whereas ancient currencies guarantee acceptance and validity of all practices.

About MyCryptoBank (MCB)

Every person in the world United Nations agency practices digital activity may be a constant user of FinTech services currently. So, FinTech because the money future does not sound like a speculative situation. the newest knowledge shows whole number adoption technology growth within the past eighteen months. Leading countries and industries by 2015 solely part increase. the foremost actively developed methodology of cash transfer and payment. in keeping with FinTech Adoption Index 2017 study, of 22,000 folks interviewed in twenty countries, five hundredth use the service to form payments and transfers and sixty-fifth can do thus within the future.

in today's demand for digital cash is incredibly high. Digital Currency the web, safe, internet-based, accessible currency, help everybody while not a checking account in obtaining access to funds and conjointly allows fast and low-cost funds transfer while not geographical restrictions. the recognition of smartphones in developed countries and also the speed of their growth in developing countries permits corporations like MyCryptoBank to supply full banking platform services. we will use it solely with smartphone devices and debit cards.

Multi-Digital Card may be a full tariff replacement for plain plastic cards. they permit you to attach multiple cards at once: debits, credits, discounts, gift cards or maybe cards to fitness clubs, etc. In different words, they'll connect with cards that have a default BARCode or EMV chip. as a result of Multi-Digital Cards have a similar size as ancient cards, you'll be able to use them for money withdrawals.

With MyCryptoBank it's attainable to form deposits, receive loans and credits. The Bank can produce AN infrastructure which will permit regulators and merchants to get hold of product to corporations and online services. shoppers are ready to settle for bank cards and therewith facilitate they'll take funds on the market through any ATM within the world and conjointly pay in retailers, restaurants etc. For the convenience of the consumer, the bank plans to put in ATM and ATM crypto, helping in creating cryptocurrency purchase operations and money receipts at the minimum value. within the usual sense, it'll be a typical bank with numerous services however loyal to cryptocurrency and crypto community. this may give AN simple advantage over different money establishments, attracting many purchasers and their funds to make a bank

MyCryptoBank Target

  • MyCryptoBank can become the primary within the world autonomous multifunctional platform of banking services, combining digital and ancient currencies, supposed to resolve such issues as freedom of cryptocurrency purchase/sale, transfers of act funds for token purchase and any fund transfer everywhere the globe with none risk of obstruction accounts, confirmation of validity of funds, received from cryptocurrency sale and any its use.
  • MyCryptoBank can become a totally digital bank, accessible everywhere on the globe and at any moment. it'll conduct all functions of a typical bank however with none bank departments and front-offices most hoping on new digital technologies. this may permit MyCryptoBank to become one among the foremost cheap banks within the world with a really profitable level of cost-to-profit magnitude relation.

MyCryptoBank options

  • MyCryptoBank offers its shoppers a multifunctional platform of banking service, that represents a hybrid system combining digital and ancient currencies.
  • The use of digital currencies makes operations quicker and cheaper, whereas ancient currencies guarantee much well-rounded acceptance and validity.
  • One account combination permits shoppers at the same time mistreatment blessings of each sort of currencies.
  • MyCryptoBank meet the foundations by sharing their processes of bank license receipt and license for work with cryptocurrency that leads them de jure to figure each with paper currency and cryptocurrencies.
  • The licenses permit the correct persons to render services on amendment, turnover, transfer, and keeping of cryptocurrencies and different virtual values for shoppers from any purpose of the globe, each in representative offices and remotely through fashionable channels of communications.

MyCryptoBank Services

MyCryptoBank provides services of client’s remote access to accounts, product and bank services and permits playing all bank operations.

  • Wallet (mobile cryptobank).
  • Bankcard and Payment Rings.
  • Exchange of cryptocurrency/ cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency /fiat.
  • Money transfer everywhere the globe.
  • Financing and loans P2P.
  • Cryptocurrency effort.
  • Crypto-ATM and crypto machines.
  • Deposit percents.
  • Forex Trade.
  • Consulting and legal services, as well as taxes.





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