- Protecting the Security of Surfing in Blockchain - The Internet is one in all the most effective issue that happened to our world, with the web that was fictitious within the 90s, the manner we have a tendency to live, interact, communicate and do business has modified tremendously, we are able to conclude that web may be a blessing to humanity. we are able to hardly live well while not the net, web accessibility is one in all the fundamental necessities of life.

However, {the web|the web|the net} additionally comes with its challenges and a few of these challenges square measure web privacy and ads free internet expertise. web privacy involves the correct or mandate of private privacy regarding the storing, repurposing, provision to 3rd parties, and displaying of knowledge referring to oneself via of the net. the reality is that there's no a lot of privacy on the net, Government agencies and massive web corporations that shall stay anon. thrive on chase your every move!

In today’s world websites square measure packed with ads that try {and,} sell you one thing they assume you wish by making an unfriendly and aggravating browsing expertise. Also, countless of them have hidden malware, scammy ads or mining scripts.

The platform aims to resolve these cores challenges that web users face, by revolutionizing the browsing expertise and creating it quicker, non-trackable, while not malware and ad-free.

Website operators gain a major quantity of revenues from ads, which might be modified by implementing resolution supported the extremely scalable , clear and totally responsible Blockchain technology, which is able to guarantee they get truthful remuneration supported the number of holidaymakers, time spent on their pages and therefore the interaction with the location, making a lot of appropriate surroundings for quality, as hostile spammy money driven web pages. scheme

Blockchain technology goes to reshape the advertising, that per market specialists that it can be the foremost groundbreaking modification inside the trade since the emergence of smartphones and social media. Considering that over four-hundredths of the world’s population has web access, the advertising business enjoys an outsized supply of knowledge, and in recent years, their focus has been on huge information. However, evolving capabilities and dynamical restrictive prospects can have an effect on however advertisers connect and have interaction customers within the close to future. is implementing a localized scheme which mixes all necessary options for a quicker, safer, and a lot of non-public web browsing. Moreover, through the platform developed by victimization the foremost advanced Blockchain technology, each web finish users and website operators can profit alike.

Online OIO web Browsing edges

  • Bypassing digital advertisements suggests that quicker webpage loading time and a lot of pleasurable browsing expertise thanks to the removal of troubling ad formats. per a 2016 survey, ninety-one of customers appreciated that digital ads were a lot of intrusive than 2 years past, whereas eighty-one of them expressed that they need closed a browser or exited a webpage owing to pop-up ads.
  • offers Associate in Nursing increased protection of shopper information foremost thanks to the value-added security of Blockchain technology which is able to eliminate demographic and activity identification from being collected and used while not previous consent. As web users square measure able to rate every website per their expertise, this may cause the creation of a ranking of trust-worthy websites.
  • By implementing the resolution, the website operators can provide their guests with a cleaner version of their webpage. this may systematically enhance the browsing expertise since the main focus is on the website’s content and quality, with none disruption from intrusive ad formats.
  • Websites and guests can get pleasure from the very best security level since the spammy ads and malicious package distributed by dangerous actors square measure eliminated. parts

  • Browser extension which might be used for all major desktop and mobile browser.
  • Mobile applications can perform as a billfold, ad blocker, chase script blocker, antimalware.
  • Marketplace with a specially designed internal businessperson system.
  • Wallet which will be used on all major desktop and mobile browser.
  • Merchant modules/APIs which is able to enable merchants to receive payments victimization cryptocurrency globally. Use Cases

  • VISITORS-The web user UN agency is browsing the online for his own wants.
  • WEBMASTERS-The one UN agency owns an internet site and needs to legitimatize on the time spent by
  • his guests on the webpage by earning the ICE tokens.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE OPERATORS-The organization that maintains guardian, security rules, and token issue procedures.

Platform Tokens

Online Token (OIO)- the web tokens (OIO) square measure generated once and oversubscribed at the Token Generation Event and it'll be offered on exchanges when TGE. the aim of the OIO tokens is to bootstrap the event of the platform. it'll additionally perform as a symbol of the stake and generate ICE Tokens, two-hundredths of all generated ICE Tokens are distributed to OIO token holders UN agency keep their tokens on a special billfold.

ICE tokens- ICE tokens square measure strip-mined supported the time spent by finish users on websites connected to the scheme, it's unlimited, however, the issued quantity is reduced half-hour every year for ten years. when ten years, the quantity of ICE tokens generated per annum remains fastened. This token also will be tradeable on numerous exchanges.

Trust Token (TST)- The Trust token is unbroken within the non-public Blockchain, thanks to Gas prices and isn't publically offered. finish users can receive TST tokens for actions that enable the system to work out the standard of the websites they visit (voting, reviewing).




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