Terawatt LED - Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

Terawatt LED

Terawatt LED ICO desires to assist development lighting adoption diode (Light Emitting Diode) by making a decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which will be funded and used by major utility corporations and energy customers worldwide. the utilization of LEDs it has to get special attention in order that the gas emissions of the atmospheric phenomenon are reduced. as a result of within the year 2015 contributor to greenhouse emission emissions within the electricity sector of concerning 29% within the USA and another country a lot of exaggerated 4x more since the year 1990.

Terawatt aims to tackle different renewable sectors like star, Wind, electrical Vehicles once proof of idea is achieved with L.E.D.s and additionally Terawatt aims to assist place L.E.D.s all told business, industrial (street lights), government and residential buildings/facilities worldwide and expeditiously increase the shift from less economical Incandescent, Metal salt (MH), high metal (HPS), and Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) to 100 percent L.E.D. lighting (Light Emitting Diode).

Terawatt can produce a deflationary currency to vie with edict and digital alternatives like Bitcoin and therefore the Terawatt token also will be used as a currency like ETH at any business or utility company which will settle for it as a technique of payment for DAO members. With leverage blockchain technology to assist cut back international lighting electricity consumption by 50% (roughly 2000 Terawatts) by 2035, whereas additionally increasing light-weight output by 50 %.

The good thing about victimization L.E.D

  • illuminate straightaway, like the associate incandescent bulb
  • They keep cool to the bit even once use
  • Last up to 5 times longer than CFLs
  • No sensitivity to cold temperatures
  • don't contain mercury
  • Some models are used with a rheostat switch
  • accessible in soft, warm, and bright white hues

Our Mission

This is because of our continuous coin burning algorithmic program. Terawatt can mechanically use 50-75% of company profits attained from DAO entry/exit fees, profit taking fees (like associate exchange), time decay fees, carbon tax knowledge storage fees, carbon credits, and even from affiliate L.E.D. sales commissions to purchase and burn (LED) Tokens. this is often like the BNB token, however, they solely burn quarterly, we are going to burn 24/7.

Utilities and different businesses can need to just accept our tokens for payments as a result of our rate of deflation are far bigger than all edict currencies and most, if not all, cryptocurrencies/tokens whereas additionally being additional non-public and secure with zk-SNARKS and master nodes once accessible. moreover, the additional tokens they need to enter into the DAO fund, the additional pick power, profits, and staking rewards they will receive. this can any increase token worth because of the network result. (Metcalfe's Law).

The Feature LED Token Utility

  • LED Incentives

Terawatt Token can act as a rewards system for every L.E.D. bulb purchase that is verified by our patent-pending method. This is the associate incentive for users to get LEDs for home, businesses, or government use and verify them through our interface

  • Data Storage

LED purchase records are also firmly kept within the Terawatt scheme. this enables the buying entity to come back at tax time and have all of their diode and different Energy Star Rated Purchase records without delay accessible. The user pays a tiny low token fee to access the records once more.

  • Community primarily based Governance

Donated funds are also bolted into a pool, and therefore the international Terawatt community can vote/decide on what comes to get funded and the way abundant funding is going to be provided or assault the facet for these comes.

  • Master nodes

We aim to own Masternodes once the Ethereum Blockchain permits for it. Master nodes can facilitate to any security and decentralize the Terawatt network.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization Funding



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