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WONO could be a localized peer-to-peer platform for exchanging any property and services. they're giving services to rent & rent tangible & invisible assets that rely on Ethereum Blockchain and heavenly body filing system (IPFS). WONO is connecting world with the cryptocurrency community wherever it permits customers to use cryptocurrencies to rent assets and rent freelancers. they permit users to act directly with each other with none middlemen or negotiator.

Problem & Solution Wono

The main downside is that the ancient sharing service market having peer-to-peer economy issues like lack of trust issue, the worry of monopolies, higher middlemen charging fees, and taxable quantity is to be taken in currency conversions.
The solution wherever WONO returns up with their distinctive plan to change the peer-to-peer network with the assistance of Blockchain and IPFS system. they're giving convenient exchange between customers with lower group action prices with none middlemen intervention. WONO is exclusive from the normal sharing services by giving WONO tokens as a utility token with none taxable charges. Here, all tokens users can get earned by rental out assets with known limitations. So, this platform is essential for all the sharing services like transportation sharing, assets sharing and Services sharing as of freelancer work.

WONO setting

It permits any Dopp developer to implement their own business ideas below the WONO platform. victimization Blockchain technology, WONO giving resources for third-party start-ups and lets them improve their businesses. The 3 main parts of this setting are WONO Protocol, WONO API, and WONO purchasers.

  • WONO Protocol – it's a group of localized apps that help to implement the WONO business model. this is often a central purpose of the localized application that stores contract addresses, user’s storage which has their profile, Ethereum address, ratings and coding key. they're conjointly storing all the plus details.
  • WONO API – it's a caching service that speeds up the reading and dealing with the WONO Protocol. This remotes all the probabilities of changes created into the WONO Protocol. On the opposite facet, they conjointly supply a chance to log in with major social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • WONO consumer – it's each net and mobile application that is being designed to figure with WONO API and access keys to the WONO Protocol. this is often a mobile-friendly service that doesn't want any extra code to be put in.

Current issues

The current notable issues within the house that square measure crying out for modernization square measure the embassy structures, worth loss within the style of taxation and currency exchange, and also the inherent risks concerned in an exceedingly trust-based P2P platform.

High Commissions

Platform commissions of ancient existing solutions are often exorbitantly high, the maximum amount as a half-hour. Through their efficient token-based system, WONO square measure able to supply simply 1-5% commission that makes the system a lot of profitable for house owners and participants.

Taxation & currency exchange loss

Using current systems and ancient paper money, plus house owners associated freelancers square measure classed as enterprises and square measure answerable for taxes as an entrepreneur. WONO claim to own provided an answer as ‘ a token recipient doesn’t pay taxes since tokens square measure non-taxable digital assets’.

Further, utilizing one currency for earning and disbursal solves the problem of currency conversion fees; the WONO token structure permits parties in numerous countries to retain the money antecedently lost throughout currency conversion.

Lack of Trust & Inherent Risks

Unlike WONO that offers associate open, community-controlled system, centralized P2P platforms don't give clear ratings and reviews. Users even have no guarantee that the party concerned in their group action can really fulfill their role and complete the deal, within which case the user is stipendiary (and disappointed) when cancellation.
This is wherever WONO’s good contract system shines: WONO good contracts guarantee that the conditions of the group activities are going to be met, and within the case of a cancellation crowd insurance and crowd arbitrage systems give compensation to the user.




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