WPPENERGY ICO - Asset Backed Green Enegy Token

WPPENERGY ICO - World Power Production Energy Corporation, WPP energy relies on out of Geneva Switzerland. Having management over many advanced and innovative technology patents, WPP energy is lead by President Mr. Rafael Ben. With associate aim to make a more robust world the mission of WPP energy is to supply and supply completely clean and cheap energy through innovative technologies.

WPP ENERGY’s mission has remained consistent throughout the years which mission is to use Innovative and riotous Technologies to supply and supply the World’s Most cheap and economical 100% Clean Energy. within the world nowadays wherever most of the places have the high level of pollution especially within the cities, we tend to all wish some recent air. And during this world wherever the costs of electricity is turning into therefore high. Its a really nice plan if we will get different power resources.

WPP’s Infrastructure Chiefly Focuses on 3 Classes

Government Contracts

The existing WPP’s renewable energy contracts with varied governments around the world that are valued over $50B. They signed contracts with several countries around the world to supply inexperienced energy. These contracts embody Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) that is changing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into electricity and into by merchandise that is getting used for native markets.

WPP’s Energy 2 Digital Platforms

Global inexperienced Energy Platform

It is created to cut back the value of inexperienced energy globally victimization WPP platform, licenses, affiliates and third-party relationships. WPP can deploy this in this fall 2018 for capturing power production information from inexperienced Energy producers around the world. The inexperienced Energy Producers arable to participate within the platform to produce power at wholesale costs to those that are seeking clean power production at reduced costs from ancient costs.

This platform can modification the facility generation business for the good thing about shoppers and suppliers each because the WPP Platform can capture this offer via information transmission to the platform. information transmitted to the platform can embody the kind of energy created, the number of energy accessible, the value of the energy and its location.

WPP Exchange Platform

This will additionally deploy in this fall 2018 wherever they'll mix the varied Energy and Crypto Mining Cryptocurrencies at one marketplace of their Exchange Platform. This helps in increasing liquidity for all the participants within the platform by permitting them to trade varied currencies and energy with each other.

Disruptive inexperienced energy technology solutions

  • WPP energy mobile power plant: WPP encompasses an answer below development that may manufacture 1 to 2.5MW/h. This complete power plant needs solely a water line hook-up and might be delivered anyplace within the world.

WPP encompasses an answer below development that may convert polluting power producers into economical low-value inexperienced energy producers. WPP business arrange includes changing to scrub HHO energy as several as attainable of the world’s 20,000+ polluting Coal, Oil, fossil fuel and fuel Power Plants. WPP encompasses a total answer to scrub up this business, greatly reducing operative prices and increasing power station potency, whereas considerably reducing the prices of energy production.

WPP encompasses an answer below development that may offer a whole power offer that may generally pay money for itself in below 2 years, Adopters of this technology can, therefore, be freed from power bills during a short amount of your time and can not like their utility company’s energy.

Whom it'll facilitate?

WPP ENERGY can deploy the foremost powerful advanced technologies globally aiding second and assemblage countries to possess new opportunities to handle their hefty housing and energy issues. WPP is taking a significant step by causative a share of overall WPPCOIN profits to facilitate a rise in power production as a Humanitarian Aid to countries with the best desires, particularly those in Africa. Our government contracts business is ever increasing and can embody coming announcements in many areas as well as new Waste to Energy Power Plants, inexperienced Villages, sensible Cities and Greenhouse Towers.

Global inexperienced energy platform

It will be deployed in late Q4 2018 to capture power production information from inexperienced Energy producers around the world. The inexperienced Energy Producers collaborating within the platform arable to offer power at wholesale costs to those establishments and personal shoppers seeking clean power production around the world at reduced costs from ancient costs. WPP’s own international power production information will be streamed into the platform.

WPP ENERGY’S inexperienced Energy Platform is being created to cut back the value of inexperienced energy globally, initially, through the utilization of WPP’s technologies, partnerships, licenses, affiliates and third-party relationships. (See Energy provider Schematic).

WPP Exchange Platform

The WPP exchange platform could be a presentation to be free cryptocurrency exchange with attention on the crypto-to-crypto commerce of energy and crypto mining cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. this may end in raised liquidity for all collaborating cryptocurrencies by permitting the varied currencies to trade against each other. a minimum of 20 totally different energy connected cryptocurrencies is going to be tradable within the platform.

Token distribution & Details

WPP can have 5 billion tokens as a complete offer, there'll be 3 sales for the tokens. a personal sale, a Pre ITO sale associated an ITO crowdsale. The tokens are going to be distributed consequently. Of the 5 billion tokens 50% of the tokens are going to be used for the sales whereas 20% are going to be used for the founders, management and also the operations. The WPP reserve is going to be of 5%. The analysis and development team are going to be unbroken 5% of the tokens. The cryptocurrency rebate program can get 10% of the tokens for the rewards. For promoting purpose which can embody referral, bounty, rewards, and community growth, WPP energy is reserving 10% of the tokens.







Wallet ERC20 : 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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