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AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO

The Main Problem

AutoBay ICO rating
AutoBay ICO - When shopping for a replacement vehicle nearly everybody at one purpose should bring order currency in money, either from or to the bank or from their home to a dealer that involves a disagreeable and insecure method.

When shopping for used cars, we have a tendency to notice that the whole business relies on money sales policies alone, making bigger uncertainty throughout the method. what is more, once shopping for used cars from personal sellers, individuals are forced to jaunt unknown locations, wherever unknown sellers claim to have the cars they need and build money transactions in terribly uncomfortable things.

Risks like losing cash, being robbed, payments with pretend records and lost time ar a part of the chance concerned in money payments. Over the past one hundred years, the method of buying vehicles has been a similar half and is obsolete and unsafe. process.

Solutions from AutoBay ICO Project

AutoBay could be a proprietary e-commerce platform that permits users to market their vehicles thus everybody will read them online, facultative users from around the world to shop for a vehicle mistreatment cryptocurrency as a payment methodology.

AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO Project

AutoBay allows you to purchase, sell, and auction new and used cars from personal vendors and dealers from around the world within the largest neighborhood of e-commerce Blockchain. you may be able to pay with cryptocurrency for your required automotive with a coffee dealings rate and with a free money payment method security.

AutoBay can permit user reviews to make perfect surroundings for safe and secure transactions to occur, permitting patrons to urge reviews concerning sellers and dealers. Sellers on the opposite hand can increase their sales through a backend platform that may permit them, among different tools, to look at stats on each vehicle denote and a listing of interested potential patrons.

AutoBay is that the initial e-commerce platform supported Ethereum Blockchain that permits users to sell, buy, and auction vehicles mistreatment cryptocurrency as a way of payment. per annum quite 80,000,000 new cars ar sold-out worldwide and solely within the United States quite one 100,000 used cars are sold-out each day, through associate degree obsolete money-dependent method.

AutoBay vision is to make real worth for cryptocurrency that permits them to act as a monetary quality to shop for the product (vehicles during this case) whereas determination everyday issues of the automotive business, making a far safer, less complicated and safer method to shop for vehicles.
AutoBay main goal is to make legitimacy into the cryptocurrency market by facultative the employment of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Autobay Tokens (ABX) as monetary assets to accumulate product (cars, trucks, and motorcycles).

AutoBay creates a far less complicated and safer expertise once shopping for a vehicle, permitting individuals to shop for an automotive with simply three straightforward and safe steps.

AutoBay ICO

The First Step

The person should notice the automotive they need, employing a filter that shortens their explore for a complete, model, year, mileage, value varies and site, (radius at intervals km).

Step Two

When somebody finds the automotive they need, either new or used, they merely click the button that seems within the publication that claims I am interested, which suggests that they're willing to go to the situation wherever the vehicle is found, to assess the automotive. By pressing the button I'm interested, each party, the seller, and therefore the purchaser every receives their own profile data.

Third Step

And most significantly, once individuals comply with purchase a vehicle, there is no would like for money payments, the sole issue a purchaser ought to do is open a decentralised Autobay app on their mobile device, move to the "I'm interested" menu, wherever a listing of all cars curious about patrons, he then searches for a post on a specific automotive he needs to shop for, and thru a case embedded in Dapp, he will build a complicated deposit or full payment, choose the cryptocurrency he needs to play with and by pressing the "Buy" button he creates good accept Ethereum Blockchain that pays the automotive.

Procedures of the AutoBay Project.


AutoBay Dapp and websites permit you to go looking for the automotive you wish, add filters to customize your search i.e. for brands, models, year, mileage and distance thus you'll customize to search out automotive, motorbike or truck results at intervals a twenty-mile radius.


Once you discover the automotive you are curious about, by clicking "I'm interested" you get the merchandiser's address and therefore the profile and therefore the seller get your profile data, thus he is aware of ahead UN agency can visit the automotive. Sharing this clear data helps either side in deciding and organization. notably, dealers are able to value the demand of every vehicle.

Cashless Payment

Once you see the automotive and you opt to shop for it, wouldn't like cash! AutoBay allows you to give advanced payments or pay directly with AutoBay Token (ABX), Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) while not the requirement for the money payment, creating AutoBay the best and safest thanks to purchasing an automotive.

Benefits AutoBay ICO

  • The seller can have a bigger audience to point out of his vehicle.
  • Buyers can have a bigger vehicle show over native or regional Auctions.
  • Buyers are able to build payments through cryptocurrency at a really low price.
  • Buyers are able to purchase cryptocurrency before Pre-Sales - General Sale AutoBay tokens at a reduced value to buy a later vehicle at a better value.

AutoBay ICO

Why AutoBay ICO

  • Safe Payments
Safe & Secure Payment between parties.

  • Low Cost
Safe & Secure Payment between parties. Low price with ABX, BTC, and ETH.

  • Weakness
Tokens are used as payments for the acquisition of vehicles and automotive listings on our commercialism platform.

  • Gift
Promotions, discounts, and rewards are given to users UN agency pay with ABX through different cryptocurrencies.

  • User Verification
Verify users via social media, mobile numbers.

  • Better expertise for all Users

Stress-free as a result of it doesn't need money payment, straightforward and easy transactions.

  • User Reviews
Users are reviewed to form the community higher and fairer.

  • Do not dealings
Blockchain ensures a solidly written account for each dealings detail.

AutoBay ICO Token

Detail: AutoBay ICO Token
Token ABX
Price 1 ABX= 0.0001 ETH
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 24,000,000 USD
Country Argentina
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China
AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO Team

AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO Partners

AutoBay ICO

AutoBay ICO Roadmap

AutoBay ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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