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Bitdepositary ICO

Bitdepositary ICO

Bitdepositary ICO ratingBitdepositary ICO - Bitdepositary can act as an intermediator and payment platform for giant community investors and project managers. Bitdepositary can create ICO investments safer with integrated payment solutions. Bitdepositary is managed by intimate with TeamBit and specialists in their several fields. TeamBit can provide protection against pull thieving, fraud and investment selections on the ICO so you're right in selecting the ICO you would like to take a position.

Bitdepositary ICO Works

When Associate in Nursing ICO project is submitted, the Bitdepositary and its specialists check the project and validates it. After this, the ICO project is then handed to tax consultants and lawyers to additional verify it. If the project is rejected, the explanation is going to be clearly mentioned so alternative users will read it. once self-made verification the ICO is revealed.

The community users and alternative users vote for this ICO. If the votes area unit on top of fifty fifths then the ICO are going to be initiated at intervals eight weeks. however if the votes area unit below fifty-fifth, the project is discontinued.

Bitdepositary ICO Solution

Bitdepositary provides solutions that may assist you as Associate in Nursing capitalist to be safer in finance in ICOs that area unit really real and might be profitable for you.

Fraud / SCAM Protection

You may guarantee for cover from dishonest  ICO or SCAM. Bitdepositary can keep at bay victimization the verification method of tax consultants, lawyers, specialists and therefore the community of users United Nations agency be part of Bitdepositary. every project head should verify and additionally the opposite team victimization the KYC protocol.

Overcoming Token Theft

The chance of thieving of tokens is going to be overcome by Bitdepositary by employing a high level of security and user account configuration, to avoid imitation of the identity et al.

Preventing the Incorrect Decision Method

You may be helped by TimBit to induce the right call on the ICO you would like to take a position. Users are going to be motor-assisted within the investment call method by gap a legal system for trustworthy and safe ICOs.

Bitdepositary ICO

Bitdepositary ICO Features

Bitdepositary has the most options that offer you the protection and easy finance in ico.


Bitdepositary provides e-Payment services to users United Nations agency created it doable to create payments or save their cash in several currencies on the Bitdepositary platform. you'll manage crypto and act currencies on the Bitdepositary platform, and users will use or store BDT tokens to create investments and payments on the Bitdepositary platform and might exchange them with alternative currencies.

Smart Contract

Bitdepositary uses good contracts that may modify the community to spot the simplest ICO project supported the expertise and ICO investment portfolio. The commander will apply ballot on the ICO project victimization the Bitdepositary platform through intelligence.

Protection Algorithm

Bitdepositary may be a Blockchain platform that uses the "salesforce" protection formula that may give security to take a position and supply information regarding the ICO so investors are going to be a lot of confidence and avoid fraud.

Bitdepositary ICO

The Voting System

Bitdepositary applies a legal system to the ICO project to supply security for investors. each company or project that's voted can give a degree for users or supporters, with the project conditions already reaching the softcap target. they're going to receive tokens on to Bitdepositary swallow, a lot of you get points, a lot of tokens you get.

Bitdepositary Token

Bitdepositary is that the 1st ICO funding platform that uses digital wallets that may give security for its users. Users will create transactions by exchanging cryptocurrencies with act currencies. Bitdepositary can begin with crypto sets like Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, and Zcash.

Bitdepositary or BDT tokens can give many edges and convenience for users, the anatomy is:
  • Can embrace multi-wallets and tokens from self-made ICOs.
  • Payment solutions that are integrated with the MasterCard.
  • Users will create selections to take a position employing a sort of currencies.
  • The investment method is done directly victimization the Bitdepositary billfold.
  • Based on sales forces.
  • The fee or fee applied is one.2% with money withdrawals up to 10,000 Eur / day.

Bitdepositary ICO Token

Detail: Bitdepositary ICO Token
Token BDT
Price 1 BDT = 0.05 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap 50,000,000 USD
Country Malta
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba
Bitdepositary ICO

Bitdepositary ICO Team

Bitdepositary ICO

Bitdepositary ICO

Bitdepositary ICO Roadmap

Bitdepositary ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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