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BlackBox ICO - We have a tendency to area unit peer-to-peer localized currency that empowers its holders and may be integrated into your e-commerce business to simply accept bourgeois payments for product and services. What sets the United States of America with the exception of alternative hybrid staking and loaning platforms? BlackBox uses a sophisticated computing commerce larva power-driven by Syndicator to get our daily interest payout to customers UN agency stake or lend on the BlackBox platform. Let BlackBox work for your cash, thus you do not have to be compelled to.

Why BlackBox

When in-depth research of pre-existing platforms within the area, our team at BlackBox has set some formidable goals. we have a tendency to aim to be the foremost wide trustworthy, longest term, and clear hybrid staking and loaning platform ever created with the best level of trust potential. alternative platforms have created claims to implementation of associate degree actual commerce larva with none substantial proof. Our team has integrated a sophisticated commerce larva that utilizes syndicator market information on our open sourced platform so there's invariably complete transparency.

Our Mission

The mission of the BlackBox’s hybrid staking and loaning platform is to help people with receiving top quality cryptocurrency services. The actions of all competitive platforms within the current market contradict this easy and apprehensible goal and during this case, BlackBox acts as their antagonist.

Other platforms area unit seeking to provide you services with no transparency of practicality. during this current state, it's a matter of your time till their functions displease all their users. BlackBox can offer associate degree open infrastructure for several market participants UN agency are going to be able to mine, invest, stake and trade.

We area unit assured that this fashion is more practical, and thus, it'll persuade be future and effectively property.

 because the founders of BlackBox, we have a tendency to area unit effort to make a platform which will effectively oppose any tries of subpar staking and loan services. we have a tendency to area unit assured investors can profit with a byproduct of this goal.

How Can This Work

Based on the principles of separate management from totally different countries. every member of the blockchain is going to be able to participate in it and to contribute. All this may be completed through the Proof of import protocol, every participant of the platform are going to be able to profit up to 80% of the projected profit. The balance of funds is going to be transferred to a standard fund and be wont to cowl prices for sales, licensing, reviews, lawyers, etc. The profit is going to be offered within the BBOS tokens, that we'll mention any.

Incentivize Behavior

Incentivize behavior is obtainable by the whole token house owners and choices, governance and therefore the feedback is driven by the agreement.

Trade Engine

The BBOS token is associate degree atomic piece that facilitates exchange indoor the system leading to the creating of the transactional economy among plans, contributions, and token house owners.

Liquid Democracy

Each token owner has the whole right to provide feedback on issues that impact them.

The BLACKBOX OS Protocol

Standardizing the declaration of labor procedure

The DVP protocol isn't influenced by the socioeconomic reasons leading to a network that’s freed from charges, politics and another typical structure bloat. The BLACKBOX protocol disincentives malicious actions and prizes those permitting the standard smart. By marrying this with POV protocol, they provide agreement alignment and contract on any work to create certain applicable compensation, and therefore the payment system that eliminates trade prices and expedites payment. this primary sub, modules can leverage DVP suggestion protocol for dead estimating and compensating participants for the important, unbiased value they add.

A New Technique to Live the Worth


The Block technology provides the United States of America with immutableness and perfection because of the basis of allotted ledger techs. Via a mix of on and off-chain space for storing, they earn the benefits of decentralization.


Suggestions area unit voted within the BLACKBOX platform and wish agreement to be auctioned. Not simply will inner members and external token house owners, see the suggestion, they’re capable to feature feedback and have sound in what's auctioned.

Clear Expectations

compensations area unit set at the amount of suggestion. With clear, quantitative milestone and skilled Conesus, we have a tendency to see this can be a large profit over the traditional approach to arranging and therefore the task management.

BBOS Focusses on 5 Factors

  • Governance

Contour agreement thus all levels of staff have a say in project development.

  • Compensation

Truthful compensation for worth delivered resulting in higher engagement.

  • Identity

BBOS drives recommendations compensates befittingly and provides smart estimates.

  • Management

Quantify info and improve feedback mechanism so as to realize goals.
Security - Resilience to malicious behavior thanks to each internal and external factors.


Built on the Ethereum platform with good contracts for governance, it additionally uses IPFS for distributed file storage. This harnesses the ability of the blockchain and focusses on potency and performance.
IPFS acts as a backend that stores assets through a group of hosted nodes. IBPS is employed as a result of it’s decentralized, unsymmetrically encrypted and straightforward to implement.

Data Storage Layer

The Hub and storage model is employed with search requests passed to every node and a result came back on matching. Authority results contain credible and relevant info with hubs being pages that hold links to those authorities. With the rise within the size of the network, total prices increase that area unit managed by one more apply-on fee.

Computation Layer

BBOS model depends on having the ability to retrieve result and proof however additionally having the ability to verify this with procedure power considerably but needed to seek out the result.


Once a threshold for dealings volume is crossed transactions area unit divided into blocks to ease computations and guarantee stability.


Contributions that add worth area unit rewarded with name points that incentivize users to perform higher and have interaction with the community by finishing tasks.

BBOS Protocol

Application Layer - projected templet - worth Points - option - Statement of labor - Project Management - Proof of import - Token Distribution

This is supported by the principles of AI teaching AI, worth creation, quality review, full automation, agreement, and liquidity


Module Marketplace

This the place wherever all modules within the BBOS area unit offered to collectives within the system. With additional strong governance, this becomes a decentralized market wherever modules area unit offered a~ la menu and area unit simply integrated. Contributors area unit contributed fairly through licensing.

Proposal Module was the primary module engineered. It works in an easy cyclic manner. The shopper sends out a proposal that is subject to knowledgeable verification. when getting an agreement from consultants, the proposal is approved and matched with the team and execution. the subsequent step is that the Deliverables and therefore the payout back to the shopper.

  • Skills area unit outlined as a power to perform a general task within the BBOS network.
  • All holders will submit a proposal however external factors need an exact fee.
  • Voting is thru liquid governance with the community option on rewards.
  • Reviews area unit performed by consultants UN agency area unit incentivized for his or her skills and services.



The proposal needs the option for approval by internal and external holders UN agency will read proposals and supply feedback in addition.


The blockchain’s distributed ledger and decentralized storage yield correct and changeless information.

Clear Expectations

Since all details area unit set through agreement, there may be no disappointments or variation in expected results or rewards.

AI Module

Battle-hardened methodologies, AI services and light-weight parts that lead to wins for all. straightforward to feature, build and take away modules and services within the system.

HR Module

This model is made through experiences obtained by operating with a decentralized team of staff and purchasers across the planet. It automates onboarding and offboarding and eases personnel management.

Discovery Module

Naples discovery and match-making between collectives and proposals by promoting ability. This ensures that cross organization operating becomes resistance.


Phishing - Social engineering and arise within the manipulation of details.
51% Attack - this can be once a majority of the coaching pool confirms a false dealing, results of centralization. this could be prevented through token allocation.
Endpoint Vulnerabilities - Errors at endpoints wherever users and blockchain meet. Countered through measurability.
Public and personal keys - information isn't accessible while not keys however if they make up wrong hands information is prone to corruption. handled exploitation anti-viruses.
Vendor risks - Dependencies cause errors and risks however this could be countered through a strict vetting method.


Detail: Blackbox
Token BBOS
Price 1 BBOS = 0.16 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 1 ETH
Hard cap 10.000.000 USD
Country Hong Kong
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China



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