CoTrader ICO - Blockchain Decentralized Funds Marketplace for Crypto & ICOs

CoTrader ICO - Blockchain Decentralized Funds Marketplace for Crypto & ICOs

CoTrader ICO

CoTrader ICO - Blockchain Decentralized Funds Marketplace for Crypto & ICOsCoTrader ICO - CoTrader could be an absolutely decentralized platform that permits users to take a position in and manage funds blockchain. This platform provides sensible funds that area unit managed by fund managers UN agency trade the fund assets on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Through their DEX exchange tokenization scheme they're providing complete transparency in fund investments beneath the blockchain technology. they're additionally providing liquidity, plus management, security, privacy and established ROI.

On providing self-made fund managing by fund managers, they get some % of profits what they created for his or her investors. Investors have that management on their cash wherever they permit to deposit and withdraw from funds anytime.

After all with the standard earnings, it's problematic to try to. Some individuals keep deposits in banks beneath scanty interest, others area unit searching for ways to earn additional. currently there area unit some ways to extend revenues, and the majority area unit associated with investment activities. somebody buys shares of firms, varied assets. those that keep up with the days get the cryptocurrency and invest within the ICO. There area unit ways of earning related to high risk: these area unit pyramid schemes, varied lotteries, matrices for those that have "tongue-tied" language.

CoTrader ICO Problem & Solution

The main drawback is that investment in cryptos and ICOs are often terribly difficult and time overwhelming. Most of the time investors lacking in time to try to analysis properly like wherever to take a position, that ICO is that the best one as a result of there area unit 1000s of cryptos and in progress ICOs comes that swamped the investors.

CoTrader solves this drawback of complexness by providing fund managers to manage capitalist funds. This platform supports non-tokenized assets by tokenizing entire exchanges at a time that support stocks, cryptos, ICOs and ICOs pre-sale on providing transparency, security and established ROI beneath the blockchain. Features

CoTrader ICO Features

  • Smart Funds

It's a core a part of this CoTrader platform. this {can be} Associate in Nursing investment platform wherever users can invest by depositing COT token into the fund. sensible Fund is Associate in Nursing Ethereum based mostly sensible contract system wherever fund managers, investors, and shares that may be listed. Investors UN agency invests in the fund is awarded some range of shares from his total possession of the fund. A platform wherever fund manager will trade the assets invested with into the fund that makes the profit for each – fund manager and investors.

  • Cryptographic Dealer Privacy

CoTrader is providing trade security for fund managers wherever fund managers will hide their ways in an exceedingly short-term and show it later. If they reveal their ways earlier to the general public, they will get bother commanding vital success-fees for public data. Their ways area unit getting used by others that’s why they have to hide their ways.

  • Automatic Tokenization for any mercantilism Platform

During this, the investors will trade non-crypto assets by victimization CoTrader master account. The master account area unit holding stocks, choices and any tradable records beneath the sensible contract based mostly sensible written agreement system.

Many of us raise themselves, however, wherever is it higher to take a position money? For this purpose, assets are devised, wherever individuals trust their cash to skilled investors. however, what will this lead to? currently, this sphere is extremely opaque, there's plenty of deception. very often Associate in Nursing investment fund disguises a monetary pyramid.

With a freelance investment, there are sure risks. as an example, investment in ICO is additionally related to high risk, nobody offers a guarantee within the dependableness of the corporation that conducts such a corporation. Cryptocurrency and shares area unit subject to volatility (especially the crypt) and there's a danger of depreciation of each the primary and second.
In 2017, the project of a replacement investment fund for the primary time was conferred by a team of crypto-investors. The project is termed CoTrader.

CoTrader SuperDEX Infrastructure

Funds are going to be listed here on decentralized exchanges (DEX). This platform consists of SuperDEX Infrastructure which is able to integrate several DEXs to supply the liquidity to the investors. presently the platform is about to integrate Bancor, Kyber, and 0x exchanges.

CoTrader Master Account

The investors may trade non-crypto assets by victimization CoTrader master account. The funds ought to be deposited within the sensible contract by the capitalist. These funds are going to be a command in smart-escrow. Traders are going to be ready to create trades which is able to alter to hold out transactions in any currency.
CoTrader ICO - Blockchain Decentralized Funds Marketplace for Crypto & ICOs

Cryptographic Trader Privacy

This feature can alter the fund managers to cover their mercantilism ways so they'll earn additional incentives for themselves as compared to different fund managers. If privacy isn't provided for his or her ways, then it is often employed by different fund managers so reducing the inducement fee.

CoTrader ICO Benefit

The platform's style advances the interests of each set of stakeholders. Fund managers are going to be ready to keep the secrets of their success to themselves whereas still proving their general ability and trustiness through an artless use of sensible contracts. Investors are going to be protected by CoTrader's vetting of all supported exchanges and by their own ability to simply invest and withdraw cash. this mixture of trust and convenience ought to cause a fine addition to mercantilism, delivering reliable profits to everybody concerned. CoTrader's planned enlargement to different assets and sorts of mercantilism ought to offer its participants with much-needed flexibility and liquidity.

CoTrader ICO Token

Detail: CoTrader ICO Token
Token COT
Price 1 COT = 0.001 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
Country Cayman Islands
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, Israel
CoTrader ICO - Blockchain Decentralized Funds Marketplace for Crypto & ICOs

CoTrader ICO Team

CoTrader ICO - Blockchain Decentralized Funds Marketplace for Crypto & ICOs

CoTrader ICO Roadmap

CoTrader ICO - Blockchain Decentralized Funds Marketplace for Crypto & ICOs

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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