Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) - the World’s First Distributed Banking Public Blockchain

Distributed Credit Chain (DCC)

Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) is that the world’s first distributed banking public blockchain with a goal to see a decentralized theme for financial service suppliers around the world. By empowering credit with blockchain technology and returning possession of data to individuals, DCC’s mission is to transform utterly totally different financial eventualities and see true comprehensive finance.

Conceptually, a Digital Bank, through truthful financial service, will aim to interrupt the monopoly of ancient financial institutions and to come back earnings from financial services to any or all or any suppliers and users involved in such services so as that each participant United Nations agency has contributed to the growth of the theme is additionally incentivized. Digital Banking will ultimately be the best thanks to extremely attain the associate comprehensive system of finance.

Through decentralized thinking, Digital Banking area unit able to change the cooperation model in ancient financial services, building a spanking new peer-to-peer and all-communications model of cooperation across all regions, sectors, subjects, and accounts. as a result of it pertains to business, Digital Banking will completely retread ancient banking's debt, asset, and negotiator business structure. it will replace liability business with distributed wealth management, and substitute distributed credit and claims registration (for quality business) and distributed quality dealings (for intermediate business). The tree-like management structure of the quality bank will thus evolve into the flat structure of a decentralized bank, establishing distributed standards for various businesses and up overall business efficiency.

About DCC

User Account Identification System

In DCC, each individual or institution has one DCCID generated through Public-Private Key try and produce the associated address. This address acts a small amount sort of a member ID terribly} very ancient internet system, identifying and associating varied real-world attributes (such as real-name authentication, bank cards command, kind of properties owned) and information on the credit chain a loan request, loan, repayment, etc . DCCID might be a decentralised account system, and its generation does not depend upon someone DCC node. Any person, organization, or company can generate this DCCID offline. given that there is data desperate to be associated to DCC can data lay eyes on on on the DCC theme. DCC uses digital signature technology at every step of data exchange to entirely guarantee the non-repudiation of individual-chain or institution-chain interaction of data.

DCC will provide associate open offer personal credit info management framework-DCDMF (Distributed Credit info Management Framework) that are supported by a particular cloud storage provider, and developers, unit able to quickly create users’ personal credit news info victimization DCDMF supported their APP development desires. Users having a DCCID can exchange info in several APPs that use DCDMF by commerce their case addresses.

Non-Cooperative Game Between Participants

DCC uses the blockchain to expand the initial interlinked credit theme relationship consisting of the various centralized systems into a flat credit theme throughout that the blockchain smart contracts operate the shared medium and each one participant's unit be treated equitably. The openness of the DCC theme permits each participant to induce along on associate freelance and equal basis additional cooperation between previous lenders and borrowers will not depend upon the initial relationship, and decisions created by any participant within the theme area unit entirely freelance of other ones, thus creating extremely non-cooperative gambling surroundings. Such freelance bilateral cooperative model will greatly decrease the standard of system interconnection. it's easier for system technology service suppliers to customize the modules of credit services and provide the credit customary system which is able to be deployed rapidly.

Digital Quality Disposal

At present, in digital quality disposal, the shortage of effective personal credit data association between the earth of data assets and thus the traditional world ends up in no accumulation of historical credit. And there jointly lacks effective suggests that to avoid risk before, throughout and once loan method. DCC distributed credit news system can facilitate the blockchain-based credit disposal platform open up credit news links, conduct pre-credit risk management, manage performance throughout loan, and foster the enlargement of the digital quality disposal market. Imagine that people with utterly totally different digital assets could pledge their digital assets through the loan chain and acquire thought digital assets (ETH, BTC, etc.) from utterly totally different individuals for reinvestment through credit news info and credit records. Such loan market would manufacture a great deal of liquidity for digital quality dealings markets and provide a lot of financial derivatives.


DCC might be a decentralized  open credit platform. Any platform with traffic and eventualities can submit its own Dapp applications to DCC, as long as these submissions unit supported Distributed Credit Chain standards. in the early stages, to create positive the health and stability of the theme, the inspiration would review Dapp unleash applications. The Cyber Sheng Foundation encourages the utterly totally different state of affairs platforms to enter the DCC theme to provide consumption eventualities of internet finance through Distributed Credit Chain system.

Centralized Credit Service

  • Worth – the full participant need to got to face spare costs.
  • Efficiency – because of lack of data concerning them, however, the system works, borrowers would really like some assistant. With of those intermediates, the strategy does not run smoothly.
  • Burrower’s interest – Burrowers hardly perceive their right. Most of the time intermediate to influence the credit market

How Decentralized Blockchain Can Facilitate

  • Monopoly is over - among the decentralized system, the recipient can choose their somebody among varied competitors.
  • Privacy protection – blockchain can store terribly} very safer suggests that. the only real recipient gets info which they'll either keep or discard info.
  • Info monopolies area unit eliminated – the user can own and manipulate own info whereas not third-party involvement.

DCC identification system

DCC will manufacture DCCID once someone registered among the system. This ID will contain users’ personal info like their name, bank name and etc.

Application of Distributed Credit chain network

  • Loan registration
  • Loan consumptions
  • Blockchain credit cards
  • Token loan service

Advantages of the DCC theme

  • Zero info monopoly
  • Temper proof identity system
  • Economical
  • Low cost
  • Cross-entity

Advantages of Distributed Credit Chain

  • The new platform will significantly have a sway on the banking sector and violate monopolies, attracting Associate in Nursing outsized kind of personal purchasers and start-up entrepreneurs.
  • Blockchain technology does not limit creditors on a scale. shopper communication area unit on the market around the world.
  • Ability to register a loan on the online can avoid dalliance aggregation documents and receive a response.
  • Transparent structure of the technology blockchain provides open access to data.
  • For larger corporations, DCC Finance creates new standards, which can have a sway on the efficiency of the financial sector.





Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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