Dominium ICO - Future of Property in Blockchain

Dominium ICO - Future of Property in Blockchain

Dominium ICO

Dominium ICO - Future of Property in BlockchainDominium ICO - Dominium may be a localized, regulated, money platform for property management, a tool for rising services for existing and future customers mistreatment third generation block technology to modernize one in all the foremost noted, however obsolete industries within the world.

Dominium is being developed by a gaggle of realty professionals with trade expertise since 1833. Dominium has run a property portfolio. Dominium has seen technology from blockchain since 2012 and has funded its own initial development of their platform. Dominium commits capital experience and dominium property with realty transfers price many million euros from the company's founders to Dominium. And Dominium is additionally being developed by trade professionals to boost service tools to their existing shoppers within the future, once characteristic weaknesses in their own markets. By mistreatment power from the third generation Blockchain is to modernize one in all the established trade within the world.

Dominium is a world platform, that standardizes restrictive documentation for the finance of property, and assets square measure placed on the blockchain at the side of sales, rentals and property management.

Dominium platform is constructed on the subsidiary Chain Ardor, that successively came from a tried Nxt blockbuster.

Dominium decentralizes change assets and places lease contracts, purchase and sale agreements, property management and for a lot of on the blockbuster. this permits firms to form restrictive assets that may be nonheritable by Dominium account holders. Since assets square measure created on the block, they will, of course, be 100 percent clear and liquid.


The world realty market is calculable at 217 trillion bucks, however, it's out-of-date technology, is subject to advanced regulation and is prescribed by the centralization of powers.

Dominium ICO Platform Solution

With the assistance of placement of property finance, listings and property management on the block, yet because the provision of a bilingual platform with standardized restrictive documentation, the market becomes out there to several nations, folks with completely different levels of financial gain and for listing agents.

Dominium ICO Works

The Dominium Platform is constructed on the Ardor kid chain that evolved from tested Nxt blockchain. Domain's kid chains alter quality commercialism and rental agreements, purchase agreements, property management duties, and a lot of from blockchain. Dominium obtains the mandatory restrictive license to permit normal legal templates for funding the property to be created. Given this, it permits the corporate to form assets in accordance with the foundations, which may be purchased by holders of Dominium accounts. Why? as a result of the assets square measure created in blockchain and within the blockchain, of course, are a trillion clear and positively are liquid. additionally, Dominium is borne by the property quality portfolio that generates revenue and ensures the event and maintenance of the platform within the future.

The current drawback is that the world's $ 217 trillion realty market, however, has the traditional technology, subject to terribly advanced rules and is prescribed by the centralization of authority, agents, and money establishments. Language and money constraints will have an effect on the market, creating it a profitable however usually inaccessible or usually problematic area. And with the Dominium platform has placed property finance, listing, and property management on blockchain and by providing platforms with several languages with normal documentation in accordance with the laws, the market is open for varied nationalities, affordability, and record-keeping agents. money realty, management, and trade square measure therefore expedited and can be simplified by Dominium.

The purpose of a Dominium or DOM token is to purchase all transactions on the Dominium platform. this can create property-related transactions reasonable, manageable, and receptive all folks. dealings fees on the Dominium platform are charged in euros, however, can solely be paid with the DOM token. Incoming, however unlimited, transactions register property, create assets, trade assets, vote for charity and register sales and lease agreements.

Dominium ICO Platform Distinctive

Dominium has some key options that set it apart within the property investment market.

Rich History

No alternative project within the international realty investment sector boasts the sort of history and skill of the Dominium project.

The two origination companies- Munte Immobilien and also the liquid ecstasy Property Group- have centuries of trade expertise and experience to flaunt during this regard. Munte Immobilien alone has been within the business since 1833 and liquid ecstasy Property is a world property syndicate with decades of expertise within the rental flat subsector.


The industry-disrupting blockchain technology confers components of decentralization, measurability, transparency, liquidity, world access, and smart-contract options on the Dominium project.

The parent Ardor blockchain is adopted for the Dominium kid Chain for cost-efficiency and easy dealings.

As an organization, you will be able to supply your holdings to countless interested patrons and investors.

As Associate in Nursing capitalist too, you will see however your funds grow over time. All drained real time. No agent can hide something from anybody.

Lowered  Entry Levels

Unlike in ancient property markets, Dominium provides entry to all or any levels of participants. you'll be able to invest as very little or the maximum amount as you have got within the ICO and you are smart to travel.

International Normal Template

Dominium additionally offers an even model within the international realty market. This normal model can be tailored to every country's laws and needs. quality creation, listing, and management processes square measure, therefore, simplified.


The Dominium introduces a novel token referred to as DOM for all transactions on the platform. it is a smart-contract primarily based token to reward activities on the platform.

Dominium ICO Token

Detail: Dominium ICO Token
Token DOM
Price 1 DOM = 0.5 EUR
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ardor
Hard cap 92,500,000 EUR
Country Netherlands
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas -
Dominium ICO - Future of Property in Blockchain

Dominium ICO - Future of Property in Blockchain

Dominium ICO Team

Dominium ICO - Future of Property in Blockchain

Dominium ICO Partners

Dominium ICO - Future of Property in Blockchain

Dominium ICO Roadmap

Dominium ICO - Future of Property in Blockchain

Dominium ICO - Future of Property in Blockchain

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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