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Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

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Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space ICO

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest MarketplaceGem4me Market Space GMC ICO - Gem4me Market Space is that the initial international universal platform for commerce merchandise and services. Gem4me Market Space is developed on the newest technological basis and includes the advanced technologies as chatbots, the blockchain, FINTECH and computer science.
The Gem4me Market Space scheme may be a decentralized blockchain protocol that the companies of all sizes will use to achieve their potential customers additional with efficiency, internationally and with very little friction, lease client audiences of all types and sizes of opting for reliable merchandise and vendors. this can be the thanks to attending purchase a marketplace.

Vision and Mission Gem4me Market Space. 

make Gem4me Market Space the foremost large-scale and convenient mobile app for quick sales and safe purchases. the utilization of recent technologies permits you to form a convenient and secure platform Gem4me Market Space, that has simple blessings for purchasers.
At the top of April, a beta version of the chatbot Market Space was free, with that users will simply produce their own stores.
Currently, the larva is being tested and therefore the platform is being stuffed with stores.

Gem4me Market Space Features

  • The platform is already developed as a traveler, however, can evolve into a marketplace whereas maintaining this functions of instant electronic communication. 
  • Produce and run a store of any size to supply product and services with a constitutional chat. 
  • Integrates crypto-finances services to buy, trade and build businesses simply and across borders. 
  • A sensible pocketbook for crypto and act currencies, the which can facilitate users to pay and interact quickly intervening, safely and simply 
  • Good chatbots to modify operations and change buying customers and retailers. The creation of fast-to-scale effective ad campaigns, minimizing the resources needed for campaigns 
  • All payment transactions square measure distributed via and keep within the blockchain, guaranteeing transparency and proof-of-payment 
  • The Gem4me token merchandiser/client privileges within their marketplace the answer of Gem4me Market Space. Gem4me Market Space block-solutions offer group action security and implement a unified for all services platform verification of consumers (KYC), distribution ratings to participants in the transaction, evaluation, and crediting system users. All payment transactions square measure recorded within the block. however, will it work.

Gem4me Platform

Technology that produces the creation and safe development of a business easy, comprehendible and cheap

Smart chatbots

Integrated good chat-bot technology that automates basic business processes for Gem4me Market Space scheme participants

Artificial intelligence

AI technology, that optimizes the business processes of the users of the platform and automates the method of its monetary management

Blockchain Technology

It permits the work of Gem4me Market Space to be decentralized, likewise as reducing the prices of cross-border transactions and creating business processes utterly clear.

Gemme Ads

A large-scale intra-platform advertising service supported computer science technologies permits business users of Gem4me Market Space to hold out large-scale advertising and promotional campaigns.

Gem4me Market Space Offers

  • Create a store of any size and sort with the assistance of a conversation larva (including a store that consists of a product).
  • Offer not solely product, however additionally any variety of service: tutoring, builder, teacher or horoscopes.
  • Sell any price tag, tour or product for Space.
  • Place an outsized store with thousands of merchandise and a conversation area to speak with customers.
  • By victimization AI, it's straightforward to seek out the proper merchandise in varied stores.
  • Operate outside your town, region, and country.
  • Find the closest eating Space, browse the menu and reserve a table.
  • Buy merchandise victimisation cryptocurrencies.
  • Get analysis to control with cryptocurrencies.
  • Receive money back for private purchases.

Smart Portfolio

The payment system for the storage, exchange, and management of economic assets in fictitious and encrypted currency, biometric authentication, scoring system, likewise because of the ability to participate in credit and loyalty programs

Crypto/Act Service

It permits you to hold out operations of entry, withdrawal, storage, and exchange of economic assets in act and Crypto.

Crypto CashBack-Services

Encourage even additional consumers to create perennial purchases. For additional info regarding services.


GMC-token expands the capabilities of the Crypto/act service: not solely is it a way of payment, however, it additionally completes the verification of identity, qualification and economic condition of the client and therefore the trafficker.

Commercial signals crypto analytics

It will enable customers to receive signals from skilled merchants for the acquisition and sale of the most styles of cryptocurrencies. The service is helpful for each beginner and skilled players.

Gem4me Market Space ICO Token

Detail: Gem4me Market Space GMC Token
Token Gemme / GMC
Price 1 GMC = 0.1 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap $ 3,000,000
Country Rusia
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas North Korea, Singapore, Somalia, Syria, United States of America
Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space ICO Team

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space ICO Partners

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space ICO Roadmap

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Gem4me Market Space - The World's Smartest Marketplace

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63 Protection Status