Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Jibbit.io ICO

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets CannabisJibbit.io ICO - Jibbit is one of the oldest and most various crops within the history of man. Since centuries, Cannabis vie a vital role economically within the provisions of fibers, food, and medication. Currently, the Cannabis business is one of the quickest growing industries within the world.

In the field of drug, Cannabis host a spread of functions and play an important role in the regulation of pain, stress, appetite, system etc. Jibbit is additionally in favor of legalizing cannabis all-over the planet they created this platform so as to US investors and shoppers to simply get cannabis for the users of the drug.

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

The Market for Cannabis Accessories

Jibbit can have an accessories buy patients, shoppers, and growers. With quicker, cheaper and secure payments. victimization Jibbit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USD and EUR as payment choices. With discounts & special offers for Jibbit payers!

Cannabis Delivery Service

We can currently order cannabis from home like pizza!! Jibbit contains a vast choice and controlled origin of approved dealers of cannabis. Using conjointly Jibbit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USD and EUR as payment choices. Same on the market Jibbit payers can have discounts and special offers.

The patient, physicians and pharmacists network

More namelessness – a lot of security. Blockchain-based solutions for the medical sector or example, to creating recipes tamper-proof. Jibbit is that the solely Payment choice here.

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Some of the issues are

  • Want for payment choices with cryptocurrencies for cannabis and accessories
  • Sturdy growth within the no. of cases of prescription counterfeits
  • High dealing prices of banks and different payment service suppliers
  • Too long transfer time poignant the delivery
  • Non-offering of anonymous transactions with banks
  • Want for easy, quicker and safer acquisition of legal cannabis

JIBBiT Solutions

  • JIBBiT scheme promotes and permits payment with cryptocurrencies
  • Prescriptions area unit secure and tamper-proof by deploying solutions supported blockchain technology
  • Considerably low dealing prices thanks to blockchain technology
  • Considerably quicker and safer transactions
  • Clear dealing execution with totally verifiable ledger
  • JibbitRunner permits ordering and delivery of legal recreational cannabis in a very less complicated and quicker method

The JIBBiT project is conceptualized by the corporate registered as "Jibbit Gmbh" in Mittelstraße 11-13, 40789 Monheim am Rhein, Germany.

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

JIBBiT Scheme

The JIBBiT scheme uses blockchain technology to execute clear, anonymous and safe payment transactions for all the parties concerned within the scheme.

The JIBBiT scheme primarily consists of three core elements

  • JIBBiT Marketplace - it's the core structure of the JIBBiT scheme. it's the marketplace for cannabis accessories. Patients, shoppers, and growers will use JIBBiT Marketplace for searching cannabis accessories.
  • JIBBiT Doc - it's the portal and interfaces for patients, doctors, and pharmacies. the first platform resolution is created offered in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • JIBBiT Runner - it's the cannabis delivery service for delivery of psychoactive drug containing cannabis merchandise. It aims to become following UBER for cryptocurrency primarily based delivery of marijuana.

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Initial Token Sale

The Token sale can manifest itself on www.jibbit.io and expected to begin on Gregorian calendar month first, 2018. it'll finish either on reaching the onerous cap limit of roughly eighteen million USD or at the newest on August thirty-one, 2018.

The in-house calculations have resulted in a very minimum funding target of a soft cap of one million USD. The realization of the project isn't potential beneath this quantity. unsold tokens from the non-public and presale enter the most sale. All unsold tokens are burned.

Investment Cannabis business

Our shoppers – each company and personal ones – can access all the services they have from one platform. Blockchain technology provides the US the prospect to create your finances grow quicker and provides higher returns.

Buyback and Backup

Reserves ought to be created for unforeseen things and function collateral. These funds area unit wont to redeem their own tokens and to bit by bit implement the Jibbit scheme.

Legal and Admin

This a part of the revenue flows into legal recommendation and administration. each the token sale and therefore the Jibbit scheme area unit continually amid the present legal scenario. The business firm Thurn Legal with its network of consultants is at the facet of the Jibbit team. moreover, the capital is employed for the moderation and coordination of the community.

Exchange and Banking

By programming up to $2 million, we would like to make sure the long listing of the Jibbit tokens on many well-known crypto exchanges. For a stable Jibbit token course, listing at many giant Crypto Exchanges is incredibly necessary. As a result, worth fluctuations of the token ought to be unbroken as low as potential and facilitate to create the employment in our Jibbit scheme reliable.


The promoting throughout and once the token sale may be a major ingredient for the success of Jibbit. during this method, we tend to invest in promising campaigns so as to induce the most potential reach as so much as potential. throughout and even once the token sale we tend to area unit about to add various articles, listing on well-known ICO websites, a commerce college, interviews, and diverse reviews to extend the notice of the Jibbit token.


After the token sale, roughly thirty-fifth of the income area unit regular for the Jibbit scheme. In total, once the Hardcap is reached, approx.7 Million US$ are provided for the conclusion of the marketplace, delivery service, and Jibbit ® Doc. This allows the US to form a platform with the best security standards, the foremost fashionable technology and therefore the best user-friendliness. the conclusion of the Jibbit scheme is administered by internal and external consultants. per current standing, individual area units of the Jibbit scheme are already completed earlier.


Detail: Jibbit
Token JIB
Price 1 JIB = 0.0375 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 18,000,000 USD
Country Germany
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, Canada, China
Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis


Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis


Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis


Jibbit ICO - Blockchain Meets Cannabis

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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