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Level01 ICO

Level01 ICO

Level01 ICO - Level01 is that the World’s first Peer to see (P2P) Derivatives Exchange with computer science (AI) Trade Matching Technology and Settlement on the Blockchain.

Generally, choices area unit the best money instruments to trade, whereas effectively encompassing all the quality categories. choices area unit agreements/contracts between 2 parties with AN opposing exposure to the worth of AN underlying quality. The results (payoff) of the by-product contract area unit derived from the asset’s underlying worthwhile not really physically shopping for or commercialize it, which can be preventative if the quality is very priced. choices contracts have AN end time, and once it's reached, the party that advantages from the proper alternative of exposure receives the planned return (profit) from the opposite party.

Level01 permits users to trade choices contracts directly with one another peer-to-peer (P2P) while not the necessity for an intercessor broker; with a proprietary system that was designed to leverage blockchain, cryptocurrency and good contracts technology for automation and transparency in market information, trade contract intent & matching, transactional history, and trade profit settlement.

For improved potency, peer-to-peer trade matching on the platform is assisted by a specially developed formula ‘FairSense™’, that analyzes trade intent patterns of users on the platform and matchmakes or suggests them to counterparty users.

Level01 additionally introduces the idea of the ‘Ecosystem Exchange’ by integration options that permit users to be rewarded once collaborating within the scheme. This encourages a lot of users to affix from the enhanced liquidity base, therefore making AN scheme network impact that advantages everybody.

Level01 ICO

The Main Objectives of the Level01 Platform

Simplicity and User Friendliness

By streamlining the capabilities of the platform to forestall data overload, Level01 intends to lower the barrier of entry and take away the complex/intimidating issue of online investment for the layman/novice user.

More subtle tools for advanced users area unit fastidiously designed into the user expertise to be unostentatious and unnecessary for finishing trading tasks.

Automated Transparency

The Level01 system is intended and strives for trustlessness and transparency; wherever {the information|the knowledge|the information} data (such as time stamps and pocketbook addresses) of each interaction, dealing method, and settlement of trade is in public obtainable for review and examination on the blockchain. This ensures Level01 will perform its role because of the final trust intercessor satisfactorily.

Ecosystem Oriented

With attention towards decentralization, Level01 intends to cultivate the growth of the most important peer-to-peer choices trading network, wherever each user is recognized singly with well-tried statistics and ratings. Its scheme growth central options permit users to feature price to the network and derive price from it for themselves.

API’s will be engineered to permit users on different networks to access the core high price functionalities of the Level01 scheme.


Trading Works

Level01’s mobile/web app permits investors to move directly with one another for trading. Investors will trade risk or hedge positions by supplying choices contracts for counterparties to match with on the Level01 platform.
  • Investors choose the quality class they're inquisitive about, like FOREX or CRYPTOCURRENCY, and selects quality market to change, like USD/EUR or Ethereum.
  • Investors trade by supplying possibility contracts into markets: by shaping contract parameters ‘EXPIRY’, ‘STRIKE PRICE’ & ‘POSITION’, and contract TOTAL VALUE; or choosing an existing possibility contract to act as matching counterparty.
  • When AN possibility contract is matched with a counterparty, all parameters area unit sent to the Level01 good contract on the blockchain. The good contract receives permission from each party to handle token funds and performs trade settlement upon possibility contract maturity (expiry). 

KEY Features

  • Simple / Advanced Trading

Simple, effective trading expertise with advanced options for skilled users.

  • Automated Blockchain Settlement

Automated, clear trade settlement handled by blockchain good contracts.

  • FairSenseTM Computer Science

AI analytics honest worth discovery sanctionative higher quality trade matching expertise.

  • Transparent Market Information

Fully clear market information verified by third-party oracle service suppliers.

  • Hotswap Capability Token Pocketbook

Instantly amendment platform native token to Bitcoin or Ethereum for a lot of liquidity.

  • Instant Deposit / Withdrawals

The trader has full management over funds and deposits/withdrawals area unit done instantly.

  • Market Quality Selection

Trade each ancient & cryptocurrency market assets for a lot of opportunities.

  • Trade area Hosting

LVX token staking mechanism permits trade area hosting to earn commissions.

Platform design

The Level01 trading platform is modularly designed into many distinct modules that modify simple quantifiability, development updates, debugging and 0 periods of time maintenance. This area unit the off-chain server processes of the trading & exchange engine, and therefore the on-chain dealing settlement List good contract on the blockchain interacting with period and historical information feeds to make an economical, clear, hybrid platform.

All processes area unit load-balanced and area unit scalable while not the necessity to interrupt the system in run-time. The design is outlined to support inter-server distribution to attain minimum latent period by allocating native servers in several regions within the future.

Level01 ICO

The Level01 Exchange Token (LVX)

Level01 is quite simply a peer-to-peer trading exchange, it's designed to be a self-sustaining money scheme wherever users whom contribute and participate within the scheme area unit rewarded.

The Level01 platform utilizes its own ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain as a medium valuable exchange among its money scheme. These tokens offer the suggests that to clear and honest settlement on the blockchain, as a result of it will be handled/automated by good contracts to be programmatically disbursed to trade winners as profits.

The tokens are issued to participants of a token crowd-sale, and therefore the total sales price of the crowd-sale shall confirm the initial price per token.

Level01 acknowledges actuality price of the token crowd-sale manifests in its early contributors and various community, and therefore makes each effort to make sure the token sales area unit distributed to several investors, instead of permitting the concentration of the platform tokens within the hands of single massive investors or teams, additionally referred to as ‘whales’.

Potential token patrons area unit needed to register with AN email address and fill out a data kind with incidental identification documents before having the ability to get the tokens. every individual can have the most cap on token purchase quantity.

Level01 tokens are issued with finite quantity, with the entire provide capped at 1,200,000,000 (1.2 Billion) tokens. The token has appointed the image (LVX).

Token Purpose

A medium of exchange among a trading platform needs stable evaluation with minimal/gradual fluctuation, that is that the basis of a personal platform token rather than utilizing cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum, that area unit subject to extreme worth volatility thanks to intense external factors and speculative trading.

Users on the Level01 platform derive make the most of their endeavors, and contract evaluation is an integral a part of any trading strategy. An abrupt drop or rise within the price of the trading token can severely have an effect on the profit/loss of the users within the platform and destabilize the platform political economy.

As technology is consistently evolving, Level01 additionally needs a token which will be future aligned with its platform development goals. For example, the Level01 platform incorporates a token staking mechanism that incentivizes investors to stake tokens, therefore reinforcing {the price|the worth|the price} value of the LVX token. this kind of scheme feature wouldn't be ready to be integrated into the platform were to use another token, for example, Ethereum, that doesn't have a capped token limit. therefore an interior price token specific to the Level01 platform is important to supply astable surroundings for platform users to change.

Level01 ICO Token

Detail: Level01 ICO Token
Token LVX
Price 1 BDT = 0.125 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 75,000,000 USD
Country Hong Kong
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas -

Level01 ICO

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Level01 ICO

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Level01 ICO

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Level01 ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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