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MPCX Platform

MPCX ICO - MPCX might be a digital blockchain driven cash services platform. Our long haul aim is to combine all crypto cash services into one place.

The platform is meant to service entities' and individual's desires inside the areas of digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and mercantilism, digital banking, cryptoanalysis and ICO promotion, and crypto disposition.

In the short term, MPCX will turn out a blockchain driven decentralized system to manage innovative investors' portfolios of crypto assets. Our semipermanent goal is to combine all crypto cash services into one place. supported this market state of affairs with an outsized demand for the services and extremely restricted cash management solutions we have a tendency to tend to determined to make the MPCX Platform.

MPCX incorporates a vital competitive advantage throughout that the team and its founders have over 45 years of experience in finance. the following expertise and shopper relationships provide MPCX the prospect to provide distinctive merchandise tailored to our purchasers.

MPCX distinctive merchandise

MPCX Investable Crypto Indices.

By creating three crypto investable indices we have a tendency to area unit aiming to offer investors a solution to increase diversification, efficiency, and portfolio returns.

Our Investable Crypto Indices are

  • Crypto firm Index (CLT) index holds the very best ten coins by capitalization
  • Mid Cap Index (M20T) index holds succeeding high twenty coins by capitalization
  • Smart Beta issue Exposure Crypto Index (SBCI)

Buying and selling execution with the crypto indices area unit run practice sensible contracts as follow:

This automation eliminates errors and conjointly the chance of data corruption, what is more as significantly reducing costs.

Digital sensible Investment Mandate (DSIM).

DSIM profiles the client's crypto risk tolerance, crypto investment objectives, and investment horizon, what is more as crypto liquidity desires, and overall crypto wealth creation aims, what is more as any distinctive circumstances.

Based on the DSIM robo advisor, offer tailored portfolio answer. The portfolio could also be dead automatically, or a shopper can produce amendments and bonk manually.

THE MPCX answer

The platform will bring all the next crypto services into one place
  • Fully digital shopper onboarding to chop back costs and provide clients' with friendly services.
  • Digital cryptocurrency exchange in mass liquidity inside the high 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap.
  • Crypto payments, transactions and banking solutions.
  • Custody and pocketbook solutions to supply secure obligation of clients' funds.
  • Three crypto investable indices, crypto AI fund, crypto ETNs, ICOs.
  • MPCX's mercantilism Solutions will offer full access to the merchandising platform and crypto exchange, arbitrage system, mercantilism terminal, and reporting.
  • A Digital Wealth Management Platform will offer robo advisory Digital sensible Investment Mandate, automatic portfolio rebalancing, crypto disposition strategies and reporting.
  • MPCX's ICO promotion and analysis platform will offer a pair of level access to ICOs with full business coverage.
  • MPCX's crypto disposition platform will embrace recipient analysis and match loans with lenders potential.




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