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Opu Labs ICO

Opu Labs ICO

Opu Labs ICO ratingOpu Labs ICO - OPU Labs shall become the primary digital solutions supplier for skin care measuring, management, and observation and therefore the main goal is to become the leader in skin care trade through blockchain technology. To accomplish this, we’re making a propelled scheme that consolidates a machine learning AI, a facility, a billboard center, and a network.

We’re centered on enhancing within the international skin care trade, information, and rewards – in an exceedingly method that benefits patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, whole specialists, and products makers.
Opu Labs ICO


OPU Labs project team is developing a platform that may give all interested users recommendation on skin care, moreover because the use of bound substances to boost her health condition. This service can profit users at a lower quantity than they'd have turned to consultants or self-decided to do on trial strategies given within the international network.

To carry out all transactions among the scheme are used on website cryptocurrency - a token of identical name Opu Coin. With these tokens, every user will receive the valuable recommendation from leading dermatologists, cosmetologists and firms engaged within the production of cosmetic merchandise for skin care, to reward them for his or her activity and supply valuable data during this space.

The core product of Opu Labs development team is thought of as associated application for smartphones, which may supply users a spread of merchandise or services for the care of the skin on the idea of {the data|the knowledge|the data} entered by the user or antecedently viewed information.

The project team has determined that this application can use computing to ceaselessly update and improve the thematic recommendations to users, that ultimately ought to cause wonderful results.
In the end, it's planned that this service is ready to become a worldwide scheme that's ready to bind the interested users, producers, and best beauticians in one place.

If we tend to mention the fees they're charged as a platform to interested users, moreover, like professionals within the field of cosmetology, World Health Organization either sell their merchandise or give totally different services. additionally, the scheme provides to launch a special campaign bounty, through that every user is ready to receive compensation for his or her activity. to the present list may embody new cosmetic firms, the supply of services or sale of merchandise, consultation of interested users, to draw in new entrants into the scheme, participate in an exceedingly kind of clinical studies, drawing up reports on the foremost common merchandise.
Opu Labs ICO

Opu scheme

The introduced earlier scheme will roll up one place all users of cosmetic trade. additionally, by providing comprehensive information on services or merchandise, the platform additionally implements advanced algorithms work information exchange between users, making certain most safety and privacy once needed.

The Advantages of Opu Labs Service

  • Opu Labs - the world's 1st platform within the cosmetic trade. Opu Labs - it's additionally a singular localized application, whose work relies on blockchain technology and supported by powerful remuneration system users for showing activity.
  • The combination of computing work, analysis of the present condition of the skin, moreover as blockchain technology scheme permits developers to supply the simplest of its kind report on findings and choices for treatment.
  • Token Opu is the primary digital currency within the world of cosmetology. this can make sure the stable operation of the scheme thanks to the support of its economy.
  • The platform relies on the implementation of the technology of computing and large information engine to investigate the present condition of the skin, the support of the user community.
  • As has been antecedently noted, it operates on the blockchain platform.
  • If you're acting as a private user scheme Opu Labs, and don't represent any of the organizations, you'll be able to not solely get compensation for the performance of bound tasks, however additionally get the chance to earn tokens, delivery their skin in physical fitness.
  • Each user has the correct to eliminate the attained tokens Opu: sell them on the exchange fiatnye funds or just deposited in associate electronic pocketbook that supports the employment of cryptocurrency Ethereum kind.

Opu Labs ICO

Opu Labs resolution

Innovating A Multi-billion dollar trade

We’re on the cusp of launching Opu — a customizable internet and mobile-enabled platform that aims to modify and democratize access to skilled skin care recommendation employing a fusion of blockchain, computing, image analysis, and eCommerce technologies.

It works like this: users take a photograph of their face, that is analyzed by Opu’s native AI system that's being trained by Opu’s team of dermatologists. The results square measure then matched to top quality merchandise and programs that square measure designed by consultants supported the skin care goals set by every individual. every user will then opt for either self-guided programs or connect online with their personal skin doctor and/or skin care adviser World Health Organization guides them on their journey.
Opu Labs ICO

Building A Trust-Based, Rewards-Focused scheme

We’re exploitation the Ethereum blockchain to make a trust-based ecosystem; exploitation its good contract technology to make sure that non-public information stays secure and to validate transactions. This practicality permits the US to form our own incentives and rewards program; and to determine our terribly own crypto coin — Opu Coin — which can be used because of the primary payment methodology within the app. Plus, users, employees, and skin care professionals will earn Opu Coins once they complete bound tasks, like finishing their profile or setting goals.

To help US produce and excellent these services, we’ll be running a public Token Sale in the Gregorian calendar month during which qualifying participants are ready to purchase Opu Coins. Only 5.5% of the whole twelve billion coins square measure being offered through the crowdsale and therefore the rest are circulated throughout the Opu scheme. To optimize adoption of the coin, Opu already has dozens of partnerships within the works with the variety of leading skin care professionals and has created the coin compatible with Bitcoin and Ether. the present Token Pre-Sale (including non-public Sale) discount is at five hundredths and can still decrease till the tip of Apr.
Opu Labs ICO

Experienced Leadership Advisors

To ensure the Token Sale’s success and to form the Opu a number one name inaccessible skin care services, the Opu Labs management team — diode by founder and chief operating officer brandy Bookman, and COO Richard Reed — has appointed a gifted team of international technology specialists and leading skin care professionals.

Our technology team is diode by CTO rule Jhaveri and our VP of Engineering, Australopithecus afarensis Omo — competently supported by our Chief creator, James Hodgman and a team of technical school and blockchain specialists.

Our medical specialty team is diode by our Chief Medical Adviser, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, and Dr. Pakistani monetary unit Karp World Health Organization is functioning on Opu’s analysis and recommendation system. they're supported by the variety of alternative medical specialty professionals, together with Dr. Lauren Ploch, Dr. Ashvin Garlapati, Dr. Omar Noon, Dr. Jordan Fabrikant, Dr. Matthew J. Elias, Dr. Farhaad Riyaz, and Dr. Pradyumna Vaidya.

As the Token Sale date nears, the complete Opu Labs team are serving to lift awareness of our merchandise, technology, and scheme to make sure that anyone interested has all of the knowledge they have to feel assured concerning taking part.

Opu Labs Options

Opu Technology Includes 5 Core Services

  • Opu AI - a machine learning technology that analyzes, compares and recommends treatment solutions.
  • Opu Service - a pursuit platform that has treatment data from client skin care service suppliers and eCommerce partners.
  • Opu Coin - Ethereum crypto coins to be used within the Opu marketplace high-powered by united product search giving a comprehensive skin care solutions catalog.
  • Opu Connect - a feature allowing users to induce recommendation from alternative users within the community, together with doctors and specialists.
  • Opu CRM - a free CRM (customer retention management) system for doctors and repair suppliers with patient notes, annotations, and mobile history.


Detail: Opu Labs
Token OPU
Price 1 OPU = 0.02589 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH
Hard cap 37,000,000 USD
Country British Virgin Islands
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas  Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region
Opu Labs ICO


Opu Labs ICO


Opu Labs ICO

Opu Labs ICO

Opu Labs ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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