Quras ICO - Decentralized Anonymous Smart Contract Platform

Quras ICO

Quras ICO

Quras ICO - Quras could be a platform for good contracts and crypto-tokens that utilize the blockchain technology to facilitate a secure anonymous platform to share information between IoT devices and use this information to come up with a lot of intelligent response from IoT devices by applying machine learning.

By victimization the Quras chain platform, anyone United Nations agency needs to participate to utilize big data for varied functions will either utilize the Quras token or produce and operate his/her own good contracts on the blockchain that we have a tendency to operate. By doing thus, Quras can assist in reducing the value of assembling, storing and analyzing information from IoT devices.
it'll specialize in 3 problems with IoT devices.

Quras ICO

The Quras Project

The next generation in good contract platform for untraceable privacy-oriented transactions, from a secure platform to anonymous clouds and IoT. The Quras project has been evolving and increasing its reach to supply a wise and secure resolution for a good vary of various applications. It began with a passion to form a secure, anonymous blockchain for the tending trade, by achieving tier of antecedently unavailable security and potency serving to tend service suppliers revolutionize their information storage.

Quras is currently able to amendment the method businesses and people outline “secure”. Utilising associate degree open supply approach, Quras provides the user complete management over the management of their own rights, information, and assets, whereas guaranteeing the utmost protection from any external interference.

Quras ICO Features

  • Privacy.
  • Clouds information.
  • IoT.
  • Smart contract.
  • Application.
  • Eco-system
Quras ICO

How Quras ICO Works

Instead of the world blockchain, there's a DAG that's known as the tangle. This tangle graph is that the ledger for storing group action. every node within the DAG is comprised of electronic equipment that problems a group action. so as to issue a group action, a node should approve previous 2 transactions. The approved transactions square measure delineated as edges within the graph. thus transactions issued by nodes generate a collection of tangle graphs. All the approved transactions will be copied back to the “genesis node”.

Why do you must choose select Quras

  • Decentralized and open supply
  • You can defend your own rights, assets, and information yourself
  • Initiatives for Token Issuers
  • Approach to Technology

Quras Smart Contract

  • Any user of Quras chain will outline and generate events that may trigger the mandatory transactions.
  • Quras chain supports each settled and non-deterministic good contracts (such as those supported IoT data).
  • Quras chain is predicated on Tangle, a complicated technology that evolved from blockchain and presents tangible edges for IoT platforms.

Smart contracts square measure contracts or series of steps and operations that execute themselves. the only and most simple good contract includes the definition of a group action and an incident that triggers that group action. By victimization good contracts, no trust problems that involve human intervention and creation of trust between parties square measure necessary to trustfully perform operations over the blockchain (for example, transfer of funds between parties).

The Quras chain platform addresses the necessity for a platform of good contracts for the IoT services. The Quras chain can modify users to form and to work good contracts that cater to the requirements of IoT services and also the IoT and BigData developer community. The good contracts will be developed, programmed and operated over the Quras chain platform, utilizing its embedded tangle technology.

The Quras chain platform supports each settled and non-deterministic good contracts. Its support of settled good contracts permits creation and process of contracts that square measure supported the data that's internally held on in Quras chain and may utilize it. to boot, the Quras chain platform supports the generation and also the execution of nondeterministic good contracts that need inputs from sources that square measure exterior to the blockchain.

Technical Details

The accord drawback needs agreement among the variety of processes (or agents) for one information price. a number of the processes (agents) might fail or be unreliable in different ways that, thus accord protocols should be fault tolerant or resilient. The processes should somehow place forth their candidate values, communicate with each other, and agree on one accord price.

Quras ICO Team

Quras ICO
Quras ICO
Quras ICO

Quras ICO Roadmap

Quras ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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