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RedCab LLC

RedCab LLC - RedCab LLC could be a company created with the only real purpose of fixing the operational exosystem of Transportation. RedCab LLC was supported in middle 2016 and that they have additionally succeeded in launching their own mobile application in 2017. in step with the whitepaper, RedCab needs to determine a correct P2P system wherever each driver, taxi corporations, and customers have the benefit of maximally through decentralization.

How RedCab Answer Works

RedCab uses the blockchain technology to efficiently produce a much better facility by reducing the value and additionally accumulated security for transactions through decentralization. By the mode of operation, RedCab can notice it straightforward to access the transportation system properly yielding optimum performance, properly managed risk and additionally utilization of profit at intervals the system. The flexibility of RedCab makes it straightforward for its practicality to adapt to totally different geographical zones with none downside, this can be one among the core reasons why it'll not take a lot of time before it operates globally.

Why RedCab

Nowadays, we've seen that the transportation sector has such a big amount of problems like insecurity, inconsistency, irresponsibleness so more. Although such a big amount of previous models are created to resolve this, however it the tip, they still suffer the inevitable fatal accident. RedCab is sort of totally different because it provides the answer to issues that linger within the transportation system by making a business model that gives longterm quality, safety and profit for its users and most importantly the drivers too don't seem to be left behind.

The RedCab technology will provide taxi corporations and drivers job property without worrying about dropping financial gain. Transparency and consistency will play a serious role within the business model which can be achieved by a community-driven localized solution ruled by good contracts. This ensures loyalty and continual usability from drivers and customers severally.

RedCab Services

There are very attention-grabbing services that RedCab offers, it edges all parties concerned within the business. Below are a number of the offered services.
  • Automobile Hailing and Pooling: No have to be compelled to run aground trying to find cabs for individual journeys, family, business or the other associated purpose, with RedCab, you'll be able to simply request for a cab.
  • Edifice and landing field Transportation: you'll be able to schedule varied journeys if you're planning to hotels, clubs or special uses.
  • Delivery and Pick-up services: if you have got food others or to choose up stuff from one purpose to a different, it solely gets easier with RedCab.

What User Stand to Achieve With RedCab


  • No one enjoys waiting to induce cabs for journeys and every one, RedCab can cut back the waiting time of consumers and guarantee sleek usage.
  • Lower transportation fare that successively ends up in smart savings, and therefore the rate doesn't fluctuate.
  • The referral program creates opportunities for individuals to receive more earnings.
  • Tokens may also be earned  through proof of selling


  • There will be further earning and profit
  • More rides per hour that bring a lot of earnings too
  • Multi choices of transportation services
  • Earning tokens through PoD (Proof-of-Driving)

Their are still such a big amount of edges for users, the hotels and restaurants don't seem to be unseen ad they will additionally earn with RedCab through ads and additional discount.

RedCab has created certain their business model covers property, affordability and security for purchasers. we tend to now not need to worry concerning our journeys, delivery orders so way more that evolves around the facility. there'll even be three classes of Cabs that are

  • Economic Cabs that are very reasonable to use and for fast journeys.
  • Family Cabs which can be quite larger in size to occupy a lot of individuals, appropriate for family journeys.
  • Luxury Cab largely for work journeys and additionally business conferences, the luxurism is sort of distinctive.
  • Red Cab that is that the stylish and distinctive one from others because it can contain solely a few individuals, users can pay quite the others and drivers will be able to earn a lot of tokens.

The business model of RedCab LLC ensures that users don't seem to be afraid that they're disbursement quite what's necessary, thus the requirement for transparency that is why the good contracts are planning to be used. Also, the drivers won't need to worry concerning revenue being shared or a part of their earnings bring to a halt as they're going to run the entire 100 percent increased from journeys.

The RedCab Mobile App can have varied options one among that shows geo-targeted ads for international reach. Users won't need to worry concerning conversion rate because it is designed to form ads prosperous. it's additionally planning to be multi-lingual with concerning vi languages which can increase the user expertise.
The Mobile App will be able to schedule rides, users are able to order for cabs and find the closest driver at intervals your location. you'll be able to additionally schedule your journeys if you're the business kind that attends conferences very often.

RedCab and Blockchain Technology

The RedCab business model is enraptured to a localized system which can even be equipped with apps which can run on P2P yet as blockchain networks. this can be to form certain there's no interference from third parties or any single authority. alternative options embody proof of selling and proof of driving that provides incentives for drivers as they will earn tokens thus far they follow due protocols whereas driving.

Key Options of RedCab Platform

It is a platform designed to supply the variety of options so the investors can gain a lot of profit than alternative investors creating by investment in alternative comes. The RedCab offers the subsequent options.

  • Wide-ranging research

The RedCab Company has spent quite a year to analysis, however, the transportation business work and the way it will be higher. This platform is supplied with the technologies and experience needed to extract the most effective out of the transportation services.

  • Thorough information regarding however the market works

Whether you have got a nice understanding of the transportation business or not, the RedCab team has done an intensive analysis to facilitate comprehensive information regarding the potential market. Thus, the investors can skill they will succeed by investment within the useful assets.

  • Implemented the latest technology

When it involves the implementation of the technology, The RedCab has endowed with the latest technology accessible these days. it's a platform that's aimed to supply the most effective solutions for the transportation business in the future. Therefore, it's designed by victimization progressive technologies like the blockchain technology, AI, good contract, etc. it's what the current is giving the most effective to show the RedCab system into a pioneering resolution for the futurist demands.


Detail: TradeRiser
Token REDC
Price 1 ETH = 2,333 REDC
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 24,529 ETH
Country Egypt
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, Egypt




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