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TradeRiser ICO - The growth of the globe wide net LED to innovations in computer program technology. This created the online a lot of accessible and omnipresent. but money knowledge analytics has not enjoyed a similar the amount of simplicity and accessibility seen within the worldwide net. the expansion of massive knowledge cannot be stopped, money companies and people alike area unit during a race to seek out commercialism opportunities. This task can solely get more durable as new avenues of knowledge area unit discovered, personalities can struggle to stay up. This disconnect in accessibility and omnipresence presents an enormous chance, to systems that look for to democratize money knowledge analytics.

TradeRiser is Associate in Nursing by artificial means intelligent analysis Assistant, which will answer easy and sophisticated commercialism queries. to coach the synthetic intelligence, we'll be investing the blockchain to create Associate in Nursing incentivization system, which is able to be supported and fed by knowledge from an outsized network of quantitative analysts and researchers. A token-based mostly economy referred to as XTI are going to be introduced, to incentivize researchers, for his or her knowledge and contributions to the platform.


TradeRiser solves these issues through its analysis Assistant which will at once answer commercialism queries that a merchandiser or capitalist has regarding the money markets. TradeRiser’s token mechanism can keep track and compensate money analysts for his or her datasets of queries, knowledge validation, accuracy checking, suggestions and example report creation. The money analysts will contribute in these ways in which to assist train our machine learning analysis Assistant and be stipendiary consequently. XTI is that the underlying mechanism wont to facilitate this system, and provides XTI holders with direct participation in advancing our “single supply of truth” questioning and respondent system.

Why Blockchain

The blockchain ledger could be a publicly-verifiable record which will be wont to ensure that each the money analysts and content producers on our system are stipendiary for his or her contributions. analysis customers searching for premium reports that are within the analysis Marketplace section will have the boldness that payments have gone towards the content producer for the chosen reports, with a dependable system-of-record continually out there as Associate in Nursing accounting of their usage

Financial analysts area unit like freelancers or contractors, the blockchain permits TradeRiser to make sensible contracts with the money analysts for numerous items of labor. Our business transactions and agreements are going to be dead mechanically, it'll enforce the obligations that the money analysts have during a contract. It provides an automatic cooperative approach for knowledge gathering employing a massive various pool of economic analysts. The sensible contract permits for the various stages of labor allotted by çto be rewarded.

Costs Cutting

In the bid to bring as several money analysts and onto the system, we wish to cut back the friction related to transferring capital between parties. Friction like clearing prices and counterparty risks are going to be eliminated by victimization our XTI mechanism on the blockchain.

Reaching crucial Mass

One of the largest challenges of TradeRiser is obtaining our analysis Assistant model to achieve crucial mass. In different words obtaining it to an area, during which it will answer the bulk of commercialism queries its users can have. The system has to be trained on an outsized universe of question, events and market knowledge.

Phase one addresses the thanks to acquiring the info set of queries. this can be done by TradeRiser issue the XTI tokens as compensation for the continuing contributions to putting together the mental object, from that the machine learning is going to be done from. Once the crucial mass has been reached, capital punishment section 2 in attracting analysis customers onto the platform are going to be straightforward. With each the analysis customers and content producers currently absolutely on the system, the analysis customers can currently be ready to reward the content producers for his or her premium content and vote. This current cycle can produce a series impact, therefore attracting a lot of contributors to the platform.

Why TradeRiser is Exclusive

  • Maximum speed

Each shopper of the platform are going to be ready to notice the most effective commercialism opportunities, get answers to their queries, all info relies on skilled solutions;

  • Opportunity for queries

If you would like to induce info regarding the cryptocurrency and commercialism phase, simply describe your state of affairs on the platform, the multilingual  interface can enable you to induce a fast and convenient answer;

  • Statistics

Use statistics to make and take a look at the best commercialism methods while not wishing on computer code developers and different intermediaries. you'll be ready to use the applied mathematics calculations of skilled traders;

  • Be aware of all the events

Get solely the newest news. Intelligent analysis of stories and world events knowledge and their impact on cryptocurrencies and ancient assets can enable you to induce all the mandatory information;

  • Warning system

If you're simply beginning your manner within the world of commercialism, the system can perpetually inform you regarding the emergence of recent info, statistics, and different necessary knowledge.

Features of TradeRiser Platform

  • Community Edition

This can be comprised of the many options which will be out there to the community. they're as follows, the analysis Assistant power-driven by the community knowledge feed, ICO ratings, market condition analysis, ICO due diligence, capitalist portfolio analysis, direct commercialism, net and mobile app.

Research Marketplace – Accessible to Token holders

  • Enterprise Edition

This standalone version is accessible to money establishments, hedge funds or firms. This includes our API.

TradeRiser has engineered Associate in Nursing alpha/private beta version of the analysis Assistant, this may be accessed for the asking or linguistic communication up at World Wide The alpha/private beta version focuses on forex, commodities, and indices, and can enable users to raise queries encompassing the economic calendar events, technical analysis, correlation and performance and a lot of. This version has been engineered preponderantly for demonstration functions and knowledge capture.

The intention is to remodel this into powerful absolutely fledged analysis Assistant which will accompany all corners of the commercialism and finance area. to this point, it's been seen by major investment banks and technology vendors and has received a great deal of regeneration.


Detail: TradeRiser
Token XTI
Price 1 XTI = 0.1 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH
Hard cap 23,000,000 USD
Country UK
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China


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