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Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC


Universal Marketing Company UMC ICO - The UMC platform is predicated on sensible contracts and operates victimization high-speed AI. It makes advertisements in instant messengers effective, reliable and as convenient as potential. All actions are performed quickly and simply through the easy interface.

Now, it is easy to manage to advertise in instant messengers for completely any user - a private, an outsized company, a channel owner or Associate in Nursing full-fledged smm-manager. No further prices and efforts!

Universal selling Company is already actively developing. the primary real product is that the wire larva. By the time of the ICO launch, it's passing the second a part of the trial. In parallel, the remaining parts of the system area unit being developed.

Flexible settings, intrinsical analytics, the selection of manual or totally automatic mode, paying for advertising while not supernumerary commissions aren't the complete list of advantages that every participant of the UMC platform receives.

The UMC platform is formed to unravel the most issues of advertising management at intervals one system
  • Lack of convenient systems for prompt and perceivable analysis of the professionals and cons of merchandise and services
  • Inability to dependably check the standard of the audience
  • High time spent on organizing the event and promotion of websites/ merchandise/services
  • Additional indirect money prices and commissions
  • Failure to accommodates agreements between advertisers and house owners of advertising platforms. The quality of dominant the obligations execution
  • The quality of choosing appropriate advertising channels
  • Problems with the mass launch of advertising campaigns in messengers

UMC is Associate in the Nursing All-in-one Platform.

Technically, the UMC platform is enforced on varied traveler platforms within the type of BOTs, still as within the type of WEB-site. funding of the project is dispensed at the expense of funds raised through the ICO. The UMCC token is Associate in Nursing advertising derivative, Associate in Nursing ERC20 token. the full range of issued tokens is five hundred mln. 320 mln of them are placed up for the general public sale at a worth of $ zero.1019.

UMC Platform

The Universal selling Company (UMC) platform, high-powered by AI, is meant to manage paid content and make sensible ads in instant electronic messaging. Specifically, as a platform individual, UMC was created to cut back the price of managing, managing and promoting media networks in instant messengers.

The first instant traveler with UMC paid content implementation is wire. the selection of the platform is evident, as a result of wire worldwide could be an image of freedom, independence, and decentralization, an emblem of the crypto trade. The UMC platform provides the foremost effective management of every kind of content to form precisely the sort of data which will meet all audience needs.

One of the foremost vital options of the UMC platform is that the practicality of the SMM and its further non-core functions.

Today we'll point out the performance of the UMC platform that he did for SMM.

And in one in all the subsequent articles, we'll apprize you concerning the UMC practicality for users and apprize you of further non-core functions.

UMC Platform Practicality for Social Media Selling

  • Comprehensive statistics. the foremost relevant knowledge assortment and analysis. Provides correct data concerning vital parameters for productive ad campaigns on hand-picked sites.
  • High level of security, independence and accelerated work the utilization of sensible contracts.
  • Simplification of cooperation theme with opinion leaders (bloggers). appraise the effectiveness of their channel before the beginning of an automatic analytics based mostly campaign.
  • Support advertising campaigns while not the requirement for direct participation in the method (when selecting an automatic model).
  • Target audience segmentation (targeting) consistent with completely different criteria if required.
  • Large coverage of targeted active audience with the minimum price.
  • Operative feedback between method participants. chance of a versatile approach and fast advertising strategy changes.
  • Broad opportunities for ad and community content management.
  • Continuous improvement and price management within the execution of advertising campaigns and understanding of their potential effectiveness.
  • Budgeting: concludes supported knowledge obtained the antecedently constant analysis of the effectiveness of advertising on one or another channel. The calculation of the typical price of the client and also the total price management of the crusade.

Platform Promotion Strategy

At every separate stage of the UMC platform launch to the market feedback concerning the work of the platform for every traveler are collected during a distinctive method, which can permit to maneuver from one stage to a different with most potency. this is often promoted by our own base of active users that are quite 250,000 people that area unit able to participate within the UMC platform launch round the world.

At the stage of product market testing, the maximally expanded practicality can permit users to simply create their selection in favor of the UMC platform thanks to a mixture of all necessary parameters in it.

At the stage of product growth and development, additionally to the strategy of holding positions within the market, the goal is to expand the geographics of the platform to the audience of Asia, the USA, and Europe. thanks to the improvement of audience coverage and new geographics, UMC platform is ready to switch to a distinct segment enlargement strategy within the specified geographics already in June 2018. the sensible expertise of the team and also the loyalty of the platform users can create it potential to shut the consumer's desires the maximum amount as the potential at the stage of product maturity.

Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC


  • The suburbanized UMC platform operates on the idea of sensible contracts. they're the warranter of the implementation of any agreements terminated at intervals the system.
  • Big knowledge Storage - huge knowledge storage for the massive amounts of knowledge. within the future, process and computation are dispensed through superfast AI.
  • Integration into the foremost standard instant messengers - Considering the technical options of every one of them. At the instant, there's already a best larva image for the wire. the event of applicable versions for the opposite messengers is afoot.
  • Built-in payment process module - the chance of fast and profitable exchange of folding money or crypto-currency on UMCC at intervals the UMC platform. It becomes the own internal crypto-exchange within the future.
  • Universality and luxury - UMC are in a position to support at the same time two styles of interfaces - via Messengers or WEB-platform.

Marketing in instant messengers can ne'er be constant once more. The Universal selling Company platform is that the ability to put advertising posts in one click or completely mechanically. select solely the foremost high-quality sites, severally for your desires. Be assured of compliance with all arrangements. Get full management of the performance and effectiveness of every crusade.

Technological Implementation of The UMC Platform

The UMC platform technologically combines the server half, that manages all the logic of the work, the interface for interaction with users, still because of the interface with the partners of the platform.

Front-End block It includes 2 components

  • Messengers exist because of the main interface for operating with the platform. it's planned to implement a collection of bots, everyone is work with its own traveler.
  • WEB-platform is that the individual of the practicality of varied messenger-bots. it's additionally a centralized tool for customizing the practicality of the UMC platform, together with if a number of the moment messengers don't give bots.

At the instant, the project work arrange includes automation of labor with the subsequent messengers: wire – an operating image has already been developed, WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Kakaotalk, Snapchat, Weibo, Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook traveler, Twitter, Ozone, and others.

Back-End Block

  • Messengers Connectors - every traveler includes a set of its own functions and rules. so as to integrate it into the general system, every one of the messengers is written with its own instrumentation that may remodel the logic of the work of all ecosystems into the logic of the work of individual messengers and back.
  • BOT engine - The core of bots practicality and also the integration core for all components of the Back-End block.
  • Payment processor - Payment process module for platform users. This module can add integration with the Payment Services instrumentation to access varied payment systems and crypto exchange.
  • 3RD party API connectors - A module that may permit partner services to integrate with our platform. Third-party larva developers can use our developed API so as to seem in our larva Market Place and additionally use our Payment Processor.
  • Big knowledge Storage - A information for grouping, storing and analyzing massive amounts of knowledge. Metrics for varied measurements of the effectiveness of posts, the maturity of the channels, the segmentation of users and channels, etc. are collected for more analytical reports and additionally employed in the coaching of AI algorithms within the AI Engine.
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine - The core of the unreal intelligence system, to form optimum and interdependent methods for interaction between platform users. it'll be a collection of AI algorithms that solve completely different tasks, starting from intelligent chat-bots which will maintain a dialogue with platform users and themselves learn, finishing with "smart" recommendations to platform users concerning holding advertising campaigns.
  • Payment Services instrumentation - Connectors for varied payment receiving services, like order (Payments, etc) and cryptocurrency (Finance, Bitter, etc.). so as to integrate it into the general system, every of the payment services are written with its own instrumentation, which can remodel the logic of labor and knowledge between the Payment processor and third-party payment services.

Third Party Services Block

To expanse the opportunities provided by our platform, we tend to area unit progressing to build integration with crypto exchanges, advertising promotion agencies on the net, developers of standard bots in messengers et al.

Artificial Intelligence on the Platform

Machine learning is that the plan of the existence of common algorithms which will tell one thing attention-grabbing a few sets of knowledge while not having to put in writing a particular code for every drawback. rather than writing code, knowledge is transferred to a typical formula, and it builds its own logic supported knowledge. to create such algorithms on the UMC platform, “Recurrent Neural Networks" are used. These networks dissent therein they will accumulate the previous state of the network and area unit employed in algorithms that need predictions or recommendations.

For example, supported the advertising budget, the number of subscribers that the publicist needs to draw in, the topics of his channel, the specified classification of attracted users and alternative data, the UMC can produce a portfolio of advertising placements on the channels. The publicist can check/regulate the portfolio, and click on the button to launch the promotion. Manually, the delineated actions need many days of labor, counting on the number of advertising locations, and also the accuracy of analysis is much from the reality.

The additional users their area unit in UMC, the additional correct the AI's work on the choice of optimum advertising channels are on the market to any or all the system users.

UMC Could be an Innovation Answer for Noted Advertising Adolescent Policy

  • Self-study statistics, and at the same time on completely different resources.
  • Take the time to settle on a channel appropriate for placement, discussion of conditions.
  • Issues with payments, together with potential card block, lost interest in conversions, commissions.
  • The need for self-verification of compliance with pre-approved conditions.
  • Possible prices to attach further specialists: journalists, marketers.
  • Routine analysis of ad campaigns, usually or individually for every channel.


Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC


Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC

Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC

Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC

Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC

Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC

Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC


Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC

Universal Marketing Company UMC
Universal Marketing Company UMC

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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