VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild

VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild


VEIAG ICO - The VEIAG project could be an international, redistributed organization that's created to market promising business comes associated with the cryptocurrency section. the premise of the platform is that the blockchain, that permits developers to ensure the security and security of all their customers. Any dealings are going to be dead on dependent terms - the employment of intelligent contracts avoids serious security issues and fallacious schemes.

VEIAG Vision

  • Veiag can function as a catalyst for business prosperity through innovative solutions in gear at the worldwide level of business development and support, value-oriented comes in developing regions.
  • Veiag can gift a clear management system supported a community-based social base that encourages a property system.
  • Veiag can strengthen the provision chain, determine future business opportunities, improve social responsibility, increase the worth of project property and expand the connection of token holders through clear and moral profits.
  • Veiag can produce stability and transparency in an exceedingly speculative and faith-based crypto-real market by introducing a cryptocurrency within the mode Real time with gold protection.
  • Veiag can give tokens holders material, the cost for his or her inventories, whereas making Associate in Nursing unprecedented level of security.
  • Veiag can introduce 
VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild

VEIAG Design feature

Veiag isn't simply a network of business comes, it's a worldwide initiative designed to inspire gifted individuals to make fashionable business models. The developers of the redistributed platform square measure assured that people will contribute to the action of worldwide goals, produce very promising comes.

Why this platform ought to be thought-about seriously

Project developers have already attracted loads of active investors United Nations agency square measure very fascinated by the systematic development of such a singular project. They perceive the conception, that is extremely reliable and promising. After all, the event of individual concepts is that the thanks to universal progress. currently, every user of the platform are going to be ready to legitimize their own efforts, realize investors United Nations agency square measure able to develop comes.
VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild

Purpose of the token

The token was developed to function Associate in Nursing plus backed token that may be used on VEIAG’S platform for all kinds of investments/contributions/payments. The token so will be employed by anyone or work organization (Investors) fascinated by supporting/investing in an exceedingly explicit project (s) on VEIAG’s platform.

VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild

Value Proposition of VEIAG token

According to VEIAG, “VEIAG” is anticipated to bridge the cryptocurrency market with the $64000 economy by granting its holders (Investors) the chance to actualize their portfolios with a gold-backed, arduous plus token, whose price is going to be directly coupled to the profit margins from VEIAG network of property development comes. thus, providing investors with the correct time period price to every VEIAG token in their possession.

Why you ought to invest into VEIAG

  • VEIAG supports price primarily based international businesses and comes targeted on promoting property development and making certain smart governance, to thrive and considerably impact positive growth into humanity.
  • VEIAG guarantee its token holders (investors) a true duration (less vulnerable to crypto-market costs volatility) on every “VEIAG” command.
  • VEIAG contributors/investors square measure entitled to the get pleasure from the subsequent right within the VEIAG community.
  • Propose new business ventures and ideas
  • Apply for association Membership
  • Attend annual VEIAG Summit (where new business and memberships square measure actively discussed)
  • Participate in sessions of VEIAG Virtual Academy categories on all current topics


VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild


VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild

VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild


VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild

VEIAG - Virtual Economic Invesment Academia Guild

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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