ATT Networks ICO - Decentralized Crypto Portofolio Management Platform

ATT Networks ICO

ATT Networks ICO

Asset Allocation Token ICO ratingATT Networks ICO - The quality Allocation Token may be a utility token, used as a reduction token for availing the advantages of our quality Allocation Management platform. during a world that’s thus feverishly excited concerning the boom of cryptocurrency investment, it becomes more and more vital to possess a reliable system on your facet which will create your investment and quality management less complicated, efficient, and a lot of accessible.

Including in style choices like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there square measure over 1,000+ cryptocurrencies on the market for investment worldwide. As ICOs and cryptocurrencies have gained momentum and their worth continues to soar, it's become vital than ever before to stay track of one’s cryptocurrency portfolio

An active associated passive portfolio management platform which might provide an economical thanks to managing cryptocurrencies and ICO portfolios with the assistance of integrated skilled commercialism tools and intellectual experience. Users are going to be allowed to access thousands of previous and new cryptocurrencies profiles, and integrate them into a personalized portfolio supported their risk profiles and elegant adjusted returns.

Experienced, full-time traders also can utilize the platform and switch portfolio managers for users. machine-controlled sensible contracts are going to be created between the users and their portfolio managers to scale back the influence of centralized entities. ability between Exchanges via arthropod genus, tailored news feed, social commercialism are going to be created and intercalary to the platform upon the crowdfunding spherical of AAT tokens. The AAT exchange also will be created and integrated into the platform for increasing liquidity. a synthetic Intelligence-based tool is going to be created to record and analyze social media sentiment.

Why We Have a Tendency to Created AAT

  • Highly Volatile
High volatility rate (it even goes up to half-hour in 24hrs.) creates excellent prospects to earn and lift cash, but there square measure high probabilities of “losing” all the investments.

  • Gain Profit
There square measure plenty of ways in which to lift cash. Funds and exchange platforms provide their services, however, once your goal is to achieve profit it's not enough to be lucky, it's a requirement to possess money skills and important thinking.

  • Trading ability
Even though some "traders" raise a lot of cash mistreatment their "sixth sense", it ought to be mentioned that cryptocurrency world is controlled by " feeling and thoughts" of the mob.

Why Opt for AAT

Our platform offers you a wise and simple thanks to managing all of your ICOs and Cryptocurrency portfolios underneath one platform with all the tools and experience in hand.
  • Quickly Analyse
To quickly analyze your cryptocurrency portfolio and take an appeal buying/selling.

  • Cryptocurrency Trader
If you're turning into a professional cryptocurrency monger, you furthermore may like one thing bett‚er than surpass sheets

  • Portfolio Valuation
You must have sweet-faced the difficulty of keeping track of the come back from every coin or your existing portfolio valuation

You Need to Follow the Situations as Below, to Become Traders Specialists

  • Started Invest Bitcoin
Someone has simply endowed in Bitcoin and wishes to visualize the newest worth alongside their holding

  • Started with Alternative Cryptocurrency
Someone has additionally endowed in alternative cryptocurrencies like Dash, ETH, Stratis, Zcash, and others

  • Active Buy and Sell Altcoins
Someone has endowed and is additionally actively buying/selling to require out the profit

  • Not Curious about Long-run
Someone has actively commercialism and booking profit rather than long-run holding like several others

  • Making Profit Through Day Trading
Someone day commercialism and wishes an in-depth chart and signals to create a better call concerning once to sell and when to shop for.

Revenue Model

The AAT platform can generate revenue from four primary sources
  • AAT can charge a network fee for AAT Token group action.
  • Community members purchase services from AAT mistreatment AAT Tokens
  • The Platform will charge the lowest fee for membership
  • The level of portfolio management service chosen by the member can confirm the fee
  • Will charge commercialism fee on transactions happened on intrinsical Crypto exchange feature in the application
  • AAT platform also will charge the fee from its totally different advertisers

AAT has Crypto Quality Management that Includes

  • Multi-crypto advising platform
  • Reviews all coins on rebalancing
  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Training on quality choice
  • A professional team managing your portfolios
  • Quick support once issues arise
  • Tools to stay you and your investment goals on the right track
  • AAT mistreatment AI the foremost refined analysis for every coin.

ATT Networks ICO

ATT Benefit for Community Members

  • Liquidity
Build your crypto portfolio quickly with instant access to a custom basket of assets. AAT’s proprietary liquidity engine offers assurance for order fulfillment and offers our community members the power to withdraws assets.

  • Hassle - Free
You wouldn't like in-depth technical data of the market, or have to be compelled to handle multiple complicated wallets or risky exchanges. AAT manages everything in one place— quickly and simply.

  • Diversification
Manage a various crypto portfolio to mitigate risks. AAT is your home for complete portfolio administration.

  • User-friendly
From our easy-to-use platform to our straightforward academic series, our aim is to change each step of crypto finance.

  • Security
AAT’s Blockchain technology and suburbanized design permit you to take a position in crypto simply, stress-free and firmly.

ATT Networks ICO

ATT ICO Features

  • Identify Chance
We try to supply the most important choice of crypto assets in order that you'll specialize in creating sensible investment choices instead of administering your portfolio.

  • Monitor Performance
Check however your portfolios are doing. Filter by intervals and keep track of individual quality performance

  • Customize Portfolios
Set your risk allocations and let AAT do the remainder.


Detail: ATT Networks ICO Token
Token AAT
Price 1 DST= 0.90 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC
Hard cap 27,000,000 USD
Country Netherlands
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas -
ATT Networks ICO


ATT Networks ICO

ATT Networks ICO

ATT Networks ICO

ATT ICO Roadmap

ATT Networks ICO

ATT Networks ICO

ATT Networks ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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