BeatzCoin ICO - Revolutionizing the Interaction with Digital Content

BeatzCoin ICO

Beatzcoin ICO

BeatzCoin ICO ratingBeatzCoin ICO - BeatzCoin may be a cryptocurrency that is that the exchange important on the VibraVid platform. Together, VibraVid and BeatzCoin offer a system that permits creators and users a way of exchange, peer-to-peer, for goods, services, through bounties, and as prizes. each user and creators square measure rewarded for his or her participation by receiving BeatzCoin, that they will use to buy content, fan merchandise, and event tickets, in addition, to promote their own content

Beatzcoin reinventing the world promoting the platform for digital content producers and also the client. They attempt to remodel however advertising interacts with the content supplier in addition to implementing methods to have interaction users all whereas increasing the revenue potential of everybody concerned.

Beatzcoin Offer

With BeatzCoin at the middle of VibraVid, we tend to square measure ready to provide each user and creators a replacement manner of earning cash for making, watching, or paying attention to what they love. While advertising isn't an issue of the past, we tend to believe that users ought to be ready to decide if they require to look at adverts, and creators ought to be ready to decide whether or not, and the way oftentimes, advertisements square measure displayed for the period of their content.


For daily viewing and listening by customers, over 600,000 hours of video content and 18,000 hours of music were uploaded daily to the freest broadcast services on the net. This makes it tough to identify Associate in the Nursing rising content creator. making prime quality content needs time and resources, like content promoting.


With BeatzCoin in VibraVid's headquarters, we are able to provide each user and creators the simplest way to earn cash to form, watch, or hear what they love. If advertising isn't one thing within the past, advertisers ought to be ready to decide whether or not or not they require to look at Ads, and content creators ought to be ready to decide however typically and the way typically they ought to be shown and displayed over the course of their content.

The way VibraVid users will get BeatzCoin

  • Sign up for the VibraVid platform
  • Lock your tokens
  • Participating in bounty
  • Prefer to pay to trace video (PTV) ads
  • Compete daily and weekly

    The way creator in VibraVid will get BeatzCoin

    • Viewing or resting contents
    • Most viewed within the hand-picked fundamental measure
    • Allow paid (PTV)
    • Get hints from viewers
    • The mass funding on our platforms is displayed throughout the period of its content.

    Technology and Security

    Three main aspects of BeatzCoin square measure Video / Audio Streaming, Payment Promotion and License and Distribution management.

    VibraVid aims to form a souvenir structure to access, track and hear content that's directly controlled by the content creator.

    We will profit of the IPFS protocol, a peer to see object-oriented database management system protocol, to distribute on the content platform.

    VibraVid chose to use IPFS for a number of reasons
    • The network within the network, the house is plentiful
    • Fast information measure Rates
    • Larger files are often mechanically metameric
    • There is Associate in Nursing existing network structure with several dApps.

    This will ultimately defend the content suppliers and their content to alter them to distribute their materials as they opt for and choose them. There also are issues concerning extrajudicial materials, like pirated content or porn, moving towards the network. The team can monitor the content to form positive that these materials don't seem to be loaded on the platform, however, if they have to be uploaded, they'll have the mixed portion of any of those videos on the blacklist. However, we tend to square measure designing epistemological policy by applying award-based awards for knots that defy the quality of extrajudicial content.

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    Important Information

    • Wallet ERC20
    • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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