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Cindx ICO

Cindx ICO

CINDX ICO ratingCindx ICO - Cindx may be a platform that was created to permit anybody to speculate within the crypto market and additionally earn with none specialized data or skills. This Cindx platform develops associate degree system which might permit associate degree body to settle on a dealer and/or a quality manager to manage their portfolio and firmly trade their crypto funds for an inexpensive success fee.

We have a tendency to currently see that investors will consult with clear and verifiable statistics of traders and managers as the simplest way to settle on an appropriate commerce strategy. These statistics embody performance history, risk level, kind of cryptocurrency that might be listed. Therefore, investors will notice the foremost appropriate dealer manage their assets.

If you observe critically, you'd notice that commerce cryptocurrency for profit typically needs multiple services, as well as the crypto-quality management and a social network in an exceedingly single system.
Cindx ICO

The sensible contracts of Cindx, as well as its genus Apis and blockchain technology, offer transparency, fixity, and censorship-resistance of all hold on data. all of them create all the processes clear. it's additionally noticed that every single trade that's dead within the system is recorded on the blockchain thereby creating trade history to be simply verifiable. The Cindx platform is extraordinarily valuable for quality managers, United Nations agency will have access to draw in additional investors than is possible outside of the system. it might be totally automatic and secure.

It is rattling to grasp that the Cindx system supports Bancor and it's its exchange entrance that's supported the ERC - twenty protocol. This platform would permit users to get, sell and additionally exchange Cindx security tokens for any of ERC - twenty supported tokens. The system of Cindx is totally integrated with lightning network suppliers and it might change BTC to be accepted.

All of this options and developments have the potential to form the whole Cindx system to be an extremely synergic and accessible investment surrounding for token different and active users.

Cindx ICO

Why Cindx

Cindx develops associate degree system that permits each capitalist to settle on merchants and/or quality managers to manage their portfolios and safely talk terms their encrypted funds for an inexpensive level of success.

Investors will currently consult with clear statistics and may be verified by traders and managers to settle on the correct commerce strategy. Statistics embody performance history, risk levels, interchangeable kryptonite sorts, etc. Investors will then notice the foremost acceptable carrier to manage their assets.

Cindx ICO

Ecosystem Characteristics

  • Cindx shifts the paradigm of existing relationships between trader-investor towards depersonalized truthful play solutions.
  • Cindx provides full access to the success and failure statistics of all quality managers registered within the system. whereas the business suggests choosing a dealer/manager supported the typical results of their operations. There aren't any inaccurate values, artistic accounting, and tax accounting: it's beat the chain of blocks.
  • Cindx offers users the chance to enter the science market and access a large number of services, as well as science quality management and a social network in an exceedingly single system for an inexpensive rate of success.
  • The intelligent contracts of Cindx, APls, and blockchain technology offer transparency, inalterability, and resistance to the censorship of all hold on data. create all processes clear.
  • Cindx security tokens permit users to acquire system services and receive rewards for cooling them with sensible contracts.

An increase in the range of active users within the system affects financial gain and creates additional engaging conditions for cardholders. The system economy is intended to cut back the volatility of the market price of the token on the open market.

Cindx ICO

How will the platform work

  • The capitalist will increase his science capital by expeditiously managing his assets through the knowledgeable dealer.
  • The dealer earns his tax success by encouraging investors to grasp the market and deep commerce ways.
  • The seller sells advanced tools for traders, like business robots and news.
  • Cindx receives commissions for the sale and subscription to the terminal.
  • The platform has many blessings that characterize it together of the simplest platforms to contemplate together of the simplest choices for the skilled dealer and among these.
  • Special grants can permit investors to keep up their activities at intervals the platform, giving them access. there's the chance of operating with science cash, no matter the situation.
  • The possibility of getting a clear and complete history of the dealer declaring to manage the investor's assets. this enables you to pick out knowledgeable United Nations agency will extremely guarantee a wonderful result.
  • No intermediaries and big commissions. This approach permits customers of the Cindx localized platform to figure merely and economically.

Cindx ICO Token

Detail: Cindx ICO Token
Token CINX
Price 1 CINX=  USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Stratis
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Fiat
Hard cap 21,000,000 USD
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Cindx ICO

Cindx ICO

Cindx ICO Team

Cindx ICO

Cindx ICO Roadmap

Cindx ICO

Cindx ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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