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Dealjoy ICO

Dealjoy ICO

Dealjoy ICO RatingDealjoy ICO - Dealjoy may be an international cashback that focuses on privacy
platform designed to attach internet buyers with their favorite merchants to produce instant Crypto cashback.

We believe that a very personal cashback platform is needed for the net looking business around the world to produce a worldwide audience with a competitive cashback rate while not sacrificing user privacy.

Dealjoy operates between customers and online merchants by negotiating and onboarding the simplest affiliate deals. Our members proceed to the net store through Dealjoy platform, they're going to receive a cashback commission for getting them, with just about no distinctive personal data given to a 3rd party.

Global and anonymous international payments created most likely through the continual adoption of mass cryptocurrency.

Using our blockchain and ERC-20 technology a typical token referred to as DEAL, the money back are going to be provided in private, globally, and directly while not minimum payout

Full GDPR compliance, instant anonymous payment, and also the risk for the client to stay unidentified entirely by cashback platform may be a new customary within the affiliate business.

Dealjoy ICO

Dealjoy may be an international Cashback Platform in Blockchain

Anonymous Payments
All Dealjoy cashback is paid anonymously inside the ERC-compatible ERAL token.

No Personal Details
Thanks to the blockchain-based system, there's no identification of non-public data needed from our members.

No knowledge Sales
Your looking habits aren't any one's business, and we'll keep that means.

Dealjoy ICO


The affiliate business is commonly defendant of handling confidential client knowledge unethically to extend their revenues. this is often created potential by customers wanting to offer personal data and agreeing to questionable terms so as to receive what they're owed. Submitting personal data to cashback suppliers together with personal order history are some things customers clearly wish to avoid. Another downside, from the user’s purpose of reading, is that the delay between getting the product and receiving the commission. On the present platforms, it should take up to a few months to receive the particular cashback. that's an extended wait and much from the customer’s ideal.


Revolutionary resolution to the matter is the Dealjoy platform, that pays out cashback
commissions in our own Ethereum compatible DEAL tokens. This allows North American country to focus on finding the simplest deals and bonuses for our members rather than handling international wire transfers, consequently requiring minimum payout limits and thinning out cashback percentages due to high payment process expenses.

Dealjoy cash-backs are paid out near-instantly and while not a minimum threshold. Members will withdraw their well-earned DEAL tokens to their wallets any time to be listed for alternative cryptocurrencies or command for potential price appreciation. Our community-driven token model works to the advantage of token holders, decrease the current provision and making shopping for pressure by repurchasing tokens to be distributed back to the community as commissions. Thanks to the character of the blockchain-based system, no distinctive personal data is needed of our members.

Dealjoy ICO

How Dealjoy Works

All purchases created by members can mechanically be half-tracked, and commissions are going to be paid in DEAL tokens as before long because the trafficker confirms the acquisition, that sometimes initiates in nearly period of time.

Example Case

Claire desires new headphones and notices that Dealjoy offers 8 May 1945 cashback on all headphones purchased from AliExpress. She issues to AliExpress through a link on Dealjoy and buys the headphones of her selection. once the acquisition is completed, Claire returns to Dealjoy and notices that her purchase was registered and secure quantity of DEAL tokens are further to her account.

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Dealjoy ICO

Dealjoy ICO Team

Dealjoy ICO

Dealjoy ICO

Dealjoy ICO Roadmap

Dealjoy ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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