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Inflr ICO

Inflr ICO

Inflr ICO ratingInflr ICO - Inflr is concentrated on making digital selling solutions victimization the newest technology for micro-influencers. we tend to believe that each one micro-influencers ought to have the chance to participate in associate degree exchange that stimulates the creation of high-quality advertising content and permits digital influencers to be salaried for truth worth of their influence.

Inflr has created the primary platform that connects advertisers to influencers among a marketplace using blockchain technology. With Inflr, advertisers will promote their merchandise and services using the influence of social network users.

Purpose of Inflr


Influencers with advertisers through a comprehensive and easy-to-use ad platform.


Dialogue between influencers and advertisers on a platform that has fast communication, submission and approval of content, and multiple forms and payment, creating transactions even safer.

Create Transparency

With access to period of time results and knowledge, enabling  advertisers to trace the progress and effectiveness of their drive, and to raised perceive their investment returns and whole development.


accurately the effectualness of influencers through the utilization of computing and thru technical analysis of collected knowledge like influencer posts, scope and nature of audience reaction, longevity of post relevancy, and size of “friend” networks. The analysis of those knowledge is employed to get a score that aides in assessing the utility of various influencers and connecting the proper advertisers with the proper influencers.

Inspire & Educate

  • Micro-influencers to boost the standard of the content they turn out by transportation them along to collaborate, learn, and build content along.
  • Inflr provides associate degree easy-to-navigate platform wherever influencers, advertising agencies, representatives, and types will act freely; most are enriched through shared experiences, regularly stimulating the digital influencer market.
  • As a part of efforts to make associate degree surroundings of this magnitude, Inflr has devised a framework that encompasses not solely a platform, however an entire system of merchandise and services for influencers and advertisers.


  • With the appearance of web and digital media, passive customers became active participants. various interactions became doable, from opinions expressed through tweets, to participation in live streams sponsored by brands.
  • As a consequence of those new digital tools, the types of communication are varied. Common users are not any longer simply the receivers of messages from master platforms - they need become content producers, permitting fast measurability associate degreed an accrued vary of messages.

Inflr ICO Token

Detail: Inflr ICO Token
Price 1 INFLR = 0.00025 ETH
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, Fiat
Hard cap 25,200 ETH
Country Cayman Islands
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas -
Inflr ICO

Inflr ICO Team

Inflr ICO

Inflr ICO

Inflr ICO Roadmap

Inflr ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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