Laccoin ICO - Alternative to Banking Industry

Laccoin ICO

Laccoin ICO

Laccoin ICO ratingLaccoin ICO - Laccoin is associate degree Ethereum-backed cryptocurrency that uses a mobile pocketbook. Individual users can have the choice of exchanging their cryptocurrencies and animal product tokens with different} through their mobile pocketbook or of paying their animal product tokens or other cryptocurrencies through their Laccoin paid open-end credit. The scope and vary of Laccoin can create it the primary cryptocurrency or token to bring geographic region and therefore the Caribbean beneath one financial jurisdiction.

Laccoin pocketbook are going to be accessible for transfer via IOS or the humanoid marketplace. With the utilization of the animal product card, people and businesses are going to be ready to operate within the Latin Yankee and Caribbean digital economy from their mobile device. However, the complete advantages of Laccoin can solely be apparent once an individual will use the token within the same manner that he uses alternative decree currencies or decree back debit cards for everyday payments.

Laccoin Wallet

The animal product pocketbook іs the solution to the dearth of fund mobіlіty and alternative fіnancіal lіmіtatіons descrіbed earlіer. Through the utilization of the smartphone, users wіll be ready to send cash freely to alternative іndіvіduals and busіnesses across the animal product regіon. Gіven a choіce of debіt cards, users wіll have the facіlіty to not solely pay through theіr wallets or a QPR code, however conjointly to get іtems at mіllіons of poіnts of acceptance onlіne and at crypto-frіendly stores. They wіll be ready to use eіther animal product tokens wіth theіr pocketbooks or alternative multі-currencіes that the wallet wіll support.


  • A fashionable payment system.
  • Achieving Underbanked.
  • International and domestic help to the animal product space.
  • Inability to take a position or pay with the animal product region.
  • Inability to access loans through ancient finance mechanisms to begin business comes or personal comes.
  • Don't have a checking account and underbanked don't have access to difficult monetary vehicles to assist build wealth.


  • Laccoin is a straightforward thanks to sending international cash transfers to alternative Laccoin pocketbook holders.
  • Access to banking services current and new cryptocurrency card payment system through the utilization of tools which will lead to a lot of important penetration rate than the bank.
  • The speed of help is important in important things. With widespread mobilization, facilitate is received with efficiency.
  • To modify and empower voters within the region to become a part of the new digital economy through the utilization of animal product tokens among the animal product region.
  • To modify and empower voters within the region to access microfinance through non-traditional suggests that by making enfranchisement scores through their Laccoin purses.
  • United Wealth Fund are going to be open solely to animal product token holders. The Index can hold an extremely liquid cryptocurrency managed to confirm a powerful portfolio that meets the requirements of the animal production system.

Laccoin ICO

Laccoin ICO Benefit

  • Multi-asset (any blockchain plus compatible with and accepted by the Laccoin Wallet)
  • Assets stay in cryptocurrency in Laccoin pocketbook
  • Know Your Client (KYC protocols) for purchasers
  • Decentralized and trusty storage
  • Tips tailored for people to achieve their monetary goals
  • Strong safety features to manage the physical & and virtual card
  • Mandatory Two-factor authentication (also referred to as 2FA)
  • Access to P2P Loans

Currency Supported

  • Laccoins
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin

Laccoin ICO

Laccoin Debit Card

Laccoin open-end credit every Laccoin pocketbook user has the choice of applying for a Laccoin open-end credit that works in conjunction with the pocketbook. Since physical paid debit cards square measure a lot of access to individuals within the animal product region as hostile virtual debit cards, the stress are going to be on physical debit cards. Moreover, users can have the choice to lock or unlock their debit cards, as an extra security live not found in current debit cards.
  • Laccoin debit card that works in conjunction with the pocketbook.
  • Option to lock or unlock their debit cards.
  • Reward program for each animal product WHITE CARD/LAC GOLD CARD

Laccoin ICO Vision

We believe that, with the utilization of the Laccoin system, we will give individuals among the animal product region with quick access to funds. several of those individuals would unremarkably be out of reach among by the current system. Blockchain technology, that is it's cheaper, quicker and safer, is a superb thanks to reaching bent and embrace everybody among the region to participate whether or not among the standard economy or the new digital economy of the long run.

Laccoin ICO Token

Detail: Laccoin ICO Token
Token LAC
Price 1 LAC= 0.10 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD
Country Canada
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
Laccoin ICO

Laccoin ICO Team

Laccoin ICO

Laccoin ICO

Laccoin ICO Roadmap

Laccoin ICO

Laccoin ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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