Lux Ant Digital ICO - The Decentralized Future of the New Electronic Banking

Lux Ant Digital ICO

Lux Ant Digital ICO

Alux Bank ICO ratingLux Ant Digital ICO - Lux Ant Digital could be a blockchain based mostly project that is directly on ever-changing the centralized banking industry. The project is reaching to change the banking industry with the assistance of sensible contracts to form it safer, clear and a reliable system. Today, the advantages of the banking industry aren't been enjoyed by everybody because of its centralized structure. Therefore, this project aims to resolve the issues that persist these days within the banking industry.


  • A lot of individuals have lost their management over their own heritage and this can be restricted by the provision of the Central Banks.
  • It's been ascertained that there's a poor and low customary of living of the population, that makes them excluded as a result of the price that's more than the financial gain that people will generate.
  • There's associate degree unbanked a part of the world’s population, and it's the third half.
  • The unbaked people will solely build use of money, and this even provides a limitation for the unbaked individual in such a lot of ways in which.
  • The on the market high value as created it not possible for Central Banks to finish with the previous issues.

Traditional Banking System.

Despite the constant problems related to the utilization of ancient banks, we tend to don't have the other reason, however, to stay with the system since there's no variety to the utilization of the system.
The recent habit of users on the system is that the reason behind the knockdown on the on the market business models.


  • Associate degree entity specialized in electronic deposits are provided ready to} be able to place associate degree finish to a lot of obtainable issues.
  • The creation of a brand new market niche within the money business, this manner opportunities are provided to the stagnant small economy.
  • The bottom has associate degree electronic banking platform that is that the Blockchain, this can build it doable to incorporate this half that is tough for the central banks to adapt as a result of the price of high management.
  • The new technology of sensible contracts has created it doable for Lux Ant Digital to switch the normal contracts.
  • The answer is ended to be the creation of the ERC-20 network, which can get disposed of an excellent digital programming system referred to as sensible Contract.

The Technical Requirements of the Application

  • It's a mobile application.
  • The convenience of a software package for authentication.
  • The procedure for identification and authentication that may offer zero prices for final users.
  • There'll be dealing that may offer zero prices for the sender.

Benefits of Lux Ant Digital

Electronic Banking Platform
This platform can facilitate the users to regulate the expertise of shopping for, selling, causing cash and/or digital assets from login to the tip of the dealings. It provides quick access to the users at any time of the day since it'll on the market twenty-four hours every day. The platform conjointly charges terribly low fees, therefore, saving up the users’ high value.

App Mobile
The app can modify users to hold out the task like causing of cash, saving, collections of lists or different payments, currency conversions, online purchases and requests of microlending's, etc.

Payment Card
This payments card can build use of a QR code which can link on to the checking account, therefore, eliminating the necessity for a chip or a pin.

Currency Conversion
The platform permits the user to right away to the currency conversions with low commissions as compared to the ancient banking industry.

Physical ATMs throughout the world
The project aims to put in cashiers' network ATM within the whole world wherever the cashier are chargeable for currency conversion, to recharge Alux Bank’s card, to deliver money and receive act within the app etc.

The Product and Services Lux Ant Digital

  • The supply of associate degree electronic platform with its own official checking account.
  • The supply of associate degree application to assist manage funds.
  • A payment card that's fully secure.
  • The provision of a service that sends cash with the least value of the commission and most speed that fully lack intermediaries.
  • The provision of physical ATMs in the course of the rural area.
  • The provision of business network.
  • A secured micro-loans.

The Aim of Lux Ant Digital

  • The power to cut back poverty line.
  • To supply the likelihood of providing work a distance and economic process.
  • The provision of electronic finance can build on the market the creation of latest product and business.
  • To cut back the difference between categories.
  • To determine the genre of equality by promoting the money electronic activity to girls by increasing the on the market management of their fund and business.

Lux Ant Digital ICO Token

Detail: Lux Ant Digital ICO Token
Token ALUX
Price 1 ALUX = 0.06 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap 25,000,000 USD
Country Spain
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas China, USA, North Korea
Lux Ant Digital ICO

Lux Ant Digital ICO

Lux Ant Digital ICO Team

Lux Ant Digital ICO

Lux Ant Digital ICO

Lux Ant Digital ICO Roadmap

Lux Ant Digital ICO

Lux Ant Digital ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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