Module ICO - Cryptoeconomic Ecosystem on a Decentralized File Storage Network

Module ICO

Module ICO

Module ICO - Module may be a blockchain project that is developing a platform which will utilize the unused storage of smartphones, PCs, servers etc to hold out mining. This platform can enable anyone to contribute their free storage and method cryptocurrency mining. These users are going to be successively rewarded with MODL tokens. Module also will modify its users to develop their own DApps on the platform.


  • The smartphones and robot devices incorporate unused storage which individuals principally don't need or don't use. just about there area unit 2 billion those who use smartphones which suggests there's an outsized quantity of cupboard space that isn't been used.
  • Businesses and Governments face issues of information storage as they're still finding the cheap ways in which to store the massive quantity of information with additional security.
  • The matter with rising blockchain technology is that it becomes centralized and what is more cryptocurrency mining needs infrastructure and computing resources. This act as a barrier for the majority of users World Health Organization wish to participate in blockchain and do mining.

Module Platform

Module platform is determination all the higher than issues by victimization the free area of smartphones or PCs and so allows anyone to hold out mining even from their mobile phones. Users may issue new coins on this platform and develop redistributed apps (DApps).

Users will earn rewards by giving the free area to the platform. The reward distribution can rely on the capability of free storage, utilization time, area and dealings sort. The platform is so additionally initiating an answer to poor countries World Health Organization will simply earn rewards through this platform.

Module platform relies on PoSTT (Proof of area, Time and Transaction) protocol that is developing a redistributed storage network. Businesses and different users will store and transmit knowledge by victimization tokens whereas on the opposite hand miners can mine these tokens. The redistributed storage provides security to the users, not like centralized cloud storages that area unit prone to obtaining hacked.


The user or the consumer World Health Organization needs to store his knowledge on the platform uses the tokens to try to, therefore. The consumer will store the info for any amount of your time. The storage suppliers get rewards reciprocally in terms of coins. The miner's area unit accountable to support the blockchain by confirmatory dealings history and the good contract. Miners additionally get rewards for ending mining over this platform.


Internal testing can begin from Gregorian calendar month 2018. The beta version are going to be distributed to users in Dec when the completion of testing. The official unleashes in Google Play and App Store is regular for the Gregorian calendar month.

one of the options of our project is that a token holder = MODL user. The beta version of the MODL application are going to be distributed to the users World Health Organization purchased a MODL token throughout the ICO. The additional activity on the appliance, the additional price of MODL to be distributed. Influencers are going to be wont to propagate the App and acquire users. Press releases can begin within the Asian region from August 2018.

Module App – Knowledge Storage Service

MODULE is appropriate for storage of sensitive info as a result of its distributed storage keeps knowledge in fragments in many alternative places. It will be wont to store info that ought to be unbroken secret from others. especially, by storing info in a very distributed store like MODULE, one will enhance info security through “secret sharing”.

In different words, if sensitive info is split into fractional items of knowledge and hold on in separate places, info can't be reproduced with only 1 fragment, however, if many items area unit gathered, the data will be reproduced. This Secret Sharing technique are going to be employed in the blockchain, and to create secure cloud storage for the safe storage of sensitive info.

The technique for concealing documents recorded in blockchain through the management of secret sharing keys has already been developed. One obstacle to utilizing blockchain to handle sensitive info was the very fact that info on blockchain should be disclosed to the complete community of users. However, by combining blockchain technology and secret sharing, one will expect higher security and convenience. during this approach, blockchain will be employed in numerous fields like finance, distribution, within the offer chain, document management, etc.

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Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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