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Neluns ICO

Neluns ICO

Neluns ICO ratingNeluns ICO - Neluns may be a trendy monetary scheme, uniting banks that may operate well with rescript and crypto. Also, it'll embody itself currency exchange and insurance firms, creating the most effective conditions for the evolution of the standard of the cryptocurrency market.

To overcome current issues like limiting cryptocurrency in everyday use, probably from market participants, innovative and broad solutions area unit required. The goal of Neluns is to mix the cryptocurrency market with finance. Also, Neluns can place a brake on all barriers and resolve a number of the key issues that area unit gift currently and forestall human interaction with the cryptocurrency world. Neluns comes with current downside solutions, transportation innovative concepts, and technology.

Neluns Platform

Neluns may be a redistributed platform that uses trendy technologies towards finding ancient monetary establishments through improvement in security and monetary process, the platform has tokenized its economy to permit automatic process of good contracts that may build the processes economical and value effectively. Neluns platform makes use of cryptocurrencies and rescript to permit monetary autonomy to the community. The community has 3 parts that have a financial organization, associate degree insurance platform, and a cryptocurrency exchange. Neluns users are going to be able to relish the advantages of mistreatment rescript and cryptocurrencies on the platform in an exceedingly redistributed atmosphere that's secure and value effectively.

Benefits of Neluns System

Neluns businesses model is comprehensive and permits the employment of rescript and cryptocurrencies towards monetary services, users of the platform are going to be able to interact in an exceedingly ascendable atmosphere that uses good contracts to permit quicker process of their monetary transactions.

Neluns platform has complied to government rules and has all the necessities and licenses to supply its monetary services, this creates a stable atmosphere for businesses. The compliance with government bodies offers its users peace of mind, the platform also will permit users to possess management of their funds and be able to interact 24/7 while not limitations of their funds. The platform through the employment of blockchain technology can permit users to store their monetary group action in the distributed ledger that's secure and immutable, this is often added a really high secure network that's free from hacker's exploit.

Neluns ICO

The Neluns Scheme

Bank Neluns this is often a replacement generation bank, which is able to embody interactions between rescript services and cryptocurrencies.

Neluns Exchange
This is often a contemporary exchange, creating cryptocurrency operations safe and quick at no matter scale is accessible.

Neluns Insurance
Permits to shield all transactions and trade administered by scheme users.

Neluns ICO

Neluns Bank

The scheme parts area unit business banks authorized by Bank Nuns, formally registered in accordance with all restrictive needs. Neluns Bank presents an oversized spectrum of services for physical and legal interests. this may offer classic bank and bank services on the blockchain. in the future, he can enjoy his own blockchain with access to any clock from around the world.

Neluns ICO

Neluns Exchange 

Neluns Exchange may be an international cryptocurrency exchange that appoints itself as associate degree initiation for a replacement and sophisticated banking design. this is often associate degree innovative resolution that solves the issues and downsides of existing cryptocurrency exchanges. this is often not a normal exchange, it's associate degree exchange that uses associate degree advance "Bank guarantee". Users area unit absolutely legitimate and insured, they do not have to be compelled to worry concerning sudden things.

All actions are going to be administered in accordance with all legal norms and absolutely legitimate trade. Investors' fund's area unit forever connected with IBAN in Bank Nuns and area unit de jure protected. Many cryptocurrency exchange users expertise issues with retreating funds from exchanges, this method sometimes takes a great deal of your time. With Neluns exchange, this method is going to be done instantly due to the multicurrency account opened with Bank Neluns.

Neluns ICO

Another feature of Neluns Exchange is that the high level of security because of the actual fact that they're going to use reliable banking technical solutions, provided by world-leading firms. During peak load time, users suffer greatly. this is often accomplished through losses as a result of funds area unit frozen, registration is closed to new users soon. Exchange Neluns can eliminate this downside by mistreatment the leading technology of the 2 monetary industries.

Additionally, Neluns pays attention to effective and easy client service support, Neluns are going to be offered directly on the mobile app chat, on all couriers, on the Neluns website, and thru our hotline.

Neluns ICO

Insurance Neluns

Another necessary facet of the Neluns scheme is Insurance. this may follow au courant monetary risks, be absolute to trade and transactions.
These area unit divided into 2 categories:

Full insurance
Offer full insurance once one thing happens.

Partial Insurance
Provides insurance just for a set quantity

The cost for this service depends on the row of criteria. Basically, around 100 percent of the overall trade or variety of transactions. Fees for partial insurance area unit determined singly for every case. As you'll see, the prospect of Neluns is big. it's the advantage of mistreatment it each for active cryptocurrency market participants, and for potential cryptocurrency market participants.
Here area unit a number of them:
  • The full spectrum of banking services.
  • Unique cryptocurrency currency exchange
  • High level of security
  • Removal of entry barriers
  • Ability to create instant payments anyplace within the world
  • Low commission with minimal  risk

Neluns ICO Token 

Detail: Neluns ICO Token
Token NLS
Price 1 NLS = 1 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 112,000 ETH
Country UK
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas None
Neluns ICO

Neluns ICO Team

Neluns ICO

Neluns ICO Partners

Neluns ICO

Neluns ICO Roadmap

Neluns ICO

Neluns ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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