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AiBB ICO ratingAiBB ICO - AiBB is associate degree associate degree analytics powerhouse with an Ai assistant to assist the user to be of the crypto markets. This all-in-one application homes all the tools and options user need to grow his portfolio and become an in bargainer.

AiBB computing assistant application incorporates varied blockchain networks, good contracts, and increased intelligence into one platform to equip users with the choice of creating power. AiBB provides users all the tools they have for in trades, as well as personalized portfolio management, trade predictions recommendation, groundbreaking Ai chat, and Ai security. Users are able to execute trades across a number of the foremost liquid and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, preventing the destabilization which will occur once one exchange is forced to soak up a high-volume dealing.

The goal of AiBB is to offset many repetitive, time-intensive tasks with its information processing whereas overlaying unjust intelligence associate degreed keeping an elevated level of security and facilitate users maximize their ROI once commercialism. AiBB has associate degree exclusive license agreement with SKAEL, Inc. they're presently applying for their patent unfinished information processing within the B2B world, wherever they’re chop-chop automating and providing insights. SKAEL is tasked with the role of developing and integrating the AI technology whereas utilizing and enhancing the accessibility of blockchain.


Features of AiBB

  • Ai Digital Assistant
Tongue communication to execute advanced tasks.
  • Ai Portfolio Analysis
Insights on your portfolio and potential similar opportunities.
  • Trading Analysis
Intelligence on your commercialism patterns over time / execute orders from the app.
  • Wallet
Safely lock, store and access your multiple coins in one place.
  • Ai Security
Fingerprint ID, voice recognition and OTP integration, your security is our priority.
  • Direct Commercialism
Trade across platforms with ease, no a lot of shift back and forth to stay track.
  • Ai Voice
Stop typewriting and use your voice to urge actions done quicker.
  • Ai Pay
Acquire day to day things through automaton and Apple Pay.
  • DApp Extensibility
Plug into your favorite applications and use Abe together with your most well-liked platform.

AiBB Works

The program is constructed victimization NLU, informatics, and milliliter proprietary algorithms that analyze the blockchain in look for info regarding the most effective investments.

The program has multiple functions. it'll be accustomed get instant insights regarding your portfolio and commercialism recommendations on the market, likewise as totally different statistics. Chat with the larva victimization your voice to spare time that you simply would lose if you had to put in writing and keep your assets safe with their alert system which will decide you if any suspicious activity is found on your accounts.

You can conjointly build investments right from your phone victimization the program, have access to a private case and receive hints and reviews regarding the newest ICOs.


  • Price Volatility
This case happens, first off once there's a scarcity of correct assessment of the underlying worth of a security and second wherever there's a scarcity of market depth.
  • Buying Crypto
There's no physical component in shopping for crypto as they can not covert it into currency within the checking account.
  • Poor Valuation of Makes
It is a tough task to properly worth investments in a very new house. Early adopters build their manner with restricted tools and resources. Their investment transactions don't seem to be supported calculated, abreast of and educated choices however on speculation and feeling.
  • Token Loss and Transfer Time
Transferring cryptocurrencies is disagreeable and has giant probabilities of error. it's conjointly an awfully long method.
  • Misinformation
The present ICO market relies on the intelligent analysis of a future product.


  • An AI Assistant
AiBB's Ai assistant is meant to know the total context of a user question. It gathers information and provides users with info before human users execution or acting a task. It's ensured that information stays secure with marginal latency.
  • Analytics
The platform saves time by providing correct, up-to-date info from thousands of knowledge sources.
  • Alerts
This machine-controlled alert system is meant to assemble info 24x7. Trader's open positions on associate degree exchange and have a tendency to chuck it. once an enormous spike in value happens, the user is inadvertently closed out of their position and misses out on potential profits. AiBB helps grow portfolios by simply anticipating the market previous trade orders.
  • Token Authentication Protocol (TAP)
It's a tech-savvy, easy thanks to verifying details of every dealing before causation any quality. The protocol eradicates user error. The receiving app has the right info of that quality is incoming and deposits it into the proper token case. If the case address isn't generated, the app can produce it and deposit the funds into the proper case.
  • A Better Thanks to Trade
AiBB's users have the power to execute trades across multiple exchanges via a non-public and secure API association. Its secure association cuts minutes into seconds by commercialism directly from the applying.
  • Trade Information
Users will see the number of dead orders to urge a transparent image of the obtain and sell order. obtaining info now not needs work in at each exchange and seeing the information.
  • Portfolio Management Automation
It's a module that mechanically gathers info from all connected exchanges. It provides users with a transparent image of what their assets square measure value. This helps cut back the requirement to own multiple apps for specific functions. It simplifies commercialism whereas creating it smarter.
  • Fees
It provides a peer to see commercialism platform and this reduces the fees charged by third party exchanges on trades.
  • Payment Practicality
A payment answer engineered into AiBB can offer our users and merchants with instant payments for product and services via Crypto or act. Users will send and receive act funds.
  • Security Layer and Protocols
There's forever worry of assets being taken. The platform sets up firewalls with multiple layers of security and conjointly a learning module.

AiBB ICO Token

Detail: AiBB ICO Token
Token AIBB
Price 1 AIBB = 0.25 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, SYS, LTC, Fiat
Hard cap 25,000,000 USD
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA





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AiBB ICO Roadmap


Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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