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BitcoinBing ICO

BitcoinBing ICO

BitcoinBing ICO ratingBitcoinBing ICO - BitcoinBing has been created with the aim of finding this problem. The exchanges these days face an exact range of problems. BitcoinBing team had made public all those problems and designed its own exchange in a very manner that it bypasses all those issues.

Almost all the present exchanges square measure place along in a very rush to create profits as shortly as attainable. This approach has caused basic shortcomings in their structure of operations. BitcoinBing platform took an extended time for development, with the precise goal of making certain that the user expertise doesn't deteriorate as user volumes rise on the platform.

BitcoinBing team used years of expertise in cryptocurrency and style, with this collective effort enabled US to make a platform that maintains a consistentized|an identical|the same|a regular|an even} standard for user expertise, with the capability to resist significant group action masses and Brobdingnagian fluctuations. Consequently, we tend to did face some problems within the initial section of development that was slower. However, this can be what offers BitcoinBing the crucial operational near apply.

Vision of BitcoinBing

BitcoinBing’s vision is to lift the quality of expectation across the trade Associate in nursing to deliver the best expertise with an exceptionally powerful commerce engine, active platform development, and a customizable interface. we tend to square measure grappling problems that span the trade and our platform is devoted to the user base. BitcoinBing could be a reconciliation participation within the blockchain area and fast mass adoption. This project is concentrated at optimizing the trade with induction of cryptocurrency and blockchain. it's a trial to usher the globe into a secure and reliable system. Bitcoinbing can secure the interests of its users all told aspects. Its expression is to ease the manner folks create their transactions these days. With peer-to-peer design, this platform can neutralize the profit for each user.

The onsite BitcoinBing matching engine features an extraordinary group action process capability that may handle up to 1,000,000orders/second. BitcoinBing users square measure spared from the difficulty of looking forward to their orders to induce out of a queue that in some instances will take days or perhaps weeks to the method. This platform offers all the services that a typical exchange provides like spot commerce, margin commerce, anonymous instant exchange and redistributed exchange.

In addition, thereto, it conjointly offers the flexibility to conduct over-the-counter and peer-to-peer commerce of enactment and cryptocurrency in a very versatile and secure manner. In BitcoinBing, users signify what cryptocurrencies they need and what rate of exchange they're willing to sell with, Associate in nursing alternative users answer them and discuss till an agreement is reached. Upon doing that, a sensible contract is in agreement stipulating what quantity is to be changed on either side, however the transfer useful is to be created, and among what time-frame these events square measure to require place. so as to confirm that users don't seem to be cheated of their cash or otherwise discomfited, a rating and review mechanism exists for every year to realize onsite trust ratings, that helps users in creating essential choices regarding World Health Organization to try and do business with.


The Lack of a Structural Volume
This can be capable enough to contain the operations of Associate in Nursing exchange system. This results from many setups that return on the scene with very little or no preparation, thinking they'll handle the huddles and therefore the pressure of Associate in Nursing exchange system like that. However, several of them fail however BitcoinBing has taken it time for a powerful structural craft that may span the complete world of crypto-market the dangerous and smart seasons.

Low-Security Voltage of the Foremost Exchange System
This has conjointly drawn up a large sorrow within the crypto world in this several of the purchasers and therefore the users have used their precious funds to take a position into a project or platform they believe however reciprocally, they expertise loss over a loss.

Furthermore, hackers have conjointly seen the crypto exchange systems as a client once it comes that platform they simply hack. However, this venture can offer a system that may be punctually audited and punctiliously style in a very manner that not security bridge will surface.

Rigid Market Conditions
Most of the current exchange systems do have what's known as a shadow book ensuing to a major delay in transactions however in BitcoinBing, this can in no wise occur as this venture has detected it to be the explanation for the slow functioning system that's plaguing the current exchange systems across the ledger world.


Multi-Currency Pairs
Through the availability of the multiple currency pairing operations, all users are going to be ready to perform varied transactions promptly while not one poignant the opposite. With this, the system will offer the simplest expertise for it purchasers across the world.

Stack Trade Desk
These can alter the purchasers to be in a position all their assets which can conjointly open them up to the benefits of investment with most calculated risks. It conjointly accumulates the overall quantity of their varied assets in their dashboard.

Desktop and Mobile Friendly
This venture can offer the simplest interface for each the mobile and desktop users. Through this, all purchasers can have the simplest transactions expertise while not losing any transactions.

Risk Management
This technique will see to that that, the chance management is with efficiency low and might be accepted by many ventures for his or her usage. The low risk of this technique is completed with the is of Integrations that are embedded into the system.

BitcoinBing ICO

Features of BitcoinBing

Zero Fee Structure
Bing token is BitcoinBing platform’s native token which supplies traders zero commerce fee, once victimization it to pay the fee for trades created on BitcoinBing exchange. This means that BitcoinBing raised capital, launched with a practical product and instantly had a sensible utility to learn users. A utility token could be a practical token that, through sensible contract programming, may be used
in many alternative ways that. just in case of Bing, it may be accustomed obtain services among the platform furthermore like zero commerce fee

Multiple Currency Combine
BitcoinBing platform offers multiple currency pairing which might alter them in capital punishment multiple transactions at the same time. at first, the tokens would be paired with BING, BTC, ETH, & USDT. throughout the first quater of 2019 enactment would be Deployed during which Major currencies would be USD, GBP, & INR.

Full Stack Trade Table
This specific feature strengthens the traders to trade with all the assets and derivatives. It lets them create investments with calculated risks alongside telling them the parameters and straightening the transactions. It tells them the overall quantity of the assets on the dashboard and lets them calculate the profits they gain. The in-built trade calculator includes all the parameters by that the merchant makes transactions and it offers out correct results. the complete stack trade table permits the traders to set up the business strategically, keeping all the risks unfree.

Security is that the utmost priority for any platform that offers payment and group action services. BitcoinBing, being Associate in Nursing exchange couldn't leave a stone right-side-out to create the protection foolproof. built on the blockchain, BitcoinBing has evaluated ever side of security and created the platform stalwart to counteract any security threat. This platform has enclosed processes like KYC to create the knowledge fully safe. Blockchain itself provides a seal of security, however, to reassure that everything is secure, BitcoinBing has additional each alternative parameter that makes its security preponderant.

Security Feature
  • 2FA Authentication (For Login and Withdraw)
  • OTP Verification
  • E-mail Verification (For Login and Withdraw)
  • All Funds are going to keep in secured cold notecase
  • Encrypted Keys
  • DDOs Preotction
  • Data Transmission

Token purchase
Once 1 / 4, BitcoinBing can combination at least five-hundredths of the exchange commerce fee and use them to shop for and burn Bing exchange tokens. this can keep a balanced quantity of tokens within the market and within the platform for users. This method can burn further tokens obtaining collected within the market and keep the worth of Bing token intact. it'd conjointly facilitate in gaining a lot of price on high of the present price.

In order to alleviate the crypto traders from the on top of mentioned problems, BitcoinBing team has industriously worked thereon design. The onsite BitcoinBing matching engine features an extraordinary group action process capability that may handle up to 1,000,000orders/second

Desktop & Mobile App
The BitcoinBing platform is developed for each desktop and mobile users. because the range of mobile users is increasing quickly, BitcoinBing doesn’t wish any of its users to lose one group action thanks to this limitation. The compatibility of the platform with completely different operative systems like Windows, Android, iOS and UNIX system has been checked by trade consultants at various stage.

Commerce Competition and Delivery Distribution
With all the opposite benefits, BitcoinBing platform will have everyday commerce competition and delivery distribution. this may keep the traders impelled to have interaction in commerce, it'd conjointly facilitate them recover their losses if they face some. Airdrops became Associate in Nursing integral a part of ICO promoting campaigns. they'll add a major quantity of investors in any program.
The thought of commerce competition is introduced to stay users engaged in commercial activities which might facilitate them in their portfolio. This program will increase the user participation and rewards them with several edges.

24/7 Live Chat
BitcoinBing can offer 24/7 live chat support to help users with any question or issue. Although the platform is constructed in such how that it leaves no scope of the issue, the BitcoinBing team understands that it should take a short while for the users to return to terms with the platform. Therefore, we are going to have live chat support that may facilitate the users with queries and nuances of the platform. This web can have consultants World Health Organization recognize the platform within out. The team is going to be partitioning all the queries as shortly as attainable and every one the complaints are going to be handled with immediate result.

Instant Withdrawal & Deposits.
There will be Automatic Deposits and Withdrawal in accounts once verified with the protection. that the users can haven't to attend for either deposit or withdrawal.

BitcoinBing ICO Token

Detail: BitcoinBingICO Token
Token BING
Price 1 BING = 0.50 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 40,000,000 USD
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
BitcoinBing ICO

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BitcoinBing ICO

BitcoinBing ICO

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BitcoinBing ICO

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BitcoinBing ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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