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Crypto Circle X ICO

Crypto Circle eXchange ICO

Crypto Circle eXchange ICO ratingCrypto Circle eXchange ICO - Crypto Circle eXchange is that the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange steam-powered by an innovative technology that's capable of over ten million transactions per second. Our customers rely on the US, the maximum amount as we tend to, upon them. during this world of providing and take, it's ne'er been as clear as straight away, once addressing our exchange. we would like others to appear at the image we've, and keep in mind instantly our reference to our customers.

At its core, Crypto Circle eXchange may be a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain plus exchange centered on speed, safety, measurability, and client support. we are going to issue our own token known as the Crypto Circle X Coin, with CCX because of the image. CCX is associate ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Features of Crypto Circle eXchange

  • This exchange doesn't store the passwords employed by the shoppers to guard their accounts.
  • This exchange uses AES 256 encoding so as to safeguard all of your sensitive information then stores that information within the information.
  • It uses CloudFlare protection so as to stop your valuable information against DDoS attacks
  • This exchange is that includes the 2FA with Google critic so as to supply a lot of security.

High-Performance Trading

  • The developers have used the GoLang (Google Language) to program this platform that provides varied advantages over C, C#, C++, Java, and Ruby.  This platform will simply compile into several in operating systems and up the potency, accuracy, and speed of the cryptocurrency in an exceedingly cleaner secret writing setting.
  • The GoLang machine language makes it doable for Crypto Circle X to method voluminous transactions inside every second.

Anti-Market Manipulation
  • In order to deliver a secure and profitable mercantilism expertise, this platform uses time period market police investigation so as to discover suspicious mercantilism activities, together with pass-through trades, unusually giant trades, spoofing, wash trades, stuffing, layering, hammering, and momentum ignition.
  • This platform is that includes the Market police investigation and Risk Management tool to supply analytics and post-trade coverage. This platform complies with the principles of EU Market Abuse  Regulation, US Dodd-Frank SEC laws, and alternative international mercantilism laws so as to permit the investors from all across the globe to expertise safe and legal mercantilism.

Advanced Security
  • Passwords aren't held on (hashes square measure stored). All sensitive user information is AES 256 encrypted before being inserted into the information for safe keeping.
  • CloudFlare protection is employed to defend against DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks which can occur.
  • This exchange is that includes the 2FA with Google critic so as to supply a lot of security.
  • Tokens square measure secured with associate offline multi-signature billfold/vault system for plus protection.
  • For all Customers residing in any EU member state, the exchange platform is totally GDPR Compliant.

Premium Features

The platform premium options are: Affiliate System, skilled Charts with Technical Analysis, Social Media Integration/Sentiment Analysis, A.I., automotive vehicle mercantilism, Leverage mercantilism, Marginal mercantilism

Crypto Circle eXchange ICO Token

Detail: Crypto Circle X ICO Token
Token CCX
Price 1 CCX = 0.09 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 114,500 ETH
Country Malta
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas None
Crypto Circle X ICO

Crypto Circle X ICO

Crypto Circle eXchange ICO Team

Crypto Circle X ICO

Crypto Circle X ICO

Crypto Circle X ICO

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Crypto Circle X ICO

Crypto Circle eXchange ICO Roadmap

Crypto Circle X ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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