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DataBlockChain ICO

DataBlockChain ICO

Datablockchain ICO ratingDataBlockChain ICO - could be a revolutionary information platform that stands to disrupt the means that corporations and people gather premium information. Our product can democratize information, creating it additional without delay on the market and fewer high-ticket than the present ways of knowledge gathering and vetting. The result's that shoppers will access specific information sets in a very efficient and clear means, collection precisely what they have while not paying for extraneous information. can revolutionize the information list trade by eliminating inessential middlemen and making an additional economical data sourcing and delivery method. can build a unified computer program to permit an associate degree entity to look varied and numerous sources of knowledge for records that match their search question parameters. The parameters will vary from geographic, demographic, psychographic and activity attributes. one question would be able to span many sources and billions of records.

The sensible assortment Engine can utilize prognosticative analytics (a kind of AI exploitation information analysis and machine learning) for Confidence rating to produce the foremost correct and up-to-date information. It also can mix sources to produce all needed attributes. The entity would receive a recordset that it might transfer and utilize. The record set is often one person that matches all parameters or countless records that match the parameters.


The data trade nowadays isn't what it wont to be. information acquisition processes are currently high-ticket and information suppliers are currently scarce. This has LED to a rise in the range of companies urgently in want of essential data.

The existing information market scheme of data/list house owners, managers and brokers is inefficient and sometimes ineffective, cost accounting businesses inessential time and cash.

Data could be an important facet of the digital promoting /advertising trade. Yet, effective information sources are currently seld and also the few that are left, are offered at an awfully high worth. The high demand for information sources that offer quality, complete and most significantly, verified information has skyrocketed in today's digital age.

Solutions can offer a strong interface between the users and the data sources. can produce a single-point resolution that will eliminate the requirement for multiple information vendors and layers of list managers and brokers that make unskillfulness within the marketplace. The backend systems can guarantee full confidence in information quality for the tip user as well as transactional definiteness for the information suppliers. can amendment the means the information list trade operates by Eliminating inessential middlemen and creating on the market a less difficult to use data sourcing and delivery method. this may be created potential employing a unified UI to permit each business and people search varied and numerous sources of knowledge for records that match their search question parameters.

DataBlockChain ICO

Features of DataBlockChain

Smart assortment Engine (SIE) utilizes a localized sensible assortment Engine(SIE) to index all information sources and assign confidence scores on the sources. The SIE is associate degree kind of AI exploitation information analysis and machine learning. It uses prognosticative associate degree analytics to form an acceptable score and It perpetually checks and re-evaluates the sources to change the scores.

Blockchain Integration utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain and sensible contracts for all transactions and payments. When businesses look to use information, they'll seek information on that meets their necessities. As presently as they notice it, they'll send payment to the information suppliers so they'll incline access to the information they requested for. This becomes real employing a digital currency that works along with the platform exploitation sensible Contract, so each party is glad and every one these are often done anonymously.

DBC Wallet
The current method for exploitation utility tokens is incredibly advanced and not user-friendly, thereby limiting potential usage.
The user would force multiple wallets and a technical understanding of Exchanges, Ethereum, Wallets, and Token Exchange. the method is advanced and concerned.
  • Creating associate degree Ether pocketbook that has access to the most Ethereum network. (This could be an advanced method that involves several steps associate degreed an understanding of personal and Public Keys)
  • Use associate degree exchange to buy Ether that is kept within the exchange pocketbook. (Some exchanges permit rescript to Ether purchase however others need you to buy BTC one by one then convert the BTC to ETH)
  • Transfer the Ether from the exchange pocketbook to the user pocketbook. (Needs associate degree understanding of pocketbook addresses and exchange fees)
  • Find the Token Sale for DBCCoin and transfer ETH employing a sensible Contract to exchange for DBCCoin. (Requires associate degree understanding of sensible Contracts, Gas, Wei, and dealing Hashes)
  • Use DBCCoin for purchases by causing DBCCoin to a dealing address.

DataBlockChain ICO Token

Detail: DataBlockChain ICO Token
Token DBCCoin
Price 1 DBCCoin = 0.12 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 50,000,000 USD
Country Cayman Islands
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
DataBlockChain ICO

DataBlockChain ICO Team

DataBlockChain ICO
DataBlockChain ICO
DataBlockChain ICO

DataBlockChain ICO Roadmap

DataBlockChain ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0x964B446b9Afe543002FE3CB380489f80b5bBb4a9

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