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DataXchain ICO

DataXchain ICO

DataXchain ICO ratingDataXchain ICO - DataXchain is Decentralized P2P Data Trading Service, to the wider world. DataXchain trusts that the point of the Intelligent Information Society is to give extreme productivity to all humanity, in view of the new qualities made on the ICT establishment, by conveying shrewd innovation and advancement to the overall population. The information coursing through the data correspondence arrange far and wide speaks to a key asset to our general public.

Be that as it may, under our current mechanical framework, information is bolted inside brought together frameworks and administrations, for the most part, spoken to by a bunch of web-based life and web entrances. Our own information has been reaped by these Data Giants to produce benefits or fulfill their own advantages.

DataXchain will change the present information amusement and empower Data Liberalism through DataXchain, a novel 'Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service'. Utilizing the DataXchain Platform, all the data of DataXchain's accomplices and clients will be associated, incorporated and oversaw similarly and reasonably.

Vision of DataXchain

DataXchain will open up another time in the Intelligent Data Age in which everybody can appreciate equivalent and upbeat advanced monetary exercises.

Mission of DataXchain

DataXchain will manufacture an information biological system to exchange My Data reasonably and similarly, towards the insurance of every individual's information proprietorship.

DataXchain ICO

Problem and Solution of DataXchain

As we are at present moving to the period of huge information, we consider this as a chance to realize huge changes to make colossal riches for people by making another profit stream and reevaluating different parts of their lives in work, training, relaxation and more. Today, huge information is utilized to an ever increasing extent, however, there are two significant issues around there: deficient reward for the exchange and utilization of My Data and abuse and control of My Data.

DataXchain has an answer to the issue! Our venture is a "Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Platform" which can be provided with what information clients.

Through 'decentralizing' information possession and exchange, DataXchain plans to make another information worldview in which people, instead of information mammoths, claim the rights to their own information and are fairly redressed if their information is utilized. It additionally expects to make a fresh out of the plastic new information exchange condition in which anybody can without much of a stretch make Digital Assets to share or offer.

With information, entering, relatively every part of our lives, we can significantly enhance our lives.

Key Feature of DataXchain

Comfort of Utilization
Gives an improved download framework and a potential value seeing supplier on the site and cell phone application.

Wise information application: with cutting-edge AI and enormous information innovation, it gives mechanized mapping and classifying supplier (DataXchain Engine).

Quick and strong upkeep technique: DataXchain permits synchronous yet significant strategy all through various open up source ventures like the Ethereum Sharding errand.

Gives a consistent supplier to guarantee unfaltering administration and adaptable programming structures for innovative applications

Hoisted security and ongoing checking: DataXchain overlays security with Smart contract kept running by a Blockchain arrange and a split vital vault.

Forestalls channel rise with a programmed coordinating strategy dependent on various half breed calculations.

Features of DataXchain

DataXchain is "Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service". DataXchain gives a custom fitted coordinating administration between Data Owner and Data User with the "Keen Matching Engine (IME)". Additionally, DataXchain Platform comprises of Service Layer and Infrastructure Layer to improve exchanges in. Information clients can buy information, for example, music, pictures or different types of data, by means of a Smart Contract, which will naturally execute the exchange to pay information proprietors a DataXchain Token (DXCT) and enable information clients to download the bought information.

Advantages of DataXchain

Solid Partnerships
Strong key accomplice in Xiilab, biggest AI stage administrator in South Korea. Associations with driving organizations in their particular market portions like THE LINUX Foundation, Oracle, Ethereum and MFU.

One-of-a-kind mechanical abilities controlled by licensed innovation.

X-Labeller Data Enrichment Technology - crude individual information is altogether broke down, sorted, with its components related to exactness, making them profoundly characterized and tradable Digital Assets.

Uyuni Deep Learning Blackbox – information models are created through the escalated profound learning process, advancing the stage's capacity to perceive and process information.

Market Positioning
Unique market situating of being a decentralized stage that handles both intentionally made information and oblivious information.

Clear Roadmap
Clear and firm improvement guide with the first round of seed subsidizing anchored.

Administration Team
Strong administration group made up of best officials (current and past) of Xiilab and KT (Korea Telecom).

DataXchain ICO Token

Detail: DataXchain ICO Token
Token DXCT
Price 1 DXCT = 0.06 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD
Country Singapore
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas None
DataXchain ICO

DataXchain ICO

DataXchain ICO Team

DataXchain ICO

DataXchain ICO

DataXchain ICO Roadmap

DataXchain ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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