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dClinic ICO ratingdClinic ICO - dClinic Platform may be a suburbanized system that involves a blockchain and consists of many smart-contracts within the perimeter of the blockchain and its own cryptocurrency, and therefore the platform may be a system product created by a syndicate of the foremost powerful, competent, and fully fledged logistical firms and organizations everywhere the planet. And conjointly blockchain and good contracts function the approach forward into the commercial Revolution 4.0, making economies of scale and doubtless aggregating offer.

Suburbanized producing can create the trade a lot of accessible, secure and economically sound for a lot of participants in a very direct one-on-one model of patient-provider interaction system. All patient data are going to be secured on a blockchain and represents an ideal On-Ramp to attend services on a blockchain. compared, different attention connected blockchain comes don’t have an efficient On-Ramp to attend services.

Therefore, the DHC case would central to each interaction within the DHC system, and even be secure storage on exchange platform for each cryptocurrency and rescript currencies, sanctionative users to deposit, hold, send, and exchange supported cryptocurrencies and rescript. Merchants will freely select and switch between completely different blockchain assets for payments. Users will convert from BTC, ETH, DHC and contrariwise, use peer-to-peer transfers and exchanges.

Aim of Clinic

A dClinic goal is to reinforce and expand price chains in peer to look (p2p) finance market and supply all participants with reliable and affordable trade opportunities and finding the drawback of the present peer to look finance as follows.


  • Accessibility Silos are pockets of attention suppliers like hospitals and clinics that exist, as a result of access inbound locations isn't without delay accessible to those people that live far-flung or wish attention service at hours once the accessibility silos don't seem to be operational.
  • Underserved Markets are markets that, in isolation, don't seem to be moneyed enough to support the price of ancient medical services.

Therefore, the Accessibility Silos and Underserved Markets issues are solved by connecting these attention services into one purpose of access, and by permitting patients to be oriented to a cure reception or the proper attention suppliers and attend services.


  • User Matching Engine (UME): engineered from scratch by combining decades of expertise in programming technology, the dClinic APP´s User Matching Engine (UME) will method many million transactions per second, creating it one among the foremost advanced patient matching engines within the health trade.
  • The Cross-Diagnosis Human-AI Engine (CDHAIE): permits for fast, effective and clear diagnosing of patients: once a patient diagnosing is initiated, and therefore the demand for medical attention on the dClinic APP is high, the Doctor receives real-time suggestions from the AI for a lot of complete and fast diagnosing of the patient on the opposite aspect of the Video Telemedicine decision.
  • The good Patient Routing (SPR): Technology maintains fast referrals for all major attention suppliers throughout the countries wherever the services are given. once any of these attention suppliers changes, it’s mirrored in dClinic Platform’s dClinic APP´s patient referral services info.


The introduction of health technology is growing, however, several service suppliers have reached an essential stage within which they have to begin to implement them within the health sector or stand back. Health technology permits health care suppliers to contour processes and additional effectively offer customized care. The intersection of health and engineering science transforms the standard of the patient’s expertise.

When you have confidence the quantity of various medical establishments that a patient will visit in one year - a medical workplace, a pharmacy, a hospital, etc. - All that a supplier will do to modernize and improve patient care may be a step within the right direction. Continuing technical advances in health care saved numberless lives and any improved the standard of life. The technology not solely modified the expertise of patients and their families, however additionally had a major impact on the medical processes and practices of medical professionals.

Features of dClinic

  • Improving patient care
  • Improving public health
  • Ease of work
  • Lower care prices
We cannot deny that their area unit several blessings of technology within the health sector, but, like all told technological advances, some issues have to be compelled to be resolved. Despite the plain dangers, the impact of technology on health care is usually positive, the benefits way outweigh the disadvantages

Future Action of dClinic

  • dClinic is making an attention service based mostly blockchain which will be hopped-up by DHC.
  • To assembling a solid, world attention system for the worldwide patient or Doctor population with digital access. whereby the entire patient population and medical profession can use to that nice advantage.
  • And conjointly to form a digital attention world is gushing its artistic energy into this explosion of recent Blockchain and AI Technologies and exciting business models. The dClinic platform brings along a complete world network of medical services and makes them accessible to everyone.
  • dClinic Platform’s APP offers a simple to use interface that aggregates the services of artificial intelligence’s varied analytical edges and assists Human Doctors World Health Organization ar gift twenty four hours each day into one extremely user-friendly application, permitting users to solicit medical help within the place and time of one’s selection similarly as follow au courant treatments they receive and take and share their health record through blockchain.

dClinic quality is growing chop-chop within the Western world. This positive trend is caused by the variety of objective reasons. the most factor between them is dClinic ability to satisfy the requirements of the fashionable real market. additionally, to basic functions, dClinic developers conceive to utilize the technical capabilities of gadgets accessible for normal folks. For this, the dClinic mobile App application is being developed.

Advantages of dClinic

Now the foremost common program in medication is that the electronic medical history, with that it's tough to integrate. Not each clinic will install this program and add it because of the dearth of updates and therefore the issue of adapting to a fashionable software system. dClinic platform solves this downside because of the constant work of the creators of the project to enhance the system.

Using the dClinic system, the patient will receive quality treatment in any hospital within the world that has access to the platform. to safeguard knowledge and stop unauthorized use, dClinic uses BL blockchain technology as its foundation. while not a strictly prescribed algorithmic rule, it's not possible to hack the system, saving knowledge on distributed network nodes and making a private account.

dClinic is functioning on a typical model of care with the fundamental principle of accumulating info concerning one patient, and not in one hospital. This model permits you to make a family map for the analysis of genetic diseases. victimization dClinic can improve the standard of medical services and economize on similar medical examinations of patients. Doctors will have the chance to form AN correct identification supported the info on the state of health of the patient over time.

dClinic ICO Token

Detail: dClinic ICO Token
Token DHC
Price 1 DHC = 0.10 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 50,000,000 USD
Country Singapore
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
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dClinic ICO

dClinic ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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