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eLYQD ICO ratingeLYQD ICO - eLYQD is a decentralized ethereum based biological system commercial center that will be the structure for the whole vaping industry. One of the primary highlights of eLYQD is the utilization of blockchain innovation, which permits making the stage straightforward, open and as sheltered as feasible for both exchange parties, decrease of exchange and business expenses, and disentangling of the buying procedure.

Besides, eLYQD is a stage intended to permit vaping industry makers to make an online store that will make great utilization of the most cutting-edge innovations in the web-based business field, and giving the vaping network the opportunity of the decision and the alternative to paying for items with LYQD tokens, fiat or cryptographic forms of money.

Platform of eLYQD 

eLYQD is a stage made for producers and purchasers from everywhere throughout the world. With a simple to-utilize online store developer, any producer can make their very own retail facade to offer their items, while making utilization of the stage's extensive variety of highlights for an insignificant expense. While the buyer will profit the advantage of picking the result of their enjoying at the most focused costs. The eco-trade stage will be worked as per an adaptable and decentralized methodology that guarantees dependability and supportability in the long haul.

The primary highlights of eLYQD is the utilization of blockchain innovation, which permits to make the stage straightforward, open and as sheltered as workable for both exchange parties, decrease of exchange expenses and business expenses, and improvement of the buy procedure Decentralization, globalization, rearrangements and the joining of digital money in the venture are Their upper hands over different business arrangements existing in the online business showcases today.


Vision of eLYQD

The eLYQD market will expand the viability of every single business association by liberating them from a wide range of go-betweens and making these cooperations quick, straightforward, safe and commonly advantageous. This vision will be accomplished by making a decentralized biological community dependent on the quick blockchain and by sorting out client collaborations based on shared. The eLYQD biological system will be utilized by mass purchasers and item makers around the globe.

Such an immediate shopper advertise (D2C) has critical favorable circumstances over brought together stages as far as opportunity, secrecy, and cost. It can never be halted, can never detach and SEO data cannot be lost. Clients stay private, in the event that they wish. eLYQD can never be edited, and clients cannot be kept from purchasing or offering.

Problem of eLYQD

  • Finish product - expensive or not accessible.
  • Cross-outskirt installments for vaping items.
  • Installment confirmation or dismissal.
  • Recording and security.
  • Misrepresentation.
  • Notoriety.

Solution of eLYQD

  • Customers approach brands from around the globe 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, wherever they are.
  • The LYQD token enables clients to send and get installments universally in only minutes, taking out the danger of not paying and costing a small amount of the aggregate.
  • blockchain eLYQD will encourage the exchange of assets straightforwardly to an escrow account. All constituents can oversee escrow accounts through savvy contracts.
  • The eLYQD recording application will empower streamlined electronic record-keeping and store this information on decentralized unknown systems that are fundamentally more hard to hack and break.
  • The eLYQD framework will dispense with potential harm focuses. Brilliant eLYQD contracts will (a) guarantee that the change runs easily and (b) keep a perpetual record of moves made by all constituents.
  • eLYQD requires verification of the request, stepping the time/area of the genuine exchange, and hash records that are not debited from all means taken, from requests, charging to delivery.
  • The eLYQD system will record all exchanges, positive activities enhance the client's notoriety. A negative hazard audit persuades all gatherings to stay legitimate. The blockchain-based decentralized system eLYQD will give a stage to the future age of shared (P2P) applications to help and record every single constituent connection in the esteem chain, with confirmation of fruition and consistency at each progression.


Circulated Blockchain guarantees finish straightforwardness and confirmation of each exchange, including the item's itemized attributes, its evaluating structure, the pertinent conditions of the deal, and in addition the considered profiles of the gatherings to the deal. The eLYQD biological community will be conveyed on the Ethereum stage.

eLYQD Utility Token

Installments inside the eLYQD environment will be made in the crypto-tokens-LYQD, ERC20 frameworks. The capacity of the token will remunerate clients for dynamic utilization of the biological system and commitments to its advancement (rewards incorporate a few sorts of crypto-returns, steadfastness, advancements).

Notoriety System

Every vendor and purchaser will have a notoriety rating got from his lead amid every exchange. Clients with a low or negative notoriety score can be separated to shield different clients from extortion and loss of time. This notoriety framework will support shippers and real clients to act genuinely and manufacture a strong notoriety.

Fiat Payments

Ether, similar to all digital forms of money, is unpredictable, changing in esteem day by day, contrasted with national monetary standards like the dollar and the euro. eLYQD will build up an incorporated installment framework that capacities like the ether, yet changed over into cash in a proportion of 1: 1. At long last, things can be charged in a national money, and you will know precisely the amount you are spending or getting paid.

Installments are handled without the communication of unified installment stages and, in this way, make the entire experience simple, financially savvy and straightforward.

Advantages of eLYQD

  • Broad and simple to-utilize benefit.
  • The installment infamous cryptographic forms of money (ETH, Fiat, and so forth.)
  • Low exchange costs.
  • The straightforward and decentralized audit framework.
  • Low expenses.
  • Global markets get to.
  • Itemized deals examination.
  • Instruments for client correspondence and money related revealing.
  • Publicizing backing of your business.
  • LYQD token installment for products and the stage administrations at unique costs.


Detail: eLYQD ICO Token
Token LYQD
Price 1 LYQD = 0.0024 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Country USA
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas Cayman Islands, China, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen & USA



eLYQD ICO Roadmap


Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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