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FiiiCoin ICO

FiiiCoin ICO

Fiii ICO ratingFiiiCoin ICO - FiiiCoin is a versatile mining based composed exchange framework where each Smartphone client will have the capacity to take an interest in keeping up entire square chain arrange without depending on costly mining machines and realistic cards. The primary reason for making this coin to re-use current assets particularly cell phones to participate in the mining process. Indeed, even a non-IT client or crypto Fan who don't have the cash to contribute can ready to gain some reward by simply participating in portable mining framework.


FiiiCOIN is created dependent on FiiiCHAIN, an adaptable, completely self-created blockchain innovation fueled by its own one of a kind agreement component DPoC (Delegate Proof of Capacity).

Good with various terminals, for example, PCs, cell phones, tablets, and all FiiiGROUP-issued terminals, FiiiCHAIN DPoC makes ready for extraordinary cooperation in the cryptographic money showcase where basically any client with free stockpiling or memory space can share in the mining procedure.

Ecosystem of FiiiCoin 

FiiiCoin Mining System
Cell phone gadgets are bad at mining because of their constrained stockpiling limit, frail processing power, low battery because of which cell phone isn't equipped for keeping up square chain arrange all day, every day. For synchronizing information in square chain framework versatile systems require 4G innovation and in the event that we keep running up hub then portable can complete all data transfer capacity in a matter of moments. Fiiicoin mining agreements are verification of limit and evidence of appointed limit calculations that will accomplish ish portable mining and empower mobiles to completely synchronize with their system.

FiiiCoin Network Architecture
Fiiicoin is a shared system engineering that will associate always with numerous hubs to synchronize information inside a similar system. P2P imply that hub associated with the server has the same benefits and correspondence abilities that other have in level topology. It will likewise give other extra administrations to steering framework that will upgrade the execution of shared system and new hubs will ready to effectively access to different hubs inside the system. Fiiicoin arrange contain a few ace hubs that are conveyed worldwide and giving information synchronization administration and helping new hubs to discover different hubs rapidly. Correspondingly to BitTorrent it additionally has a worldwide tracker framework that seeds every single dynamic hub and gives all IP delivers to the recently joined hub.

FiiiCoin For Online Stores
Fiiicoin is something beyond a crypto wallet and offers you an essential approach to shop on the web and make installments through Fiiipay organize. Its trade has control capacities of multi-crypto exchanges and backings in excess of 1500 crypto coins. Their API is intended to be coordinated with any site and online stores and give you a productive technique to send and get on the web. Bluetooth 4.0 reference point innovation installment framework will be utilized that will communicate custom pay stack information that contains client character data. FiiiPOS terminal will identify custom payload and process installment ask.

FiiiEX Crypto Exchange
FiiiEX is a digital money trade that will enable clients to exchange cryptographic forms of money online simply like other present trades. Just the fundamental diverse will be it will work under the FiiiGroup and backings FiiiPay and FiiiPOS through exchanging. Their trade will be connected to their application to look at the most recent cost or exchange all the while.

Advantage of FiiiCoin

Imagined as a definitive "benchmark" cryptographic money, FiiiCOIN was produced following top to bottom investigations of the outline, structure, qualities, and shortcomings of real driving digital forms of money. These bits of knowledge were then converted into the outline of FiiiCOIN, bringing about a digital currency that is unflinching and hearty in configuration, having every one of the qualities of real cryptographic forms of money yet without the greater part of their shortcomings.
  • Easy to use
Simple to utilize and disentangled plan.
  • Borderless Spending
Acknowledged anyplace around the globe, clients never again need to stress over procuring neighborhood money when voyaging.
  • Quick Transactions
Fueled by Lightning Network where exchanges can be finished immediately.
  • Lower Transaction Fees
Clients can uninhibitedly utilize, acknowledge, exchange or trade FiiiCOIN as the exchange expenses are appealingly low.
  • Ordinary Usage Appeal
FiiiCOIN is ready to develop as a day by day utilize cash, acknowledged and accessible all over the place.
  • Reasonable Mining
Bring down vitality utilization and better equipment reusability.
  • Protection from ASIC
Exceptional DPoC plan where mining profitability is to a great extent reliant on memory space as opposed to crude preparing power.
  • Wellbeing and Security
Facilitated in different servers over the world, our FiiiCOIN is less defenseless to hacking or different sorts of control.
  • Solid Commercial Base
Across the board utilization of different FiiiGROUP-issued equipment and arrangements additionally adding to FiiiCOIN's strength and business bid.
  • Brilliant Flexibility
Any shrewd gadget with free space can perform mining (i.e. a cell phone on charge).
  • Availability
Any client with a keen gadget can take an interest similarly in the FiiiCOIN showcase.
  • Soundness
With firm sponsorship and proactive administration from FiiiGROUP, FiiiCOIN costs will be less unpredictable.

FiiiCoin ICO Token

Detail: FiiiCoin ICO Token
Token Fiii
Price 1 Fiii = 0.12 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Custom
Accepting BTC, USDT
Hard cap 40,000,000 USD
Country Hong Kong
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas USA, IRAN, North Korea
FiiiCoin ICO

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FiiiCoin ICO

FiiiCoin ICO

FiiiCoin ICO

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FiiiCoin ICO

FiiiCoin ICO

FiiiCoin ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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