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GOeureka ICO - Blockchain Hotel Booking Platform

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GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO ratingGOeureka ICO - GOeurkea can provide thanks to edifice homeowners to induce connect with their customers during a peer to see manner. It'll give transparency of all bookings and transactions occurred within the platform. Users are ready to compare costs across completely different edifice s to induce booking worth. GOeureka can supply zero commission fees to shoppers with cryptocurrency payment system that may drive the best rates for travelers.

Vision of GOeureka

GO incorporates an attempt to produce an internet scheme wherever businesses grow by providing the most effective services to tourists. As a technology partner for the edifice trade, GO can supply applications and net experiences that square measure easy and direct to users while not high commissions on most sites. By releasing up resources for hotels, GO can change them to supply higher worth and client service with their resources
  • To decentralize the edifice booking sector and supply larger transparency by permitting hotels to attach directly to their customers
  • Aim to produce users with a dynamic digital expertise and take away the High Commission structure obligatory by online travel agents
  • By reducing edifice monetary commitments to 3rd party ordering platforms,

Product Summary

  • Website with ordering and payment functions.
  • Mobile application for patrons and hotels to speak directly with one another.
  • Centralized information center and server to store Personal Identification data (PII), order details customers, and information from hotels.
  • Use Ethereum blockchain and sensible contracts to get suburbanized GO Tokens and execute payment requests can save PII, client order details and edifice off-chain information to avoid network dealing prices and guarantee direct execution of user activities. GO can look to maneuver the whole in-chain platform within the future, with the introduction of the new blockchain technology (ie, Raiden) that permits tokenish instant execution at no price.

GOeureka Hotel Booking System

The online travel agencies have modified this method of booking hotels and that they have blessings to their loyal customers like low worth choices. shoppers and agencies have gotten all the good thing about online edifice booking system whereas establishments that square measure slow left behind.
Current edifice establishments should have to be compelled to inscribe into the digital system to fulfill the growing demand of the recent generation.

By utilizing block-chain technology GOeureka has created a platform that may remodel the ancient edifice management system into a method that may give transparency and increase worth of consumers. Their aim is to form an associate degree scheme that enables edifice homeowners to keep up management over their complete and additionally provide worth to their shoppers.

GOeureka ICO

GOeurkea Platform

GOeureka has introduced an edifice booking platform that may commission free and incorporates a capability of royalties’ program integration system. Users are ready to rebook chamber once the worth is low and additionally allowed to redeem their royalties’ points. Their platform can change all across the world 170,000 hotels managers to use new technology and supply best worth to their customers. they'll give net and mobile app primarily based platform while not charging any commission, not like current OTAs.

Advantages of GOeureka for Customers

  • Zero Commission.
  • Automatic backup operate.
  • Compatible Loyalty Points.
  • Payment ways offered each in ancient currencies and in cryptocurrency.
  • Ability to be used around the globe.

In the future, it's planned to use bonus points that may be obtained by users from collaborating in numerous loyalty programs on one platform. Points obtained from restaurants may be wont to get credit within the GO system, which is able to be accepted for payment for alternative services.

Feature of GOeureka

  • Website with booking and payment functionalities
  • cellular application for patrons and accommodations to speak directly with every completely different
  • A centralized information and server to store identity data (PII), client reserving details, and facts
  • from lodges
  • make use of Ethereum blockchain and sensible agreement to get suburbanized got Tokens and execute
  • payout requests

GOeureka Works

Through Goeurkea mobile app client can search their next edifice stays; booking rates, royalties programs are offered to the shopper. Their distinctive formula can monitor hourly worth of edifices and book hotel once worth is low and provides back cash to user notecase. Their intuitive interface can permit edifice bookers to manage and update listing simply. Users are ready to book edifice seven days before his keep. Goeurea can give one link system to integrate current edifice software package with royalties system that may give users points for booking hotels through Goeureka. they'll charge solely five-hitter on MasterCard payments and 0 commission are charged on payments through crypto-currency.

GO Token

GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO Token

Detail: GOeureka ICO Token
Token GOT
Price 1 GOT = 0.10 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 60.000,000 USD
Country Singapore
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China
GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO Team

GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO Roadmap

GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO

GOeureka ICO

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GOeureka ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0x964B446b9Afe543002FE3CB380489f80b5bBb4a9

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